let go of the past

Yesterday my single mom group talked about letting go of the past.

Sometimes it means letting go of someone you loved.

Sometimes it’s letting go of resentment or anger.

Or maybe even letting go of being right.

When we hang on to something from the past, we are always holding ourselves back.

When we cling to anger or hurt – it’s usually out of fear… and it’s never useful.

Can you imagine taking the energy you’re spending on anger, hurt or fear and using it to move forward and create something new?

Where are you hanging on to something and how is it holding you back? Would you be willing to release it… let it go… and invite something better into your life?

That negative energy is taking up space. It doesn’t need to.

Let it go. Make space for something new.

Have an amazing day – one thought at a time!


-Molly Claire