Help for Mom: Survive or Thrive

help for mom

When I was away visiting family, I was feeling pretty good about my life.

I have a lot going on, but it’s going great.  I’m holding it together.  3 busy kids.  My business.  Home ownership.  Church and community involvement.  It’s totally fine.


My first day back and the mail was piled up.

I was behind on my business.

There is a hole in my front yard where a dead tree was removed… I need to take care of that.

The lawn needs to be mowed.

I need to set up that doctor appointment.

Oh, and a few more school clothes to be purchased.

I went from feeling “on top of it” to wondering, “how in the world will I survive?” 


It made me so grateful for the life coaching tools and the ability to “manage my mind.”

This is the most important skill that I teach my clients, and the skill that has changed (and continues to change) my life.


Mind management is about awareness of thoughts that overwhelm me vs. thoughts that help me.

I can choose either line of thinking, depending on the result that I want.


I can let all the responsibilities suffocate me, or I can know that I’ve got this.

I can be practical about my time and figure out what’s possible for me to do, and what’s not.

No need to worry that life feels impossible, because I know that it’s not.


In fact, I believe that I’m never in an impossible situation.  There is always a solution.  Always a way.

As long as I know that, there is no need to worry and fret.

It’s time for me to find solutions and make magic in my life. 

Have a great day, one thought at a time.