Stop Feeling Bad


I have priorities that are really important to me.

Quality family time is a big one for me, yet it’s so easy to schedule other things instead.

Why is it so hard for us to say “no” to things that take away from what’s most important?

Sometimes it’s because something else is more appealing or easier. Or it could be because we have a false belief that we “should” do something, even if it doesn’t align with our priorities.

And sometimes we just feel “bad.” You can swap out “bad” for guilty, obligated, or pressured.

This week I had a student who was asking for a little TLC. She wanted a coaching call and I had no time in my schedule. I had scheduled my priorities and the only way to talk with her was to move something from my list. It would have meant eating into time I had deliberately set aside for my son. I love my student and I want to be there for her. But I had to make a choice between my son and her. I don’t like making those choices.

Many of us end up trying to squeeze in more than we can actually do in a day or a week. We do it because we feel “bad.” The problem with this is we can’t create an extra hour in the day, and something’s got to give. It might be your son, or your sanity… either way – it’s likely not worth giving up.

I had to make a hard choice. I had to say no to a student I love and care about, so I could take care of my top priorities. When I made the choice, I decided I would not feel “bad” about it. I made a choice from a place of love and integrity, and that’s something I can always feel good about.

What gets in the way of you keeping your priorities at the top? What would be different if you could?

Have a great day, one thought at a time…

-Molly Claire
Life Redesign Coach, Mompreneur