Mompreneur Success is Inevitable

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It’s Saturday and I’m contemplating how I’m going to do what “seems” impossible.

Sometimes motherhood feels impossible.

Sometimes creating and maintaining a serious money-making business seems impossible.

With the combination of the two… I could be stuck in the land of impossible.

But I refuse.  It’s just too important to me.

I remember when passing my statistics class seemed impossible.  It’s funny to look back now as I mostly remember the time I spent tutoring a friend as we both worked towards an “A.”

I think back to my first pregnancy when I wondered if I would die just from exhaustion! I didn’t know how I would make it through each day, let alone those long months.  But here I am, alive and well with an amazing teenager.

I vividly remember being in the depths of emotional turmoil and indescribable fear as I moved forward with my divorce.  The feelings could have been paralyzing.  I had no idea what was to come, I only knew it was the right thing.  And I knew there was only one way to go… through it.

It’s so powerful to look back and realize that what “seemed” impossible was completely possible.  In fact, it was inevitable.

The same is true today – for me and for you.

And it all starts with a belief.

One of the most powerful beliefs I have is that I am meant to succeed.  I didn’t always believe that, but I believe it now 100%.  And I know that when I believe that it’s true – I will always make it true.

You see if I believe it’s true, all the fears and doubts are just a bit quieter.  My determination is stronger.  Inspiration becomes my driving force.  Any confusion becomes clear.

All of this allows me to do exactly what I need to in order to make my success a reality.  When I believe I will succeed, I will.

This is all available to you too, I promise.  In fact, I’ll let you borrow my belief in you for now while you work on your own.

I genuinely believe we were all designed and created to succeed. Overcoming doubt and fear is simply the way that we get there.  They don’t need to stop us.  They are only there to teach us.

What seems impossible to you?

What if you knew it was inevitable?  What if you received a letter from heaven above today assuring you that it would happen?  What would be different for you today?

Really think about it.

Most likely you’d take action.

The kind of action that is inspired and specific.  You’d no longer waste energy on the doubts.  You’d merely focus on how to make your dream a reality.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”  – Nelson Mandela

Happy Saturday!


-Molly Claire