We’re bringing you a cut-to-the-chase Q&A session! Aimée and I get a lot of recurring questions about our program The Coaching Collective.

The Coaching Collective is a 6 month, signature program offered by Aimée Gianni and myself, Molly Claire. In this program, we focus on 3 aspects: mastering your coaching skills, clarifying what you want in your life, and helping you craft and grow your business. (We call these: Coaching Skill Mastery, Personal Life Mastery and Business Mastery.) To help you succeed, we use a specific back and forth process of consumption and taking action. Listen to learn more!

What You’ll Learn

  • Overview and explanation of the general framework and goals of The Coaching Collective
  • Q: How much time do I actually get with Aimée and/or Molly? Or will I work mostly with other mentors? 
    • Elevation calls
    • Personal mastery calls with Aimée or Molly
    • Invitations to listen in on additional calls
    • Small group calls
    • Master Your Coaching Calls with Aimée or Molly — these are our favorite!
    • Special guests
    • All calls are meeting style — see everyone and people are invited to speak and give their thoughts in certain calls
  • Q: How big are the groups? Will I just get lost in a sea of other coaches in the Collective?
    • Group calls (like Elevation Calls) size
    • Small groups and calls size
    • 1-on-1 mentor calls with coaches that have been through the Collective
  • Q: I’m brand new to coaching. Am I far enough along to be in something like this? OR I’m pretty far along in my business. Will I gain anything from this?
    • New? Avoid building someone else’s business and build confidence
    • Already seasoned? Uplevel your coaching and reexamine your business before you scale to the next level
  • Q: I don’t want to own my own business. I just want to be a contracted coach. Will this still help me?
    • Master Your Coaching will be gold for you
    • We adapt the program for your goals
  • Q: What will I actually create by the end of the program?
    • Everything is designed to move your business forward, you’ll be working on your business
    • Gain greater belief in yourself
  • The Coaching Collective Community
    • Support one another
    • No pressure to build a business that looks like someone else’s
  • Q: How is this different from The Life Coach School?
    • This is not for any kind of coaching certification; it’s about upleveling your coaching
    • We teach you how to live life while business building 
  • Q: How much time will this take on a weekly basis?
    • Approximately 2 hours of calls you can attend weekly
    • About 1 hour or less of video training
    • Most of your time is actually spent creating and building your business
    • We use time constraints to keep you from getting off track

Contact Info and Recommended Resources

The Coaching Collective (thecoachingcollective.com) — Is it right for you?

  • You’re a certified life coach who often feels overwhelmed with your business.
  • You want your skills to be top-notch, but you lack confidence in your ability to give your clients the results they want.
  • You’re tired of feeling unsure in your business. What you want is a proven path that will work for you.

This is the place for coaches ready to build the life and business of their dreams. Join the Collective for our next session!

Connect with Aimée C. Gianni, M.S.

Aimée Gianni is a seasoned marriage and family therapist, with over 20 years’ experience. She’s a Master Coach Instructor, co-founded The Coaching Collective with Molly Claire, and together, they’ve also created Advanced Relationship Training for Certified Coaches.

Connect with Molly Claire


Welcome to the Masterful Coach Podcast with Molly Claire, where coaches learn Skill Mastery, Business Mastery, and Life Mastery at a whole new level. If you’re ready to create a meaningful coaching business that makes a difference, you’re in the right place. And now your host, Master coach instructor, Molly Claire.

Molly Claire: Hey, coaches, okay, this week’s episode is a little different. This is going to be a cut to the chase Q&A about the Coaching Collective with frequently asked questions. Now, for those of you that have already done the collective or in the collective or those of you that are not ready to join the Coaching Collective. Stay tuned anyway. Aimee and I are answering the questions that we get most often. And even as we’re talking about the program and what we offer, I promise that you will be able to get new ideas and insights about your business and life and how you manage all of it, and even get insights into how you’re approaching expanding skills and knowledge as you build your business. So stay tuned. We’re coming up right next with Aimee here. And we’re going to answer all of your questions. And thanks for being here with me once again. 

Hey, everyone. I have got Aimee Gianni here today on the podcast. Hello, Aimee. 

Aimee Gianni: Hi. Hi, everybody. 

Molly Claire: She’s back. So we are here. And this episode today is a cut to the chase Q&A episode for all of you who want to know more about the Coaching Collective. You probably know by now we’re opening enrollment September 24. We are so excited about it. We have a lot of things going on between now and then. And we thought this would be the perfect way to answer your questions about the collective so that everyone can hear and know if it’s time for them to join. 

Aimee Gianni: Yes, so exciting. So the Coaching Collective is our signature program. It is a six month program. And we focus on three specific things in the Coaching Collective, we help you master your coaching skills, because you always want to be learning and up leveling and improving your coaching skills. We help you get crystal clear on the personal life that you want. So we call it personal life mastery. What is your vision? What do you want? And the third thing that we focus on is helping you with business mastery; we guide you and help you help support you to create a business that supports the life that you want. So those are the three pillars, coaching skill mastery, personal life mastery, and business mastery. 

We have a specific process that we use, where we kind of go back and forth between consumption and creation, because you don’t want to just get stuck in consumption, you’ve got to make sure that you take the learning that you have and start creating with it. And so we teach you things one week, and the next week, you take action on them, then we teach you more things, then you take action. So it’s this constant ebb and flow between learning and taking action. And throughout the program, you have two master coaches, Molly and I are both master coaches, you have us guiding you. And you get to work with our mentors, we have amazing mentors that have been through the program. They are right there by your side as well. We just want you to get to where you’re comfortable, confident and clear on what you’re doing in your business and how to make it happen. 

Molly Claire: Yeah, and I think that, when Aimee’s talking about the business mastery, part of that is, as you’re taking action every other week creating something for your business, that we are there to help you through all of the fear and doubt. The goal for us at the end of the program, it’s not so much about what you create, although our coaches say they’re amazed, they didn’t realize they could create so much in so little time. But it’s less about what you’re going to create, in a tangible sense at the end of that program. And more about that level of self trust, self confidence, and how capable you feel of building the business you want and how capable you feel about your coaching. So that I feel like is really at the heart of what people get out of the program. Right  Aimee? 

Aimee Gianni: Yes. And because once you get there, then you do start creating tangible results in your business very quickly. So it’s setting this foundation that then allows them to get to that point where businesses take off and its super fun to watch people as that happens.

Molly Claire: Yes, exactly. It’s like I know I’ve mentioned this before, but like Andrea Giles would always say, the Coaching Collective is about slow down to go fast, because we all want to just start creating and doing but you got to stop for a minute, figure out what you want and get solid in you and what you want and what you believe is capable. So that is what the collective is all about. So, let’s talk a little bit more about some of the specific questions that we have that we get all the time from you. So one question that we hear a lot is how much time will you actually get with Aimee and I on the calls? Are you just gonna be like lost in a sea of people or are you working with us are you working with mentors?


Such a great question, I’m going to go ahead and speak first to the elevation calls and tell you a little bit about what those are. So as Aimee just said, we go through this process of helping you to do some learning, consume some information, and then take action. So on the week, when you’re getting some information and learning something new, those are called our elevation calls, where you’re elevating your thinking. So on those weeks, you’ll have content videos from us that you’ll watch, and you’ll have a success guide, then you come to the elevation call where either Aimee or I are leading those calls with you. So we also have a mentor on the call. And oftentimes, the mentors are teaching as well. But Aimee, and I love to be on those calls with you and help to clear up any place you’re stuck and help you take the work even a bit further. 

Aimee Gianni: Yeah, I love those calls.

Molly Claire: So great. So yeah, we love those calls, it’s just a great chance for us to connect with you. Then we also have personal coaching calls that we offer you once a month. Aimee, will you go ahead and tell them a little bit about those? 

Aimee Gianni: Yeah, once a month, we have personal mastery calls. And you can submit requests ahead of time for what you want to be coached on. And we will coach you on anything, it can be business related, personal life, whatever it is, that’s coming up for you, that’s your chance to get coached by me or Molly, we are always the ones leading those calls. And again, we’ll have mentors are often on those calls as well. But those calls are directed by Molly and I. And you can get coaching on anything that you want. 

Molly Claire: So fun. We had one of those today. And we had people getting coaching on their relationships, on their business, on their confidence in their coaching skills, on home life, all of the things so nothing is off limits.

Aimee Gianni: Yes. And on those calls, even if you’re not the one getting coached, we encourage you to come and listen as a client, right? So I may be coaching one person, but I want you listening for how does this apply to you? What can you take from this and apply to your own life, because there’s always application. And sometimes we actually hear things better when we’re listening to someone else get coached because our defenses are down, right? And we’re able to see and take that coaching into our own life. So we encourage you to come to those calls as a client, even if you’re not getting coached, so that you can take advantage of the wisdom from that call. 

Molly Claire: Yeah, and we have success guides to go along with all of these calls, so that you can actually be actively engaging in applying what we’re talking about on the call. So I just think that’s really helpful too. And another call that I won’t talk about now, but I’ll just mention really quickly is you also do have a small group call. Aimee and I are not a part of those that is just with your small groups. But we always are checking in on the work going on there in your small group. So the other call that Amy and I lead that we absolutely love. This is like the highlight I think of the program for us. And really kind of where the start of our business came to be was mastering your coaching, this idea of mastering your coaching and we have these calls that are a master your coaching call every week where Aimee or I come to help you up level your skills. 

Aimee Gianni: Yeah, they’re the best, we love doing those. 

Molly Claire: And we do a lot of different formats, Aimee and I each run them a little bit differently based on our coaching styles based on your needs. Some of the things we do is that our coaches will submit places where they’re stuck with a client. And we can have a discussion about it, we can share different tools, different ideas, different things that we see, so that you can take that in. Another thing that we often do is coaches will volunteer to actually coach on that call. And we will guide give input, we have a discussion in a very open way because one thing that we find out when a lot of coaches come in is they think there’s a very rigid way of coaching and a specific way. And on these calls, we really want to have a conversation and make room for you as a coach to learn how to maybe explore more of the feelings that your client is experiencing, or take a totally different approach by looking at the actions or a different way of working with the thoughts even, right Aimee? 

Aimee Gianni: Yeah, absolutely. So I’ll always say if somebody is coaching on that call, I’ll say okay, what are you working on? Like, what do you want feedback on? What is it you want to try to do here? And how can we help you because we don’t like to limit it to just certain ways of coaching. We want it to be open so that people can explore all different ways. So, those calls are always really fun. And we get interaction on those calls. So you get lots of different input. 

Molly Claire: Yeah, I love that. And I think it’s great to both like try on new skills. Here’s an approach you can try. And also kind of helping our coaches on those calls to be more intuitive, more connected with their client and see what they discover that way. So, really great calls. Yeah, this is really a chance for our coaches as everyone’s listening, like Aimee said;


We kind of have you put on your coat chat when you’re on these calls, because we want you thinking like a coach offering new options of how to look at things. And I feel like it’s just an environment where everyone really learns from one another. And everyone just always leaves with so many new ideas for their clients. 

Aimee Gianni: Yeah, and every once in a while, we do have a guest come in to those master your coaching calls. And sometimes they might teach something totally different about coaching or a new way of doing things. So that’s always fun, too, when we have those guest appearances. 

Molly Claire: Yeah. Oh, so much fun. I totally agree. And as I said, we run those differently. And one other thing that I really enjoy doing on those calls, is coaching one of you that’s there, and going at kind of a slow open pace and putting a pause, and asking and inviting people to come in what do you see, what do you notice that I’m doing, and even pointing out to them different techniques that I’m using. And so these are just a few of the different formats. But the bottom line is that they’re a great way for Aimee and I to connect with you as you improve your coaching. 

Aimee Gianni: Yes, we do love connecting with you, which is why we run all of our calls, they’re all meeting style. Because we want to see your faces, we want to interact with you. We don’t do webinar style, because we love seeing you there. 

Molly Claire: Yeah, and for those of you that may not know the difference, webinars where you would just see me or Aimee, and the meeting style is when you have like The Brady Bunch view, where you’re seeing everyone, and we can just really interact with you in a personal way. So as personal as we get online, we make it personal.

Aimee Gianni: Yes. That’s right.

Molly Claire: All right, so the next question that we hear a lot is a lot of people concerned about the personal experience, how big are the groups. Am I going to be lost in the sea of so many people. So we want to break down for you what our program includes, because we’ve really tried to make it the best of all worlds. So first of all, our group calls where we have the elevation calls, those are going to be no more than 50 in a group ever. And so we’ve capped it at that. And whenever we get past that point, we break it down into smaller groups. 

Now you also have your small groups, which are typically like four to six people in a small group. And the small group call is where you will come together when you’re working on whatever your creation projects are. You practice teaching in there, you get feedback, and those groups really become close, don’t you think Aimee? They have such a close relationship working through the program? 

Aimee Gianni: Oh, yeah, they do. They really become close. And they learn so much from each other. 

Molly Claire: Yeah. So it’s really a fun way for us help you to create more connections within the group. And not to mention that on slack, we have different channels on Slack, where you can participate and help each other out and answer questions for one another. And you’ll have your Slack channel for your small group, but also within the larger group, you’ll have different options of where you can connect. And finally, the last thing I will mention about this, as far as having that personal connection time, is that you do get one to one mentor calls. So we have amazing mentor coaches in our program. These are coaches that went through the Coaching Collective Program, went through the VIP level and did a mentor program. And so they know the material inside and out, they know where you are and where you’re headed. And it’s those mentor calls are awesome. 

Aimee Gianni: Yeah, we have the best mentors. And like Molly said, they’ve been through the program. So they’ve done all this work, so they know what you’re going through. And they can help you through it. 

Molly Claire: Yeah, and so some of the mentors that you will be able to meet with, you’ll also see on the elevation calls, because they’ll be involved in those. But either way, when you schedule your mentor calls, you get to go to a mentor page where you can select, there’s their picture, there’s their bio, you get to hand select who you’re with. So I really think it gives that personal touch. 

Aimee Gianni: Yeah, absolutely. 

Molly Claire: Okay, so the next question I want to address actually, we’re going to be addressing two, we’re going to start with one and then the other. But we hear the questions all the time. First, I’m new to coaching, am I far enough along for this program? And then we also hear the other end of the spectrum, I’ve already made $100,000 or more, what can I get out of this program? So we’re going to talk about both of those. But we’re going to start first with those of you that are new to coaching and wondering if you’re far enough along. So, Aimee, what would you say to this? 

Aimee Gianni: Yes, 100%. In fact, I think this is a perfect time for you to join the Coaching Collective because this is how you’re going to set yourself up for success. So often, we see coaches that finish coach training and they start building their business after somebody else’s business model or, we say you’re building someone else’s business because even though it’s yours, it doesn’t feel like you. So they start this path and then a lot of times, they run into resistance or they get stuck. 


They find that they just can’t move forward. And it’s because it feels out of alignment for them. So we always start in the Coaching Collective by helping you get really crystal clear on your ideal life, on trusting yourself on wanting what you want and creating that foundation. So but then you’re building your own business, you’re building a business that’s going to work for you and be in alignment with your life. 

Molly Claire: Yeah, because sometimes we have coaches that come in that are further along. And sometimes it’s like they have to put the brakes on, and even move back fresh, which totally works as well. There isn’t a problem with either way. But I think for those of you that are new, we’re going to really help you to have that foundation from the beginning. And especially because we do focus on up leveling, and expanding your coaching skills, that’s a big deal. Because as a new coach, it can be really easy to have a lot of uncertainty and lack confidence. And the truth is that you do lack a little bit of competence when you’re brand new. You’re still learning and that learning phase. We really help you to have more competence and confidence in your coaching all the way around which every new coach needs, I think anyway. 

Aimee Gianni: Yeah. And we think of it like continuing education, right, any profession that you are in, you’re most likely have continuing education so that you’re always improving your skills. And that’s how we think about call, especially the master your coaching call,. And a lot of this that we offer with helping you improve your coaching skills, is just continuing education, you know how to coach, let’s keep improving.

Molly Claire: Yeah, and I know, those of you that are new as well, you have your laundry list of all the business things you need to do, marketing, sales, creating a funnel, all the things. Well, this is not a sales and marketing program, where we’re not going to be telling you this is exactly how to do this or that there are so many resources for you, we have some in the program, and you can easily find those resources. We’re really here to help you as you work through those things. And so what we offer you really is totally different than handholding through the sales and marketing. 

Instead, we are really helping you to learn how to utilize your brain to the best of your abilities so that you can create a pattern for yourself of consistently moving yourself forward. And when you can set that foundation at the beginning of your business, it is everything for you. 

Aimee Gianni: And then we’re there to coach you through all the fear and doubt as it comes up. Because as soon as you start putting all that in place, you start having the confusion, the overwhelm the fear, the doubt. And so we’re there for you to help you through all of that. 

Molly Claire: Yes. And also as new coaches. It’s like that feeling of, okay, I’m certified now what? Where’s my home? Where do I go? Who’s helping me? And, like Aimee and I used to talk about this is almost like this little like nest here, we’ve got you, we’re gonna help you. We’re here, we’re gonna help you to prepare to like, go off and fly and build this amazing business. Okay, so let’s talk about those of you who are not new. And in fact, maybe you’ve been at coaching for a while, maybe you have even hit six figures or more. And now you’re wondering, okay, is this really for me? Is there anything I can get out of it besides the master your coaching program? So let’s talk about it. 

Aimee Gianni: Yeah, and I was just gonna say, even if all you got out of it was the master your coaching, which is not the case, you’ll get way more. But even if that’s all you get out of it, that alone will blow your mind and help up-level your coaching so, so much. 

Molly Claire: Yeah, we’ve had people join for that reason, they said, “All I really want is to up-level my coaching skills,” and they come to those calls and absolutely love it. So yes, we have those calls every single week. So huge, huge benefit. 

Aimee Gianni: In addition to that, for those of you that are already making over 100k, there’s so, so, so much more than just the master your coaching calls. Molly, you want to tell them about that? 

Molly Claire: Yeah, definitely. So, we’ve had so many coaches that come in who are experienced coaches, and they’ve done a lot of things with sales and marketing, and they’ve hit a good income level. And they know how to do all the things. But TCC really will help you put a bit of a pause on things before you just keep going down that path and examine where you really want to go next. Is your life and business in line with you? Is it in line with your values? Where you want to be going? It’s like the perfect time to revisit all of that before you scale to the next level. And we’re going to help you also develop more self trust as you build your business, more permission to build a truly unique business. And to be honest, we’ve seen experienced coaches who come in and know and have done all the things but it’s like this program sets them free. They come in, they’re like, “I’ve done all these things,” but they’ve kind of been hiding. They haven’t really gotten out there. And just coming into this program, their business just explodes because they have all that behind them. And then they can just put it out there and really do it finally. So fun to watch that, doing that big thing that they’ve been afraid to do. And there they go. 


So hopefully that answers that question about where it can help you, we have so much here to benefit you no matter where you are in your business. So All right, so let’s talk a little bit about those of you that don’t really want to own a business, and just want to be a better coach so that you can work as a contracted coach. So we actually have a lot of people in this situation. And in fact, we’ve had some people that start the program, they’re building their business, and then they end up getting a job as a contracted coach. And so we simply have helped them shift the program to be applied to them. So Aimee, tell us a little bit more about that, from your perspective. 

Aimee Gianni: Yeah. And that’s, again, where these master your coaching calls come in because, like you said, people will come in and start working as a contractor for another coach, and they just want to be the best coach they can be. And so it’s totally easy to adapt the program to fit that goal. And those master your coaching calls are going to be gold for you, if that’s your case,

Molly Claire: Yeah. And also, even the content that we’re working with you on every single week and the creation, that alone is going to up-level, your coaching. And it’s going to just give you very useful ways of thinking. So with each concept we teach you, we help you apply it directly to your own scenario with a creation project. So if you’re not actively building your business, but instead you’re being a contract coach, whatever it is you’re doing in your life, and in your work life, we are going to help you to cater it to you, absolutely 100%. 

Okay. So another question we get is, what do I actually have to show for the time I spend in the program? What will I actually create? So I’m Aimee has already talked a little bit about this ebb and flow between learning and then taking action. Aimee, tell us about some of the projects that they work on. 

Aimee Gianni: Yeah. So everything that we give you, when we give you these creation projects, every other week is a creation week, everything is designed to help you move your business forward. So the time that you spend on these projects, it’s not time you’re spending on just a random project, it’s putting time into your own business. We want everything that you create during your time in the Coaching Collective to be applicable to you, to your niche, to your people, and be something that you can go right then and use in your business. It’s creating a program, it’s creating a marketing plan. There’s all sorts of different things like that, that we walk you through. So we have training videos that you watch, and then a success guide that helps you implement and take action on these creation projects. 

Molly Claire: Yeah, sometimes you’re making videos, sometimes you are working on something that you’re teaching, either in a webinar or in some other kind of use in your business, whatever works for you. And one of our clients favorite project is the workbook week, because we really challenged them to put together an awesome workbook. And by the way, we give you time limits on these, because we want to help you, you really constrain your focus. And so by the end, you’re going to have so much to show for it. If you imagine during that six months, every other week, you are creating something tangible in your business, and every single thing you’re creating is specific to your niche and your business. So powerful. 

The other thing that I mentioned earlier that I want to mention also is beyond those tangible things, I promise you that by the end of this six months, you will have a greater sense of self trust, you will have greater confidence in your ability to coach, in your ability to build a business, just greater belief in yourself. It’s this like self knowing aspect that sets you up for success long term for sure. 

Aimee Gianni: And the thing I find so fascinating is we’ll have people come in and their businesses will take off, there’ll be making money, they will have created so much content, their business will be just going amazingly well. And when we ask them, what was the best thing that you got out of the Coaching Collective, what they speak to is the confidence and the self trust because that, you cannot put a price on. 

Molly Claire: It’s so true. It’s like the gift that truly stays with you. Money, success in your business, all those things awesome, but when you have your own back and you have that self trust and self confidence, it’s everything. It’s easy to make decisions, you know what you want, you’re clear on your priorities. It’s so powerful. 

Aimee Gianni: Yes. And then they can just keep doing their business and keep moving forward in their business because they have that foundation. So, I always love hearing that from coaches when they’re like, “I’m so much more confident. I trust myself. I know what I want. I know how to make it happen.”

Molly Claire: So amazing. And I want to speak really quickly, actually also to our community. I just think we have amazing coaches. And I feel like we just attract all of these coaches who are so purpose driven and really want to make a difference in the world and really want to stay true to the priorities in their life that matter to them.


 And so I feel like our community really is a situation where we’re each in full support of one another creating our own individual, unique vision of our life and business. 

Aimee Gianni: Yes. And so there’s really no comparing. I think some programs really drive you towards all achieving the same type of business or the same type of result. And we’ve really want it to be open for each individual to create exactly what they want, and there’s no pressure to do it like someone else is doing it. 

Molly Claire: Yeah. And I think a lot of times what coaches experience in our program is that when they felt pressure elsewhere, it’s actually shut them down. And then when they’re here, and everyone has permission to have an individual and unique approach to your business, it’s like, that’s when people come to life. It’s like, oh, wow, I can create what’s meaningful to me, I can create for the people that I care about. It’s like everything, it’s just setting them free.

Aimee Gianni: Yes. And suddenly, they start having fun. They’re like, “Oh, now doing this as fun and not that there’s not still like work to it.” There’s going to be pieces that aren’t always feeling like a party when you’re building a business, but it does just like, infuse life and excitement and fun back into their business. 

Molly Claire: Yes, 100%. Okay, so one more question that we get is we do have some people ask us how this is different from the Life Coach School, or other certifications. And so what we want to make sure that we’re clear on is this is currently the what we offer in the Coaching Collective is not a level one training for coaches. So we’ve had coaches that have come in with a lot of experience in cognitive coaching models, and they have enough of a foundation that they join, but most of our coaches have already done that first level work and they are certified or at least have a good base knowledge of this work. 

The Life Coach School, specifically teaches its methodology and certifies you in that. And Aimee and I have both done contract work for them where we’ve actually taught coaches, but we are not certifying you in a certain methodology in this program. 

Aimee Gianni: Yes. So the Coaching Collective really helps you up level and expand those skills. And it also offers you a six month program with support from to master coaches and mentors, while you’re building your business what’s actually very, very different. It’s not a certification program. 

Molly Claire: Yeah. And we help you in a personal way, as we’ve mentioned, with figuring out your ideal life and business, and helping you move forward toward it consistently because let’s face it, when you’re building a business, there could be a lot of emotional ups and downs. And we don’t want our action patterns or the business building to be up and down. We want that to be consistent, even if our emotions are very consistent. 

Aimee Gianni: Yeah. Well, and the other thing, speaking to that, specifically, is we teach you how to do your business along with life. Because how often do we think, “Oh, well, I can’t be working on my business, because I have this really big thing going on in my life. So I have to put the brakes all the way on my business.” And there’s always going to be things, if we wait until everything in our personal life is totally smooth sailing, we’re never going to build a business. So we help you figure out how to do that. And sometimes you may be putting more energy in one area or a different area, but it’s how to navigate both of them at the same time. 

Molly Claire: Yeah. And I think that’s so important because sometimes we think that continuing to build our business, while we have things going on in our personal life, means we’re sacrificing our personal life. But that’s not true at all. It’s figuring out how to make room for both, and how to stay aligned with your priorities. Stay true to your priorities and give both the attention they need without being in this kind of all or nothing space. Okay, another common question we get is how much time is this program going to require on a weekly basis? So, Aimee, break it down for us? 

Aimee Gianni: Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that as we’re talking about it, because we’re talking about so many things, that I’m wondering if they’re thinking, I don’t have time for all of this, right? And Molly spoke to time constraints earlier, we want this to be as easy and simple for you as possible. So you have two hours of calls every week that you can attend. There’s a master your coaching call every week. And then there’s one other call whether it’s the elevation week, or a small group call or a personal mastery call. So two hours of calls that you can attend, you’re going to have an hour or less of video trainings to watch each week. On the creation weeks, the videos are even shorter than that, they’re like five minutes or less and then the time that you’re spending is on creating something in your business. 


And so on an elevation week, you might have two hours of calls and maybe an hour of videos and success guide. So that would be like three hours, on a creation week, you’ll have the two hours of calls. And then any time above that is going to be whatever you decide to spend on the project for that week. And we do give you time constraints, because we don’t want you getting lost in a rabbit hole of creation. We want you to get in, create, get out and put it to use. So I would say, depending on how much time you spend creating, between that and the calls, you may spend up to like six hours that week. But again, it’s creating something for your business.

Molly Claire: Yeah. And I think also the master your coaching calls are obviously all optional. So you don’t have to attend to all of those at all. And yeah, with the projects that you’re doing, one of the things our coaches love about it is that we do put those time constraints and they cannot believe how much they create in those weeks. So, it’s time well spent. That is for sure. Okay, so these are our most frequently asked questions. And hopefully, we’ll be seeing you all soon in the collective. We open enrollment in just three weeks, September 24 is when that invitation will come out to your email assuming that you’re on our list. We would love to have you and support you in building your ideal life and business. So, hope to see you then. 

Aimee Gianni: Hope to see you there. 

Molly Claire: All right. Thanks, everyone. I’ll see you on next week’s episode. Bye.

Aimee Gianni: Bye.

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