Looking inward, finding out what you want for your own life… this is the journey every good coach takes. In today’s episode, I interview some of the mentors from The Coaching Collective. Each has her own coaching business and shares a bit of her own unique coaching style and coaching members in the Collective.

Mentors in The Coaching Collective meet one-on-one with Collective clients. They connect, support, help them get unstuck and come alongside as members work through challenges in their businesses. I absolutely love the variety of vibes and styles and approaches and find this to be so valuable. I hope hearing a bit of their perspectives will instill confidence in you that differing personalities all can succeed in the coaching space. I also hope you’ll resonate with one or more of our Coaching Collective mentors and that it empowers you to move forward in growth.

What You’ll Learn

  • After going through the program yourself, why did you want to become a mentor in The Coaching Collective?
    • Experience and discussion with master mentors
    • Moving from wanting to quit to thriving
    • Staying part of the impact and philosophy of the group
    • Feeling at home and connection with community
    • No longer feeling alone on an island
  • What do you usually work on with our clients, what is your “unique genius”?
    • Shifting perspectives
    • Cultivating wholeness
    • Inspiring progression
    • Creating connections with self, others, and the why behind their why
    • Leading liberation
  • What is the most powerful benefit for clients in the mentor program?
    • Knowing someone has walked the walk
    • Getting help with personal issues in addition to business issues
    • Feeling secure and being poured into individually
    • Getting laser-focused on the main thing for that day or week
    • Experiencing the best of both worlds
  • What do you see as a benefit to the coaches as they participate?
    • Identifying and dealing with themes that crop up over and over
    • Celebrating wins
    • Leveling up your coaching by hearing multiple voices
    • Having access both to mentors and to Aimée and Molly
  • If you could go back to when you first decided to join The Coaching Collective, what would you tell your past self?
    • Your dreams really will come true
    • You will have all the support you’ll ever need
    • Follow your heart
    • Trust that what is here for you is meant for you
    • Your confidence will uplevel
    • Your future will change in a powerful way; you’ll make this your only job
    • This will be the turning point for you

Contact Info and Recommended Resources

Connect with the Mentors

Connect with Molly Claire


[00:00:25] Molly Claire: Hey coach. All right. Today’s episode is a little bit different. I am going to be introducing you to some amazing women and coaches who are mentors in our program. So each of these women, as you’ll listen to them, I know you will be inspired by them. Each of them have a business that is definitely unique to them.

And in this interview, they share a little bit about their own story, their own journey of self-trust and what that has meant for them as they have built their business. And that’s something you’ll hear time and again, as you listen to these women, Is how they share their experience of looking inward, finding out what they want for their life, what they want for their business, their unique coaching style, and also bringing their unique gifts in as they coach their own clients in their business, and also as they bring that in to coaching members in the collective.

So as I said, each of these women have their own coaching business and they are also mentors in our program, which means that they connect one-to-one with the clients that we have in our program and help them any place they’re stuck in the program, or any place they’re stuck in their business. So you’re going to hear more about it and hear about kind of the unique ways that these women help our coaches.

And the reason I wanted to share this with you is a few reasons. Number one, I see so much value in hearing, not only inspiring stories, but a variety of stories where you can hear a different personalities, people with maybe a different vibe or a different style of doing business or doing coaching, because I think it makes so much room for individuality and can really serve you well, and keep you out of the space of scarcity or believing that you can’t stand out orr there are too many coaches. Because truly, there is such a unique place for each individual coach.

So I think that is so valuable. I also wanted to share this because we are opening enrollment for the Coaching Collective this Friday. And this is a really great chance for you to get a little bit more personal experience and understanding of what it’s like in the coaching collective. All of these women started out going through the coaching collective program, it had a huge impact on their business growth and they decided they wanted to be mentor coaches in the program because they have so much buy in, like, they are so sold on the process that we do. And you’ll hear more about this as they share their stories.

So along those lines, before we dive into the interview, I want to make sure that all of you are aware of our Facebook group happening now. It is going on now. Those of you that are there with us, by the way, thank you for being there. We are having the best time in there, connecting with you on those Facebook lives on those videos, helping you design your unique offer. So thank you for being there. We have more to come.

For those of you that are not there, it is not too late. So here’s the deal. You can go to the coachingcollective.com and there you will be able to join our Facebook group. This is what we’re doing. ‘Design your unique offer’ is the topic. And what we’re doing is every day, we’re helping you with one small thing to help you get more clarity, more confidence in exactly what you’re offering your clients, how you add value, how you coach in a unique way. And we’re going to be also talking about confidence that converts. So that’s the deal. Today we have some great content in there. Tomorrow we’re talking about conversion and Friday we have a special treat. So we are doing a ‘master your coaching’ call, Amy Gianni and I will both be there doing one of these calls.

So this is a call that we offer in the collective where we help our coaches uplevel and expand their coaching abilities. And so we’re going to be offering this Friday. We’re both going to be there. We cannot wait. And we will also be available to answer questions. So those of you that are in the program that are interested in doing the coaching collective that’s when we can connect with you.

And by the way, those of you that are wanting to take that next step to joining the collective, we will have special bonuses in there for you. So do not miss out. Okay. So whether you are not joining the coaching collective or whether you are definitely joining the coaching collective, you have to be in the Facebook group. We have some amazing things you’re going to be learning there and amazing bonuses for those of you that are joining our community this next round. So that’s what I’ve got for you.

And now let’s go ahead and dive in and I want to introduce you to some amazing women. Here we go.

I am so excited about this episode because we have five of our coaching collective mentors here. So fun to see all of their faces here. I’ve worked with all of them in several different capacities over the last couple of years. And so this, this episode for those of you listening is obviously for you to hear a little bit more about what it’s like in the coaching collective, for those of you that are maybe considering it.

And even for those of you that been through the collective. It goes, I think this is a really fun episode to learn a little bit about what has helped each of these mentors personally, in their development as a coach, in their own businesses. And also, I think it’s really fun to hear a little bit about their unique genius, which I’ll talk a little bit more about and learn how they’re helping other coaches building their businesses. Because I know all of you here are building businesses and let’s be honest, we can take any help. Right? All the help we can get to learn more and, learn from others that are doing it. So. All right, welcome. I’m just going to introduce you to each of our mentors here. We’ve got Pam.

[00:06:16] Pam Howard: Hi, thank you so much for having me here.

[00:06:19] Molly Claire: Yeah. So fun to have you and Pam you’ve had your business for quite a while.

[00:06:24] Pam Howard: Yes. I’ve had my business since 2012 and I’m a parent coach. I help moms who really want to stop yelling at their kids and feel calm and connected. And so. That’s my jam.

[00:06:40] Molly Claire: I love it. And I love your podcast and Pam’s a master coach and she is a mentor coach in our program. And of course, a TCC coach. So glad to have you here. Thank you. All right. And then we have Mikki Gardner. Tell us, tell us really quick about your business.

[00:06:58] Mikki Gardner: Hi, I’m Mikki. Thanks for having me, Molly. I’m so excited. I am a conscious co-parenting coach. So in the parenting realm like Pam, but I focus on helping women heal from divorce and then learn how to co-parent with confidence.

[00:07:15] Molly Claire: Love it. Awesome. And in the Coaching Collective, of course, you’re a mentor coach, and then you also work in our weekly calls with our groups kind of contributing and helping out on slack too.

[00:07:27] Mikki Gardner: Yeah, Heather and I get that opportunity to, to be involved in slack and talk with everyone daily and I love that part.

[00:07:34] Molly Claire: Okay. Love it. Awesome. All right, Catie.

[00:07:38] Catie Borland: This is so fun. I love this. Yes. So I help women entrepreneurs run intuitive businesses, and I have been part of the coaching collective since the very first go round. So it’s so fun to be a part of it and to see all that it’s become and continuing to become.

[00:07:59] Molly Claire: Yes. Yes. I love it. Love it. And yeah, Catie’s one of our mentor coaches of course, as well. And Sharon, hello. Tell us about you.

[00:08:09] Sharon Wirant: Hi everyone. Thank you for having me on this is so exciting. I am a coach for chronic fatigue, so I help people who are perpetually tired due to chronic illness, chronic pain auto-immune illness, or just burning the candle at four ends, regain energy so that they can enjoy life on their own terms.

[00:08:34] Molly Claire: Love it. And your book just came out, best-selling book.

[00:08:38] Sharon Wirant: Very excited. I mean, through this program, through the coaching collective, I actually dialed in and switched my niche and I just had this strong pull to write a book about my own journey through chronic fatigue. It’s just so amazing that it’s done it’s out there. It’s so very exciting.

[00:08:57] Molly Claire: And tell everyone where they can get it. Tell us about it.

[00:09:02] Sharon Wirant: You can get my book, Tired Yet Wired, Breaking Your Chronic Fatigue Cycle from Amazon.

[00:09:10] Molly Claire: Awesome. Awesome. And I love it. I was able to dive right into it when I was traveling and it was, I just breezed right through it. And I love the insights because of course I was challenged with that. And even though I’ve heard similar things, it’s just, it’s an awesome book. So congrats. All right, Heather. Hello. Tell us about you. Yeah. And you’ve been on the podcast before, so welcome back.

[00:09:35] Heather Rackham: So fun to be here again with all the people that I love. I work at the coaching collective with Molly and Amy and Mikki and all of the mentors that are here. And then I also run the Latter-day Saint Life Coach Directory. So I have a directory where coaches can be listed and all of the people can find them there. And I am the host of the latter day life coach podcast.

[00:09:57] Molly Claire: Awesome. And we love Heather here. Of course, as I mentioned, Heather and Mikki work with our groups on a weekly basis and in slack and Pam and Catie and Sharon work in other capacities, mostly in doing mentor coach sessions with our coaches. So, okay. So I want to just talk through a few things with you. I want to first know from you, why did you want to work with the coaching collective and become a mentor after going through the program? Because all of these mentor coaches did the program, right, started to do it and wanted to continue. So I’d love to hear from some of you. Tell me.

[00:10:32] Pam Howard: Yeah. So I think I’m the newest of the mentors. So I had the privilege and the honor of having all the other four people mentor me when I was going through the program and it was just such a fantastic, like, it felt like a bonus, you know, to the whole coaching collective program. It was like, oh, okay. I get all this great material. And then I have 20 minutes to discuss it with a mentor to help me even more. And kind of just helped me through my own brain drama of whatever was going on for me in that moment.

And so, and each one of these mentors, you know, has their own, like you call it, you know, unique genius that they could help me with. I’ll just speak to one of them right now, Sharon, you know, helped me with EFT. I had done that done EFT, emotional freedom technique myself, but I had never had somebody kind of lead me through it.

So she did that with me. And that was just so cool to get exposure to different kinds of modalities and coaching. And yeah, it was just a really fun thing. So I was excited to be able to do that for others.

[00:11:42] Molly Claire: Yeah. Yeah. I think it’s just such a natural fit for you and your personality and, um, so yeah, love it.

[00:11:52] Heather Rackham: I kind of proclaimed myself, the poster child of what the coaching collective is because when I got done, I felt like, well, Molly and Amy’s emphasis is so much on creating your ideal business and creating a business that fits with your lifestyle rather than competes with it.

And I went from wanting to quit, not do this, not even have a business anymore to being so excited and, and dialing in on something that actually ended up being completely opposite from where I started. And so when I got to that point and I was done with the six months of the coaching collective, I was like, I’m all in here. I want to be part of whatever Molly and Amy are doing and, and help everybody else get this because it’s fantastic.

[00:12:41] Molly Claire: Yeah. And I think you have such a passion for that piece of it, right? Like making this uniquely yours, ideal your ideal life. So I love that and, and it used to be, we don’t have it now, but it used to be, we had the actual mentorship program, right, that we took you through and we still have those materials that you entered that. Love it. Yeah. Catie tell us.

[00:13:04] Catie Borland: I just always want to be a part of the coaching collective in some way or another, because it had such a huge impact in my business and in my personal life and the community is second to none. And so I’m like, I just need to always be a part of it. And I love what you guys stand for. Like Heather was saying, you know, creating your ideal business, I really love that. And the coaching collective, you know, you guys encourage coaches to do business in a way that feels good to them and right to them. And I stand behind that and the more we can get that message out, like, yes, I always want to be a part of that. And I just love interacting with the coaches and, you know, helping them wherever they’re at.

[00:13:50] Molly Claire: Yeah. Yes. I know. I remember when we met, when we had our dinner with that first coaching collective group and Catie, you were like, okay, what’s next? Tell me, what do you have next for me? It’s never over. We’ve always got more, right? Yes, I love, and that’s what I love is our community. Hopefully for years to come we’ll all just be together and build one another up and love it. So, all right, Sharon.

[00:14:19] Sharon Wirant: Yeah, it’s all about community. The coaching collective is where I have felt literally at home. And so, you know, even in my past career, I was really good at mentoring people coming up and in the role that they were playing and it just seemed like a natural fit and to help the coaches that are coming into the coaching collective to feel at home.

[00:14:44] Molly Claire: Yeah, and I think that’s true because it’s like each of you are obviously connecting with the coaches and our group in a personal way and helping them with whatever they need, but that personal touch that you have with them, those are relationships, right, that they have with you. And they feel supported, which is just such a big deal. I think being a solo preneur, building a coaching business can be a lonely place. Right. And so, and you not only want to find people to support you and be mentors but people that you really relate to and connect with. Right. And feel aligned with. So I love it. All right, Mikki, tell us all about it.

[00:15:21] Mikki Gardner: Last but not least. No, I think to your point what you just said is, you know, when I found the coaching collective, it was really, and to double back on what everyone said, it was like coming home because I felt so alone and on an island and sort of swirling around and not knowing what to do.

And the coaching collective gave me that framework and the flexibility and freedom to create what I wanted and then the support of this amazing community. So when it was done, I think I literally emailed you guys and was like, what can I do? Put me to work? Right. I love it so much. And I, what you and Amy have created is just so extraordinary and I just never want to be kicked out.

[00:16:10] Molly Claire: We’re never kicking you out. I love that. And we have other people too that are like, I don’t know what I want to do, but I want to be here somewhere. And so we’re always trying to figure out where’s the ideal place for each person, right? Yeah. Love it. Which actually leads us beautifully into the next question I wanted to ask you.

So, one thing that we do in the collective is we help our coaches discover what their unique genius is. And this term, unique genius is not something I invented. This is actually taken from the work of Dick Richards. He has a book about it, helping people to discover their unique genius. And so we’ve taken this work, we’ve adapted it a little bit and we use it as part of our program.

So I thought it would be really fun for each of you mentors to share what you usually work on with the coaches that come to you and your mentor sessions. And this could be kind of along the lines of what people bring to you, but I’d also love to hear, sort of, how you bring your unique genius out your special way of helping them.

Because I know when our coach has sign up for sessions with you, they go to you for different things. Right. And sometimes you’ll have repeat coaches. So I would love to hear from each of you, we’ll just, I’ll call on you as we go to hear, what do you usually work with? What’s kind of your thing that you bring? I’m going to pick on you first, Sharon. All right. We always know the week Sharon’s calendar is going to fill up, right? Yeah.

[00:17:32] Sharon Wirant: Yes, yes. So my, my unique genius is shifting perspectives. And where that comes in is that our culture in general is so cognitive focused. So I really help the coaches connect between the thought and the feeling. And the feeling and the thought, because sometimes I have this thought, I mean, it’s a great thought, but it’s not resonating with them in their body. So we work through, you know, what, what they’re really feeling, what they want to feel when they’re doing, you know, whatever they’ve come for coaching for. And lining up a really true thought that helps them step into belief a lot easier. You can’t fight either one. You have to line them up to move forward.

[00:18:23] Molly Claire: Yes. And Sharon, I think, you know, when it comes to shifting perspective, what I think of when I think of you as a coach is just your very gentle nature and sort of when you kept saying alignment, it’s like you have such a soft way of helping them connect the feeling with the thought. And of course, a lot of times we send coaches to you for the tapping as well, the EFT stuff. So anyway, I just, I love your unique approach to all of it. Love it. All right, Mikki, what is your unique genius?

[00:18:54] Mikki Gardner: So my unique genius is cultivating wholeness. What I really try to help people help the coaches do is tap into their inner voice. Right. They have all the answers inside of them, but a lot of times we just have to sort of uncover all the stuff in the muck that’s in the way. And so really connecting back to your wholeness, your completeness, and then how do we align to a life and a business of integrity, sort of always coming from that place of complete from whole, from knowing the answers, even when we don’t know them, but listening to ourselves to be able to guide ourselves in the direction we need to go.

[00:19:32] Molly Claire: I love it. And I think sometimes that can seem very personal and disconnected from building a profitable business, but it’s not, I think that’s where people miss out, right.

[00:19:42] Mikki Gardner: A hundred percent. That’s where, you know, really living in integrity means, right. It’s like the idea of the airplane that all the parts have to be working together for it to lift off the ground.

Right. So we want to build a business where all the parts are working together and sometimes, you know, one little break and we have to pick up in another area. But when we are working in integrity, in wholeness towards that direction, that’s when we can really launch and take off.

[00:20:10] Molly Claire: Yes, I love it. Brilliant. All right. Heather,

[00:20:14] Heather Rackham: Okay. So my unique genius is inspiring progression, and first of all, I love to help other people figure out what their unique genius is. It’s I think it’s so fun and I love to watch the light bulb go on and then be like, oh yeah, this is, I think this has been part of me my whole life, and now I’m giving a label to it and it’s giving me a lens for how to create copy, how to talk to my clients, all of those things. It is one of my most favorite things, because for me, when I figured out my unique genius, it made a huge shift in my perspective and my business as well. So love to do it.

I think as I’m using my unique genius of inspiring progression, I really feel like progression, kind of like what Mikki said, it comes from really tapping into yourself. It’s self discovery and helping people align and in tune with what their inner voice is telling them and, being able to follow their heart. And, and we’ve covered that up so much. We think that it needs to look like this, or I need to be doing it this way. And I just love to help people start to shed the layers and take that off and figure out what it is.

[00:21:30] Molly Claire: Yeah, I love it. It’s so fun when we come to our unique genius week because you guys all remember the first time you went through, right. And it’s like the prompts and the questions and the success guide. It’s kind of like, wait, what is this asking? How do I sit through this? Right. And we work through it in the group, and then we help you the next week do your work within your group. So fun now that you all have done it so many times that we have all these experts to help our coaches to dial it in. And it really is fun. I feel like when people discover their unique genius, we kind of come alive in a new way and see that it’s always been there too. Yeah, love it. All right, Pam.

[00:22:08] Pam Howard: All right. My unique genius is creating connection. One of the things that I, I know you’ve talked about in your podcast before Molly is how the relationship with the coach is one of the most important pieces of our work, right? Is just like meeting people where they’re at and connecting with them and creating a good relationship so that they can be more open and trusting and be able to, you know, take a deeper look at themselves.

And so I think creating connection with my clients is, you know, one of the most important things that I do. And then also, creating connections in my sessions, like helping the client make their own connections and connecting more with themselves. So I guess what I’m trying to say to answer your question about what do I coach most on in the program, or what do I help as a mentor most on is helping the coaches connect more with themselves.

And I coach a lot around business-related things just, I think self-confidence and knowing where to take their business next or helping them with feeling overwhelmed, but it all comes back to their relationship with themselves and feeling connected within themselves.

[00:23:32] Molly Claire: Yeah. And I think when you’re talking about creating connection, it’s like when we think about the beginning of the collective, right, we want them to connect with their ideal life, connect with their priorities, their values. And so as you’re, of course, creating that connection with them, it builds a foundation for your coaching, and then you can help them connect all the challenges they’re having right back to what they really want. And I don’t know. I think that I can see that as a really powerful genius to kind of connect the dots in the coaching sessions for them.

[00:24:05] Pam Howard: Yes. Yeah. You said it’s so much better than I was trying to say it.

[00:24:10] Molly Claire: No, it’s great. It’s great. We love having you in there. All right, Catie, tell us

[00:24:16] Catie Borland: So mine is also creating connection, which is fun. Pam, I love that we have that in common. So when I am coaching in the coaching collective, I love to help them create connection with what they really want.

I like to help them discover the want behind their want, the why behind their why, because what happens when they do that is they have all of this clarity as to what the next step is for them in their personal life. But I also love to create, so once we discover that, especially if we’re talking about their business, then I love to brainstorm with them. I love to brainstorm and come up with different ideas to help assist what they actually want in their business. And so it’s really fun. Those sessions are a blast and I look forward to them every week.

[00:25:13] Molly Claire: Yes. I love it. I know. Catie’s like, her business, your business has gotten bigger. You’ve gotten busier, but you said just, please let me always do these sessions.

[00:25:24] Catie Borland: Whatever happens in my business, like I never want to miss out on these calls.

[00:25:30] Molly Claire: Yeah. We love it. Okay. And I guess I should say also my unique genius, right, is leading liberation. And so, and when I discovered it, it was like, it did, it felt like coming home to me. Right. This is it. And it is so true. And I can see it in all areas of my life.

And as I work with the coaches and the collective, that’s what I want. Right. Like lead them, like liberate them from these limiting beliefs, limiting thoughts, liberate them to like, create anything in their life. So it’s such a fun thing. And I love to see how for all of you, it comes out in your coaching, in the session. So love it. Okay.

Let’s talk a little bit about. I want to know from you guys, what do you think is perhaps the most powerful part about the mentor program? As far as benefits to our coaches? Because we have our group calls, right? And then we have their small group as well, and they get a lot of help and guidance and everything along the way.

But I’d love to hear from each of you, just, what is the one thing that you think is the most powerful for the coaches in the program with these sessions? I’m going to pick on you first, Heather.

[00:26:36] Heather Rackham: So you’re specifically talking about the mentor sessions, right? Like what’s the most powerful thing. Okay. So first of all, I think it is so useful to know that there is somebody who understands. I mean, as coaches, we don’t necessarily, we don’t want to like commiserate or anything with, with our, with people that we’re working with. Right. We know that, but it’s so nice to know that somebody has walked where I’m walking right now and they can kind of understand what I’m trying to figure out.

And I think that is it’s really powerful, even in a 20 minute conversation to have that sort of connection with somebody and then to have somebody, like, we all know working as coaches just have somebody. We think we know everything as coaches. Like I should know all these things. I should know all the tricks my brain is trying to play, but there’s something still so powerful in 20 minutes of having somebody say, do you notice what your brain is thinking right here?

And for me, being able to help people and point that out to them is fantastic. But being on the other end of that and have somebody be like, Hey, did you notice that your, this is really keeping you stuck is like, Oh, I don’t know. I just think it’s so simple and we all know it, but having somebody else do it for us is the best thing ever.

[00:27:58] Molly Claire: Totally agree. Totally agree. And when you talk about understanding, that’s what I love that on these sessions, they can come with any of the content that we’re working on for the week, because you all have been through it, right? Any place they need help. Any place they’re stuck or they just feel, because a lot of our members, I know they like being in a group, but they really kind of like a more private, personal experience. And so I think it brings that to like that understanding at a very personal level. So, yes. All right, Pam.

[00:28:31] Pam Howard: Yeah, I was going to add that, you know, the mentor sessions are not only, although a lot of them do focus on the business and the, and the coaching collective program. You can also bring personal issues and get coached on anything.

And so I think that that’s amazing because I know I used my mentor sessions for personal reasons. And you know, sometimes that is the first thing on your mind. It’s not your business, you have a life. And that’s part of what the coaching collective is all about is, you know, Yeah, your whole entire life. Your business and your life. And so being able to go to the mentor session and get a little bit of help with whatever’s going on in your life. Yes, I think amazing,

[00:29:12] Molly Claire: Totally agree. I know we just, I just had an interview a couple of weeks ago with Andrea Giles and we talked about that, like all of her sessions, her first round of TCC before becoming a mentor, we were talking about personal stuff every single week, right, because that was what she needed. And now she’s like her business as, at this place that she never anticipated at being so quickly. You have to deal with the personal stuff, right, to have a foundation. So, so true. All right, Mikki.

[00:29:40] Mikki Gardner: Well, I was going to say, it’s, you know, the way we do one thing is the way we do everything. So I think, that’s the benefit because whatever you bring, whatever is happening in that moment, you have 20 minutes to just have somebody who’s going to pour into you and who just wants to support you. And that trust is already built. That security is kind of already built in because of the amazing community we’re in. So you can just kind of come and get in there and uplevel and get whatever it is that you need.

And I think it’s really important too, for a lot of people. You know, there’s very outgoing people who on the group calls are getting in there and getting their questions answered and, you know, like stepping up all the time. But then there’s some people that maybe just aren’t as comfortable and having this mentoring session helps them make sure that they’re still getting everything they need out of it. Even if they’re not the one that you know, is the first to raise their hand. Or I think it really is like that balance to make sure that everybody gets everything that they need.

[00:30:44] Molly Claire: Yes. Yes, exactly. And that’s what we’ve tried to do. It’s like, as Amy and I have expanded the business and grown, we want to make sure that we’re creating that intimate feel. So it’s like, okay, there’s the large group, right, that we limit to a certain size anyway, then there are the small groups within it, then there’s the one-to-one then there’s slack. So, we kind of have touch points hopefully for everyone’s different like learning style. Right. And what they love. So. Awesome. All right, Sharon, I’d love to hear from you.

[00:31:18] Sharon Wirant: Really you can, laser focus. I think that’s the great thing. Cause sometimes when you have an hour or 45 minutes, you touch on maybe three, four different different areas, but knowing you have 20 minutes, we come in and we laser in on that one thing and we coach through it.

[00:31:42] Molly Claire: Yeah. Love it. And the other thing that I can’t remember, one of you had said something that kind of sparked my thought about this as well. I think it was maybe what you just said, Mikki, kind of the familiar, friendly faces because when our coaches come to schedule with you, right, there’s your face, there’s your bio. They know who they’re connecting with. It’s not just like getting assigned someone, which I think is really nice too. And adds that personal touch. All right, Catie, what about you?

[00:32:08] Catie Borland: Yeah. I see so much value in one-on-one coaching and group coaching. And I know there are so many coaches who are always deciding, should I do this one-on-one program or should I do this group program?

And what I love about the coaching collective and having the mentor sessions is you get the best of both worlds. Because really, there is value in one-on-one and there is value in group coaching. And so I love that no one has to choose, right. That you can come, you can learn from the group and you can have that one-on-one experience to feel seen and heard like Sharon was saying just laser focused and I mean, there’s really nothing better.

[00:32:58] Molly Claire: Yes. Okay. I am sold on this. I want to join now. I want to sign up to talk with all of you. Okay. I want to pick on Heather and Mikki for a minute with this next question, because so Heather and Mikki, you’re a couple of our lead mentors, which means that you are in the regular TCC calls during the week. And you’re also involved on slack.

So I would love to hear from each of you, what you see as a benefit to the coaches in the program, as you’re there, on those calls with them in slack, participating with that. I’m going to pick on you first, Mikki.

[00:33:33] Mikki Gardner: So, um, I think it’s a blessing and a curse maybe, but I think that having – I joke it’s not a curse – but what I love is that we are on those calls with them, right, and so we’re really sitting in listening to what’s happening, what are the themes, and then helping support them through the week on that. Right. We’ll come into the channel and say like, I love to like celebrate the wins, celebrate the wins. And then we post them and then everybody just gets to kind of celebrate again.

And then also there are times when there’s just a theme, right. When maybe everyone is having kind of the same struggle. And so then Heather and I can really, through the week, continue to support that, right. By having that interaction and that, sort of, being there with them, we can then help support and make sure that we’re all addressing it and then really just celebrating everybody.

[00:34:23] Molly Claire: So, yeah. Yeah. And I, and I guess I should clarify too, because I know a lot of people listening haven’t been in the collective before, but what we have is, we have our elevation calls, which is basically where we’re teaching new concepts, new ideas, and either Amy or I come to a call with the group, we’re working through it.

Sometimes Heather and Nicki will also participate in teaching and helping work through that staff. But either way you guys are always on those calls, right. And then we also have our master coaching calls that are just run by Amy and I, and then we have the coaching calls as well, but it’s really great with Mikki and Heather they’re on those calls supporting me and Amy. And also, I love to sometimes bounce ideas off of you guys or hear from you and your experience, because I think it adds something different to, yeah, love it. What about you, Heather?

[00:35:15] Heather Rackham: One of the things that Mikki said was celebrating wins. And why is it so hard for us to see our own? To want to point out our own wins? I think it’s, sometimes it just takes somebody saying, Hey, celebrate this week. What was it? What’s one of your wins and that like one of my favorite things is to just celebrate those wins with people. I think it is really helpful to have somebody ask you that question. And that’s something that is, we’re kind of frequently asking on slack. What, what was, what was good this week? What did you accomplish?

And as a member of TCC, having somebody asked that question to me, was super powerful and helped to change my shift in my focus. The elevation calls, I love being on them. So every week in the coaching collective, we have new materials that you get to study, right?

And you, you work through and you just, like, it says, you elevate yourself, you elevate your level of coaching, you elevate your business, all of those things. And the elevation calls, if you have questions from any of those materials or need a little bit help, Molly and Amy are there to do that.

And I always think that what’s in the success guide during the week. There can’t be anything more to be added to it because it’s so phenomenal. And then I’ll sit on those elevation calls and be like, just when I thought they couldn’t teach us any more. Where do they get this? How? It’s like the Mary Poppins in their brain.

I just am always so impressed by what they pull out and what they teach. So I love to be on those calls and, and just to see the themes and then be able to then follow up throughout the rest of the week on, you know, whatever questions anybody might have and continue that momentum that is sparked. I know from the success guides through to the elevation calls, like the momentum is just, it’s a constant cycle. And I just love to continue to be able to add a spark to that moment.

[00:37:11] Molly Claire: Yeah, one thing I love about it because you say, you know, you learn something from me or you learn something from Amy, or we learned something from you or from Mikki or Pam, Sharon, Catie on the calls. Because I think one thing, you know, when Amy and I were building the collective is we really value different expertise, different gifts. And I think that having a collection of like, all of you are going to teach, coach, share, see different things, right? All of it is going to be a little bit different. And so I love that.

Not only can our coaches have the variety from working with all of you, but also on a weekly basis, they have the materials, right, that they’re watching and diving into. But then, they have all of you at their fingertips on slack and they have these calls so that they can feel like they have a lot of support.

So we just. I feel so grateful for all of you, Amy and I just like, whenever we talk about all of our mentors and our team, we just feel like, I don’t know how we got so lucky to have like the best people here, but we’re so grateful for.

[00:38:08] Heather Rackham: Can I add one more thing? I love that on slack that people have access to you and Amy, you know, there’s the “Ask Amy and Molly” channel. So if they have questions they want help on directly from you, you always are there. You’ve got a great answer. And then they, there’s also the “Ask A Mentor” so they can ask mentors things too. And so it’s not, oh, I have to wait until the next elevation call or I have to wait until I can get a session with somebody before I can get this question answered. It’s it’s there at their fingertips. Literally.

[00:38:40] Molly Claire: Which is a big deal because let’s face it, like the ups and downs of building a business, it’s really nice to know, like someone’s there. Right. Someone’s got me. Okay. I have one more question. I want to go through with each of you. Okay. So I want you to each think back to when you made this decision to join the coaching collective, and I want to know from you, what would you tell yourself then, as you are making the decision. This could be advice you’d give yourself, help making the decision, or even maybe telling your past self what’s in store for you. So I want to hear from each of you, Catie, what would you tell her?

[00:39:18] Catie Borland: Well, I would tell her that her dreams are going to come true. That she really is going to be able to have, oh my gosh. It makes me emotional. That she really is going to be able to have the business that she wants and the personal life that she wants. I could not see how the two could fit together. Wait, how can I have this business and make this money that I want to make?

But also like, not work a ton because I have five kids and I love freedom and flexibility, and that I would have all of the support I could ever want or need joining this community. And that Molly and Amy are the perfect, the perfect, guides in helping me master my business, my personal life and my coaching skills.

[00:40:06] Molly Claire: Oh, my gosh, you’re going to make me cry. Cause I remember it was right here. Like I really, I like to go on vacation. I like my family. And so, and it’s like, when you have those conflicting beliefs, right. I can’t have this and that. And so it’s just, it’s so fun to watch it shift for you. And I could say the same for all of you with a little bit different flavor of it.

Right? I know I’m thinking of you Heather too, as with all of this, but anyway, so awesome. Thank you, Catie. All right, Sharon, what would you tell that Sharon?

[00:40:37] Sharon Wirant: Follow your heart. See what resonates. Follow what feels good.

[00:40:43] Molly Claire: Love it love it. And you joined with Jill, like your friend, right? Both of you were in together, which was so much fun. Love it. Love it. We’re so glad you’re here. And it was so fun in the, so Sharon is, well, all of you are in the mastermind, right? So there’s the coaching collective. And then there’s the mastermind where we do all our planning and stuff. And it was so it’s been so fun Sharon, to see again from the beginning, from when you first joined to.

Planning out writing your book and putting it out there and just see it come to fruition. So, so glad you followed your heart.

[00:41:14] Sharon Wirant: Me too. It was interesting because when you were opening up the pilot program at the same time, there were other coaches that were offering different programs, but the coaching collective, I mean, that’s why I say follow your heart because the coaching collective, I just couldn’t stop looking at it. And then I took the leap and it was the best decision that I’ve made.

[00:41:41] Molly Claire: Good. And now we’ve got you forever. Awesome. All right, Mikki, how about you?

[00:41:52] Mikki Gardner: I think similar. So, to really trust that you’re making the decision that you need, right. That what is here for you is meant for you. I was a little nervous about taking the plunge. I had just gone through certification. You know, there was all of that apprehension, which I think a lot of people feel, but just trust that if it’s here, it’s here because it’s supposed to be. And I think my confidence as a coach has been just up-leveled from being around you guys, learning from you, watching you coach, and then just having the opportunities that I’ve had.

I don’t know that I would have felt as strong and sort of grounded in my coaching as I do. And it’s a hundred percent from this. So I think if you feel called for it, listen.

[00:42:48] Molly Claire: Yes. And Mikki, you have such like a leader energy. I’ve always seen that from the first time I met you. But I’ve seen you in the program, like continue to develop your leadership and connections in the community, which is just so fun. So I love seeing what’s already there and seeing it just develop.

[00:43:08] Mikki Gardner: I love it. At home, it’s called control freakness, and here it’s called leadership. So it’s amazing.

[00:43:16] Molly Claire: Totally awesome. All right, Pam, how about you?

[00:43:22] Pam Howard: Yeah, well, I would say to my past self. You know, and trust and love Molly and Amy. And I always just feel so supported by both of you. I’m going to cry too, probably. So just knowing that you’re there, that, you know, you have my back. And also speaking to what I would have said was in store for me, was coaching from Amy that led me to quit my full-time job and go full-time into coaching. Yeah. So like, had I known that, I mean, it would have been like, why didn’t I sign up sooner, which I had that thought anyway. I mean, that was probably the biggest thing for me was getting that coaching from Amy on a weekly call, you know, in the group and deciding that day to resign from my job.

[00:44:23] Molly Claire: It’s a big deal. It’s been like a big transition for you because you have that little bit of window of time off. Yeah. I remember when I heard you say that, I was like, oh, I hope this is it. Like, I hope this is when Pam like, stays here and stays off. Right. And goes all in. And so it’s been just really fun to be here and have you part of this.

[00:44:45] Pam Howard: Yeah. And I remember when you launched the coaching collective the very first time, that was my reason for not joining because I said, I can’t make any of the calls I’m working, this full-time job.

And so this opportunity was perfect.

[00:45:00] Molly Claire: Yeah, I know. Well, and I remember because Amy and I were like, oh, I think Pam really has to do this. And I remember Amy saying like, I I’d hate for her to do it if she can’t be on the calls, but I think she needs this. I think this is like the thing. So it all works out in the right timing, right?

Yes, absolutely. Yeah. Awesome. All right. Heather. What about you thinking back? What would you tell her?

[00:45:25] Heather Rackham: I would tell me that, well, first of all, I didn’t sign up for the coaching collective. It had been a couple of years actually, since I had certified. So it wasn’t like I was right out of certification, which I also think is valuable. There’s probably people that are like, oh, I’m too far. I’m like too far past certification. Like I already kind of had my business going. I don’t, you know, whatever.

I would tell myself, this is actually going to be the turning point for you. And it was, it was the turning point for me in so many ways. And I really, I don’t have enough time to go into all the ways that it was a turning point for me, but mostly it was really being able to create what I wanted and quit arguing and thinking that I had to make something that looked like something else that looked like what somebody else was doing in their business that I needed and wanted to do what would work for me and my lifestyle. And it was the turning point and everything changed from there. And I have not looked back

[00:46:33] Molly Claire: So awesome. I love it. And I feel like, I know I’ve heard probably each of you at different times say some version of like, it feels like home here and I’m so glad. This is where we are really trying to create such a supportive community for these coaches, and Amy and I just love all of you. So thank you so much for being here. All right. Thanks everyone for being here. I hope this has been helpful for you to hear from these brilliant coaches. Hopefully you can follow them, learn more about them, and hopefully we’ll be seeing some of you in the collective soon.

So I’ll talk to you all next week. I’ll see you then.