Mompreneur… Where Two Worlds Collide

This week I’ve been re-entering my life after 8 days away training coaches.

It was magical there because we were teaching, learning and growing in powerful ways.  Working as a team. Life-changing experiences.  Everyone was on cloud nine.

Then I came home.

I hadn’t even picked up my luggage at the airport before my phone was ringing with requests from my kids.  Deadlines. Emotional emergencies.  You know, the whole nine yards.

Such a stark contrast.

It can seem that the two worlds are mutually exclusive and you have to pick which world you live in.  Am I “Mom” or a woman/entrepreneur/individual?

A lot of my clients feel this same way.  They feel torn between the demands in different areas of their life.  They feel guilty that the one they are “supposed” to like the best, is the one they most often want a break from.  They don’t see how they can blend different parts of their life, or how the two worlds can even coexist.

If you can relate, let’s tease your brain a little bit.  You know by now that I love questions, right?

So here is your Quick Tip:

Go ahead and ask yourself…
What if the two parts of your life are actually different pieces of a greater whole?
What if spending more time on one doesn’t necessarily take away from the other?
What if they benefit each other in powerful ways and the fact that you are straddling both is the best possible scenario?  What would be different?

I’m dying to see what comes up for you – hit reply and tell me!

When I ask myself these questions I have so many solutions flood my brain!

I realize that what I’ve been seeing has been very limiting.

It helps me to be so much better in all areas of my life… because I know it’s not a mistake and nothing has gone wrong.
I see that everything is exactly as it should be and success and happiness is inevitable.


Have a great day, one thought at a time!


P.S. Want some help blending your two worlds?  Click Here for a complimentary mini-session.  Looking forward to it!