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World’s Okayest Mom

It’s your special *Think it Thursday* and Happy Mother’s Day Week!

(And I’ve got something awesome at the end of this email for you too…)

But first, this.

My neighbor has the best bumper sticker that says, “World’s okayest mom,” and I love it.

It’s like she’s giving herself permission to be human and still feel awesome at the same time.

It makes me laugh because I can totally relate.

I’m not the best and I’m not the worst. I’m totally okay with being okay. I love my kids and some days, that’s about all I’ve got. I make a sincere effort and yet I never execute things perfectly.

Yesterday my client Jill and I talked about the fact that her being the “perfect” mom for her kids is not ideal. It’s not best for them. It’s not really supposed to be that way.

The best thing for her kids – is for her to be her (with all her flaws and weaknesses.)

That’s what they are supposed to have, and that’s what they’ve got.

You’re amazing Mama.

Please don’t let your flaws take away from your awesomeness. They can’t (unless you let them).

Here’s your gift!

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Gift yourself and gift a friend.

Happiness and a better life is always worth the investment.

Happy Mother’s Day! Be good to yourself <3

-Molly Claire