Mom, I’m bored: A quick tip for Mompreneurs

When my kids tell me they’re bored…

I tell them it means I’m doing a great job as a mom.

They hate it when I say that.

I believe it’s good for my kids to be bored sometimes.  When they are bored, they do interesting things they wouldn’t otherwise do.  They learn that it’s their job to create an interesting life and challenge their minds – no one else’s.

As business owners, we have the job of keeping our business interesting.  There is no one offering us a sales incentive or rolling out a new program to encourage us.  We get to create that for ourselves.

Same goes with the job as “mom.”  When we are doing mundane work day in and day out, we are the ones that can create something interesting in our life.  If we are counting on the daily grind or our somewhat demanding kids to keep us from being bored, we will be sorely disappointed. 

So the big *mindset Monday* question is – how do you keep your life interesting?  How do you create something meaningful in your business?  What is your source of internal motivation?  How do you tap into your creativity?

If your life seems boring or you are stuck in a rut… what can you do to change that?

And what would be different if you had that spark and excitement back to create something great?

Have a great week!

-Molly Claire