Are you a mission-centered Life Coach ready to make your first (or next) 10K? 

The 10K Accelerator is designed just for you.

You became a coach to help others in a profound way. 

You wanted a viable business that would allow you time, freedom, and flexibility in your life.

Maybe you even envisioned spending your days coaching one client after another, all while making great money too.

And yet, here you are.  

Wondering how to find and sign clients. Spending all of your time learning 256 skills to run an online business.

Trying to figure out the latest marketing funnel and sales script that is “guaranteed” to make you money.

Coach, you’re not alone.

yes, I want it!

I started my business while becoming a single mom 8 years ago.  I fell in love with coaching, but knew nothing about running an online business.  I needed to make money.  I wanted a great life for myself and my kids.  I was determined to make this business work.

Building my 6 figure business and scaling another biz to 7 figures, was a long road full of plenty of lessons. I’ve brought my greatest lessons here to you and packed them in the 10K Accelerator for coaches.  

I believe you have a unique mission to fulfill as a coach, and I want to help you achieve it. 

In working with thousands of coaches, I’ve found that most coaches, healers, and helpers struggle to learn the language of marketing and sales and quite frankly- you’d rather spend your time coaching instead.

I’m Molly Claire 

Master Life and Business Coach.

There are 3 key things we’ll focus on in the 10K Accelerator that will solve this problem. 

You do have an expertise - a unique gift as a coach - you just may not know what it is yet (or you don’t know how to articulate it to your ideal clients).

There is MAGIC in your message.  

In the 10K-A, together we will carve out a message that is unique and authentic to you, and it gets your ideal client’s attention. When your message is clear and compelling, you can claim your expertise and stand out in a sea of coaches. 

Clarify your message to set you apart as an expert


Too many coaches get frustrated trying to build their list or social media following.  With so much noise online, it’s nearly impossible to make a dent in the world of online marketing.  

The 10K-A Method is different.  

By using your expertise as leverage, you’ll create a personal strategy to get in front of more of your ideal clients right now, today. Follow the one-and done Masterclass process, and the power network strategy, and you’ll be able to speak directly to your ideal clients in a personal way. 

Get clients in the door NOW, no big following required. 


Wouldn’t you rather spend your time actually coaching and teaching, instead analyzing the latest social media algorithm or learning a sales script?

Your brilliance as a coach IS your authentic sales solution.

You have a high level of emotional intelligence - you are among the most intuitive people on the planet. These gifts make you uniquely qualified to easily sell, without selling. I’ll help you tune into your unique sales energy and teach you the coach-to-convert method. You’ll connect with your clients in a genuine way, and they will know without a doubt that you’re the coach for them.

Learn the Coach-to-Convert Method


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Coach, if this sounds like what you’re looking for - answer the call to take this step.  

Click to apply so we can see if this is the best step for you and your business.

Here’s what OTHERS have said:

"I nailed my messaging... it's so good to be clear."

"I created an outline for a masterclass. I created a pitch sheet, and have started pitching... the biggest take-away was the steps to actually do it! 

Molly went above and beyond what I expected. She met each of us where we were with our beliefs about our own capabilities and where we were in our businesses. I so appreciate her help and know that I wouldn't be where I am now without it. Thank you Molly!"

Kate M.

"Molly is unique in her approach to teach, guide and support."

"Working with Molly has been the best decision I have made in my coaching business.  She is knowledgeable as an industry leader yet willing to support each client individually. In my time working with Molly I have learned tangible techniques and skills, to better trust myself and to always overdeliver. I cannot wait to work with her again and again."

Heidi A.

10K is Proof of Concept that you can make money as a coach. 

While $10K is just a start - it’s the foundation of everything that is to come.  When you make your first 10K as a coach, you have just created proof of concept for yourself.  You can make money as a coach.  You’ve learned the basics of building a business, selling, and you have built your confidence and your skills.  Making that first 10K as a coach is the beginning of breaking out of all of your limiting beliefs.  You have opened the way… and anything is possible.

Don’t you deserve to have a powerful foundation for your business?

In the 10K Accelerator you will: 

Outline your no-fail 10K plan

Design a clear and compelling offer that your clients can’t resist

Complete a one-and-done Masterclass that highlights your unique expertise

Create a streamlined process to capture and convert new clients

Build your authentic selling skills with the coach-to-convert method

Clarify your ideal life and business vision so that every step in your business is intentional

What this means for you…

You will feel 10 X more confident in your ability to build your business. You’ll stand tall in your expertise.  You’ll know where your ideal clients are, how to talk to them, and most importantly, how to convert them with ease. 

And for your clients?

They can finally get the help that they are desperately searching for.

Here’s what OTHERS have said:

"The program checklist gave me a clear roadmap to use step by step. "

"The beauty of it is that I can use it over and over again too.  

This program is a life changing experience. I moved my business tremendously… by learning the foundations of building a Life Coaching business and putting them into practice. Not only does Molly teach the business piece but she also coaches you to identify the fears that are holding you back from moving forward. The program is everything I needed: business skills, personal coaching and watching Molly coach others to enhance my own skills."

Kelly A.

"I now have a clear focus on my niche, my messaging, my process and my future goals."

"I have the systems in place to do it and the know how to repeat what I have learned. I'm so grateful for her desire to over deliver and to provide her personal touch. I haven't found that available anywhere else. Thank you Molly and to her incredible team! Their support for coaches one-on-one is unmatched!"

Nicole E.

You are the solution your clients are looking for. 

You hold the keys to changing their experience of their life and relationships. 

You can help them create an entirely different future - one they love and can’t wait to create!  

You became a coach for a reason. 

You have a mission to fulfill. 

Let’s set your 10K plan and lay the foundation for the dream business that will change your life (and your client’s lives too).

Set your plan

yes, let’s do it!

The 10k Accelerator is a 90-Day done-with-you program. 

A step-by-step checklist so you know exactly what to focus on

Mini trainings focused on exactly what you need to learn 

2 weekly calls focused on messaging, client conversions, high-level coaching, and accountability

*not another DIY course that leaves you more overwhelmed than when you started.  

This is what you can expect: 

Learn + Do method to ensure that you are consuming and putting each concept into action

Online support and feedback from Molly and the team on each project you’re working on

The personal touch that every new entrepreneur needs to succeed.

An elite training from The Pod Grow, specifically designed for the 10K-A Curriculum that will help you expand your reach.


Bonus trainings

The 5 Design Essentials Every Life Coach Brand Needs with Deena Rutter, designer extraordinaire

New Coach Tech Basics Overview with Master Web designer Jennie Lakenan

Legal Musts When Running An Online Business by Christy Westerfeld, Esq.

Best Practices for Bookkeeping with Ashley Ford of Pretty Penny Accounting

If you’re looking for expertise in paid advertising, social media algorithms, google analytics, complicated marketing strategies, or strict sales scripts, this is not the course for you.  

This program is specifically designed for coaches with a love of coaching, a heart for helping, and a serious desire to build a meaningful and profitable business that makes a difference. 

It is perfect for coaches who are interested in ideal work/life balance. 

It is ideal for coaches who believe in integrity in the coaching industry and serving your clients at a high level.

This program is not for everyone.  

These are your next steps: 

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Once you join, you’ll have immediate access to your 10K-A Plan Success Guide, your step-by-step checklist, all bonus trainings, and the program calendar to all of the live calls. 

This is your time.
You are ready.
You can do this.

I’ve got you - you coming? 

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