Life. It doesn’t get any better.

It’s *Think it Thursday* and yesterday I had a good cry with a friend of mine.

A long one.

We were talking about the crazy twists and turns of life.
Loss, heartache, frustrations.
We talked about how the challenges of life – never really go away.
We always think that life will be better once X, Y, or Z is over.

But there’s always another challenge just around the corner.

Why the downer blog today?  Well, I actually don’t see it as a downer at all.

Because while I know that hard things are inevitable in the future, I also know that I can handle it. I know I can survive any emotion.  I can feel and process my feelings, and be okay.

I understand how my brain works and that often my brain will compound the stress I’m experiencing.  Because I have these coaching tools – I can eliminate unnecessary suffering, even if it doesn’t extinguish all the pain.

That’s why the key to a better life isn’t fixing what’s happening around us, but in understanding how to navigate what’s happening around us.  When we trust the process of life, we can handle it.  We can see more clearly and become stronger.

That’s what I teach my clients how to do to.
Life doesn’t get easier, but your ability to do life – can get better every single day.  That’s good news.  Your circumstances don’t have to change.  You can.

Life’s amazing and good and fun.
And it’s also hard and painful and sad.
It’s all of it, which makes it meaningful.
And that’s how we become who we are meant to be.

You’ve got this.  I promise.

Have a great day, one thought at a time!

-Molly Claire