The coaching world has expanded and showing people the value is easier than ever. Most potential clients already possess some knowledge of the value of coaching. I see this as a huge advantage. You can spend less time educating people on the value and more time standing out in your unique way. However, I still see many coaches struggling with hesitancy and insecurity around the topic of their offer. 

Do you have thoughts of doubt that you can stand out? That you can take advantage of the foundation that has been laid? In this episode, I hope to reframe your mindset around opportunity and give you some confidence in your offer and pricing.

What You’ll Learn

  • Give yourself permission to be proud of yourself
    • Don’t compare the external experiences of others with your internal experience
    • Your business is different, be you
    • Offer insecurity hinders business growth
  • Offer Insecurity #1: Price
    • Drama around price is directly related to money beliefs
    • Check in on your money beliefs; reframe your normal
    • Confidence and competence; choose a price with confidence and sell it
    • Adjust for your demographic and ideal avatar
  • Offer Insecurity #2: Offer Details
    • Giving too much? Too little? More tools? Less tools? … Recognize the insecurity noise
    • There is no “best way” to offer; it’s all about what your clients need 
    • Use your own ideal life and schedule as a guide
  • Offer Insecurity #3: Delivering on Your Promises
    • You can’t guarantee results but you can guarantee you’ll provide all the tools your clients need to succeed, and deliver on that
    • Focus on the most important, most valuable aspects your clients’ get from your coaching
    • While you continue to grow as a coach, go all in on what you can offer and deliver

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Welcome to the Masterful Coach Podcast with Molly Claire, where coaches learn skill mastery, business mastery, and Life Mastery at a whole new level. If you’re ready to create a meaningful coaching business that makes a difference, you’re in the right place. And now your host, Master coach, instructor, Molly Claire.

Hey, coaches. All right, who is ready to talk about offers today? I love this topic, because I know there is a lot of drama and insecurity and lack of clarity for a lot of you. So it’s going to be a great episode, and I’m also going to be talking more about our free workshop, we’re going to be doing all about this topic.

But first of all, how are you? How are you doing in your coaching business? How are you feeling about your ability to build a business? How are you feeling about the coaching market as it stands? I was just talking to my husband last night about how fascinating it is that when I first got into the coaching world, it was so different than it is now; there were not nearly as many coaches certainly not as many coaches certified through the Life Coach School as there are now, and as such, there was a big learning curve, not only for me as a coach, but for my clients, for my potential clients. It was spending a lot more time educating people about what coaching is, educating them on why it’s worth it, educating them on why they should pay for it, and certainly that still exists now, right? Absolutely. I’m not saying that it doesn’t.

However, I feel like in this coaching world, there is definitely a big difference, and now more people are aware of what coaching is, how it works, and what the value is. And what I think is so fascinating about this is truly it is the way that we look at it, right? I see right now, at this time in coaching, where there are more coaches, there is more knowledge that it sets you up to have such a great scenario where you can spend less time educating people about it, and instead really just focus on being able to stand out in your unique way.

And I think what’s interesting is that I see it as so many advantages, and yet I know a lot of you have a lot of thoughts about this that are not really serving you that don’t seem so positive and totally normal that you have that perspective, but worth looking at. I know that some of the ways you may view this are; there are too many coaches, I got in too late, the market is saturated, how can I stand out? There are too many people in my niche.

I just want you to think about what your experience of it is, before we dive into today’s episode, what is your experience of the coaching market? Are you seeing the opportunities? Are you seeing the value? How are you capitalizing on the great foundation that has been laid? I think as you entertain those thoughts, it will serve you so well.

Okay, I wanted to share with you a conversation that we had in the Coaching Collective this last week. So in one of our group calls, we were talking about a CEO mindset, we were talking about confidence and the ability to make decisions in your business, and really helping our coaches to have that higher level leadership mindset in your business. Because the reality is that as a coach running a business, even if it’s just you are the CEO of your business, you are the creator, you create opportunities in your business, you are the visionary, you are it; you make important decisions in your business.

So this was the topic that we were discussing, and as we talked about it and kind of got a gauge as to where people feel they fall on this spectrum, one of our brilliant and amazing coaches was so brave as to volunteer and share some vulnerabilities, and she shared some of her discouragement with herself and her business, and as we talked about it, so many people spoke up and said that they shared the same experience. And here’s a coach who, from my view, is doing amazing things. She has five paying clients, those of you building a business and building a business, you know what it’s like to get those first five clients, right? It may not sound like a lot on the outside and however much money came in from those may not seem very impressive at a distance.

But the truth is, it’s pretty amazing. Those beginning stages of your business, I think getting to that first 10k, getting to that first 20k is a lot harder than getting to that first 100k or beyond, and it’s just there’s a lot there. As we talked about it, I was so glad that she spoke up because so many coaches feel this way where that success in the beginning, that first $5,000, $10,000 just doesn’t seem like enough. It’s almost like there’s a disconnect in our brain, like, how is it possible that I’ve worked so hard, I’ve done so much, I’ve overcome so many beliefs, and this is all I have to show for it. And if you can relate to that, here’s what I’ve got for you; please, please give yourself so much credit for the work that you have done.

I want you to celebrate every one of those successes, because it’s not just a client or an amount of money in, but it is you stepping into overcoming limiting beliefs. It is you growing your mindset, it is you doing the hard work to build a business, most businesses fail, most of them fail, and if you are having success in building your business, good for you.

Take a minute, look at your successes; give yourself permission to be proud of yourself. And one more thing, and I am doing an episode on this, by the way, we are going to be talking a lot more about this. But I felt so much urgency to say this to those of you listening because we all feel discouraged. Whether you’re at the $5,000 mark, $20,000, $50,000, $100,000 and beyond, I know all of you feel discouraged and think it’s not enough at times. And so I think it’s just so important for me to give you this message, please be proud of yourself.

The other thing I want to share with you is keep in mind that as you’re looking at other coaches, those coaches that you see have won $100,000 Award, or those coaches that seem to be making this much money or having it all together or having this big business. Two things I want to share with you about this. Number one, you are comparing the external view of them to your internal experience.

In every successful business, there is a lot going on behind the scenes, there are a lot of expenses, marketing expenses, a lot put into that growth. So that dollar amount and whatever you see on the outside is not even close to a true reflection of what is happening on the other side of that. So please be careful about comparing someone’s external experience that is further down the road with your internal experience where you are right now.

And the second thing I want you to remember with this is it’s so important for you to remember that the business you want is not the same as the business someone else wants. One of the things we do right in the beginning of the Coaching Collective is help our clients get clear on their ideal life in business; because so often coaches are trying to build a business that looks like someone else’s, when that’s not even what they want. That’s not how they want to spend their time and energy, and it’s not the business they want to run. So please give yourself permission to think about what your ideal business looks like.

Okay, let’s talk all about offer insecurity today. So I have to tell you that we are offering a free Facebook workshop next week. If you go to the you will find where you can sign up to join us next week. Okay, let’s talk about insecurity. This is a big deal. We hear this all the time from coaches, uncertain about how much I should charge, what do I offer? What’s the value? What am I actually helping people do? There is so much insecurity, so much lack of confidence in what your offer is, the price and the results that it really gets in the way of you building your business. So this is what we’re talking about today, and next week, the Coaching Collective is hosting a free workshop and you absolutely have to come.

So today I’m going to be touching on a few things related to offer insecurity and next week we are going to help you design your ideal offer. That is the theme of the week. Aimee and I will both be there with you. Here’s how we’ve designed that week. So every single day you’re going to have very short training five minutes or less and you will have a success guide to work through. We have designed it to be both effective and so valuable and also something that any of you can add into your day. So you can literally spend as little as 15 minutes or you might spend more like 45 minutes. It’s totally up to you.

We will be doing a Facebook Live every day with you, and on Friday of next week we will be doing a free live master your coaching call, Aimee and I will both be there. This is one of the signature calls in our program. It’s where we help you master your coaching. It is amazing; you have to come. If you would like to join us for designing your unique offer next week, go to the that is where you can sign up to be a part of it. We’re opening the group this Friday, and we’ll be with you every single day next week. And I want to tell you that if you are thinking of joining the Coaching Collective when enrollment opens, absolutely join this because we are going to be offering some bonuses, where you can get in early with us.

So you definitely want to be there, and it’s also going to give you a taste of what our community and vibe is like, which I think is so important. And those of you that are not planning to join don’t let that stop you. I guarantee you will get so much out of this week. Whether you’re uncertain about your offer, or whether you’re further along in your business, and you have a pretty solid offer, but you still would love help refining it. Maybe it’s time to reevaluate and make sure that your current offer in business is in line with where you’re going long term. So we can’t wait to see you there. It is going to be amazing.

All right, let’s talk about insecurity. How confident are you in what you’re offering your clients? How confident are you in your pricing? How confident are you that you can deliver on the promise? These questions will be very revealing about your level of confidence and security and belief in your ability. So today I’m going to touch on three specific things. I’m going to talk a little bit about price, I’m going to talk a little bit about the details of your offer, and then have a little bit of conversation about delivering on the promise and the fear associated with it.

So number one is price. There can be a lot of drama around price, how much is too much? Will people pay for this? This isn’t enough! And what’s so fascinating as well, is that some coaches feel a little bit of shame about having what they would consider a lower price. So what this looks like is, this would be you if you feel comfortable and confident right now charging a lower price than someone else or what someone has told you, and therefore you feel shame about it. So you feel stuck in this place of I should charge more. But that doesn’t really feel right to me right now, and yet, if I charge less, then I’m embarrassed, I’m ashamed, I’m less than.

So let’s just acknowledge that drama around price and money is a normal thing that a lot of people experience. And any thoughts, insecurities you have about money, are all about your money beliefs. It is truly that simple. Some people come into the coaching world, and their view of what is a lot of money, maybe much higher than yours. And what that means is they will automatically find it easy to charge more money, not because they’re better at what they do or not because they’re better than you or not, because they’re further along, they just have a different number in their mind of what seems normal regarding money.

Someone else may come in and think that a much lower price is a normal amount compared to you and that person will naturally charge less. So even though this may seem obvious, it’s really true that the only reason you think the way you do about money is because of what seems normal to you, it is totally based on your money beliefs. So number one, if you are having insecurity about your current pricing, if you’re uncertain about it, check in on your money beliefs, you’re a coach, you have the tools, I know you can do it, check in on that, notice what seems normal to you now, and think about what you would like that normal number to be. And I promise you, if you decide this will be the next new normal for me, and you work toward making that be your view of it, you can absolutely get there.

The second thing I think it’s important to look at is confidence in your coaching and also your level of competence. So I’ve done a past episode on this, you’ve heard me talk about this before. Confidence is basically the level of self assurance you have in your ability to build a business, in your level of self assurance, in your ability to coach people effectively. And competence is actually your knowledge skills, ability of any coaching tool, right? So this is something I believe you’ll want to really assess for yourself. Where is it you need to build your confidence in order to be comfortable with your price? And are there ways that you want to continue to build your competence? But please do not let any thoughts about your lack of competence. get in the way of you creating the confidence you need now to move forward assess for yourself.

One last thing I want to mention when it comes to pricing is I do think there’s value in thinking about your client demographic. If you want to charge a higher amount of money for your coaching, then you need to consider that as part of your ideal avatar, people who make a certain amount of money, people who have a certain amount of money available to them. And if you’re choosing to serve a population, that part of their demographic is possibly a lower income or less money available to them, just adjust accordingly. All that means is that you want to offer them a service that is a price that fits in with that demographic, and then figure out how to make it work for you. For example, if you have somewhat of a lower cost offer with a group, you just need to market to more people, there are so many ways to slice it. Consider your client demographics, and think about that in terms of pricing and who your ideal avatar is.

Okay, I’m going to give you one more parting piece of advice on price, choose a price that you feel competent in now and sell it, and then you can up level your money mindset. I would much rather that you choose a price that you can confidently and comfortably sell, and get you in the practice of selling it or bringing in clients of doing it and standing behind it. Then as you increase your experience, you increase your confidence and you up level your money mindset, you can raise the prices. I see too many coaches believe they should have a higher price, they set a higher price than they are comfortable with now, and not that your pricing always has to be super comfortable as you up level, and as you increase there is going to be a level of discomfort.

So please don’t mistake the two. But what I’m saying is that so many coaches think oh, I should charge this much and they feel so uncomfortable with it, they feel such a lack of confidence, and it shows up in the selling. And then they’re not really able to sell they’re not bringing people in the door and you have to be confident and comfortable when you’re selling. And I would much rather that you build that skill of selling in a comfortable place to create consistent momentum, motion forward, and then you can up level and raise your prices as you go and challenge your level of comfort with a higher price. So that is my final word on price for you.

Okay, let’s talk about the details of your offer. This is a place where I see a lot of offer insecurity happening, where as a coach, maybe you have a lot of drama around the best way to deliver your coaching; is a call enough, do I need more videos? Should I include email? How often should I meet with my clients? Is this too much? Is this too little? If I’m giving them this much, am I actually undervaluing my services? How many of you can relate to all of this noise in your head?

So the first thing is, please recognize the drama about it. All this is a lot of noise in your head, coming from insecurity and perpetuating and creating more insecurity. That’s all it is. Write these things down, get the drama out, and write it down. Notice the drama for what it is; it’s all just coming from fear and insecurity. Also notice any right or wrong thinking. If you tend to have all or nothing black and white thinking, notice if you’re believing there’s a best or right way to offer whatever you’re offering your clients. And let me tell you that there’s not, there are so many different ways you can serve your client, and I’m going to tell you how you can sift through doing this.

One thing that will be really helpful is to think about your people and what they specifically need. So for example, when I wrote my book, this was a very good format to share with my potential clients. It was for overwhelmed perfectionist moms, similar to what they would expect to get a parenting self help book. At the time that I released my book, it was the best format for my audience. Having a book for a mom who was struggling with her life in parenting made a lot of sense. So when you’re thinking about what your offer is to your client, I’m not suggesting that you need to write a book or do something like that. But just think about your people and what they need. Think about what makes sense to them in terms of how they’re getting the coaching from you.

For example, if you’re helping people who are very overwhelmed and have a very busy schedule, those are their words; then having more time commitments for them is not going to be helpful. So what you want to do is give them something that requires less of their time is more effective and sell them on that. What do they need? What do they want? Answer to that in what you offer. 

The other thing to consider as you think about the details is; think about your ideal life and business. I already mentioned this; you hear me talk about this all the time. Think about w hat you want on your calendar? What is your ideal schedule? And then how do you combine what your people need and want from you with what you want your schedule to look like? That is going to help you to sift through that. And one other thing that’s really worth considering is how you best serve your clients, meaning what are your strengths as a coach?

When you can take all of those things into account, I would say, give yourself a small amount of time to sift through this right? What do clients need? What do I want in my life and business? What am I amazing at? Spend just a little bit of time get clear on it, let go of the drama, let go of the right and wrong thinking, and you will have an amazing offer.

Okay. Last thing I want to talk about is the fear and insecurity that comes with being able to deliver on the promise. How many of you wonder, can I deliver on what I’m promising? Can I do this? How do I offer my clients something tangible, when I can’t really control if they do the work or not if they get this result or not? So remember that you cannot promise a certain number or a certain timeline. But you can promise to give them the tools to make anything happen. What does this mean?

One of my clients works with multi level marketers, and she helps them rank up, and so she cannot promise to them, you will be at this new rank in 90 days. But what she can promise them is you will have all the tools and skills you need to be able to rank up within 90 days 100%, she can promise that. So notice the difference between promising them that they will do something versus promising someone, they will have everything they need in order to do it.

Also, in your offer, when you think about what you’re delivering, focus on the most important aspects of what they’re going to get from working with you. So as an example, in the Coaching Collective, we give them all kinds of tools; business mindset, time and energy management, all these things, but you know what the most important thing is, at the end of the day, at the end of the program, they have confidence that they can build a business, they have clarity on exactly what their ideal life and business looks like. They have the motivation to keep going. So I think the more you can focus on those more important aspects, because any tools or any things I give my clients, those are amazing! But when they can have confidence and clarity and motivation, that’s what’s lasting, and focusing on those for you and your clients is going to be everything. 

And one last thing, remember that behind the scenes for you, you’re always going to be improving; hopefully, as a coach, you’re committing to mastery, mastering your coaching, getting better at everything you do for your clients. But please don’t allow your continued growth behind the scenes to get in the way of being totally confident in what you can deliver your clients right now. That is what’s going to serve your clients. Show up as confident, go all in on exactly what you’ve got, and that is the difference. 

All right, coaches, listen, I hope you’re all joining us next week. It’s going to be a great week. Aimee and I cannot wait to connect with you. Go to the to join our pop up group, where we’re going to be doing that offer insecurity workshop specifically design your unique offer. We can’t wait to see you there. And in the meantime, remember, price is about money beliefs. That is it. Details of your program can easily be decided on, no drama, and finally you can deliver on the promise. Be clear about what you can promise and what you cannot, stand behind it and be confident, so much love to all of you. You are doing amazing work. Give yourself some credit. Be proud of yourself, and I’ll talk to you in the next episode.

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