Hey Mamas!  It’s time for *Mindset Monday*…

One of my clients has had a really hard time committing to a morning routine.  She does best with a plan, but hates to lock herself in.  She enjoys some flexibility.

She’s been trying to establish that morning routine for years.

She said it’s hard to decide how best to do it.

She said it’s a challenge to pick the right time so she’s not tired.

Her brain was making it so much more complicated than it needed to be.

The only reason getting up early was making her tired was because of all the indecision she was allowing to happen.

Indecision is exhausting and it’s the fastest route to nowhere.

So, we decided she needed to commit.  She chose right then and there on our call.

She chose her wake up time, what her routine consisted of, and how long she would continue that plan.

Then end.  Decision made.

She felt relieved that’s she’d made a decision and was going to do it no matter what.

Now if she was a little tired, she could figure out how to compensate – but the wake up time was not negotiable.

Where does indecision have you stuck?  What if you had to make a decision today?  What freedom might you feel as you move out of indecision and into intentional action?

Have a great week!

-Molly Claire