The New School Year

This month in my coaching group for Single Moms we are talking about starting the school year out successfully.  (Oh, and if you’re a single mom and want details about how to get free access, send me an email at

We feel so much pressure to start the school year out right, and yet – it’s pressure that we put on ourselves.

We want to have everything organized. Every list checked. Everyone happy. Everyone set.

The reality is that everything won’t be totally organized. Some things will need to happen later. Not everyone will be happy.  And the school year… will begin anyway.

What if you could decide that having some important things ready is good enough?

What if you could plan for your kids to be a mix of happy, and put out, and annoyed, and a few other emotions?

What if you could be okay with everything as it is and stay in the moment a little more?

Think about it.

Give it a try.

Have an amazing day, one thought at a time!