Escape the Mom Traps and Get Your *Sparkle* Back!

You always worry you aren’t doing enough as a mom (or you’re not doing the right things).

It’s time to get you out of this exhausting and ineffective cycle and get your *sparkle* back. Let’s find that happy, relaxed, and confident woman that’s hiding inside of you.

My group program is back and BETTER!

Big Results. Peace of Mind. Pure Awesomeness.

Here are the highlights:

  • Schedule Clarity: no more chaos and overwhelm. Done.
  • Goodbye Mom Worry: get OUT of the cycle of “am I doing this right?” It’s not useful and it’s wearing you out.
  • Increase your Energy: learn about the types of tired, and how you can maximize your energy.
  • Self-care and Joy: we’ll create a self-care and happiness plan and put it into action.
  • End the Battles: learn the simple tools to stop parenting battles in their tracks.
  • Stop the Clutter: including the endless chatter in your head! Where to start, how to simplify. The end.

If you’ve thought, “Coaching would be nice, but…” now is your chance. It’s convenient, flexible, practical, and a fraction of the cost of individual coaching.

This session is full!  

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