trusting life

How much do you trust the process of life?

How much do you trust God or your higher power?

I say that I have a lot of trust in God, and in some ways I do.

I trust that whatever struggles I’ve had will be used for my good.

I trust that there is a way to heal our souls and mend relationships.

But I realized last week that when it came to my son, I wasn’t really trusting.

In fact, I was taking it all on to help and fix him.

His feelings, negative self-talk, and all the things that I worried about for him – I felt worried and responsible to change it all. I was believing it shouldn’t be the way it was.

Then I realized – he is totally capable of handling his life. Just like I believe that God has my back, God has his back as well.

There are no mistakes in life – everything is exactly as it should be.

All of our struggles really do have purpose.

When we experience challenges – nothing has gone wrong.

What if it’s okay that your kids struggle?

What if it’s okay that they think and feel negative things – even about themselves?

I think it’s okay.

It’s supposed to be.

They are perfectly equipped to handle all of it.

I believe it. I trust the process of life.

Have a great day – one thought at a time!