Over the past several podcasts, I’ve given an overview of the various aspects, topics and benefits of The Coaching Collective. With that, you received a taste of each but may still have questions, the main one being: “Is The Coaching Collective right for me?”. Of course, I believe that it’s helpful to any coach ready to take the next step in her coaching business but I want to arm you to answer this question for yourself. So in this episode, I give some specifics, explaining exactly what you’ll get and what you can expect if you join us. In addition to this episode, I encourage you to check out the last 7 episodes of The Masterful Coach to equip you even further in answering this question.

Before we get to the specifics, I have to take a moment to say that Aimée Gianni and I cannot wait for the full six-month Coaching Collective program to begin in April. We are so excited! But… speaking of NOT being able to WAIT, Registration for The Coaching Collective session CLOSES THIS FRIDAY (March 11). Don’t delay to join if you decide it’s right for you.

What You’ll Learn

  • What makes The Collective special
    • Personal experience
    • Individualization
    • Community connection
  • Who helps you and how
    • Aimée Gianni and me (Molly Claire) – you get personal help and time with us
    • Team, Mentors, Community – you have multiple connections for guidance, support and encouragement
    • Multiple points of contact – calls, interaction platforms
  • The 3 Pillars to ultimately make you more money and craft the life you want
    • Life Mastery
    • Business Mastery
    • Coaching Mastery
  • Creation Projects carefully guided to powerfully move you forward
    • Cycles of passive action followed by massive action
    • Time constraints that result in rapid success
    • Types of Creation Projects
    • Small groups, collaboration and connection
  • Your scheduled calls
    • Group calls
    • Personal calls
    • Dream Come True: Results calls
  • What you can expect for time commitment
  • The Master Your Coaching Component
    • Unique views and experiences
    • Safe environment
  • Investment and ROI (return on investment)
    • Personalized to increase income
    • Actionable work, tangible implementals
    • Confidence, alignment, support

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Intro: Welcome to the Masterful Coach podcast with Molly Claire, where coaches learn skill mastery, business mastery, and life mastery at a whole new level. If you’re ready to create a meaningful coaching business that makes a difference, you’re in the right place. And now your host, master coach instructor, Molly Claire.

Molly Claire: Hey, Coach, we are coming off of an amazing week last week in the collective, my joint business with Amy Gianni. We have Master Your Coaching Week. Thank you, for those of you that were there. We had a great time connecting on our extra calls with you, helping you master your coaching, helping you understand how this all impact your business, and the big picture of your business. So, thank you for being there. It was an amazing week, and our team had such a great time with you. And those of you that are coming with us to the collective, welcome. We are excited to meet you, connect with you. Everything starts up in April. And so get ready. Our team is ready for you, and we’ll be taking good care of every single one of you.

Today’s episode is really suited for those of you who are curious about the Coaching Collective and want to understand it more in depth. This is a cut-to-the-chase episode where I am going to be giving you an overview of the program and help you to understand how it will mean more clients, how it will mean profit in your business, how it will really allow you to create a business that is sustainable in the long term that supports the life that you want. And I’m also going to speak to the coaching mastery aspect of it. I am all about life mastery, business mastery, and coaching mastery. And these are the three pillars that make up the Coaching Collective program.

So, let’s get started. I want to give you this high-level view. This will answer a lot of questions that you have. And by the way, enrolment is open now and it does close this Friday. So, what that means is if you are planning to join directly, you will need to join by this Friday. And for those of you that would want to speak with Crystal, our success coach, where she can help you with any place you are stuck wondering if this is the right thing for you. You would make sure to schedule with her and submit your application by this Friday.

All right, let’s talk about the collective. I know I’m a little biased, but I do believe it is the most amazing program for any coach building a business. And the reason why is that Amy and I bring our personal experience of building our own businesses, training coaches, and helping those coaches as we’re coaching them in building their business. So, we have that inside view of the coach training, we have that inside view from our personal experience building the business and that outside perspective, watching so many of you. And we have really taken this and what we’ve learned as we’ve identified exactly what you need as a coach, and put it together in this program.

One thing that’s very different about the Coaching Collective, versus a lot of programs out there is our program is very high-touch. It is very personalized. It is very individualized. And that’s one thing that Amy and I have focused on as we have scaled the business, that we are always bringing in this filter of how do we expand and continue to lean into creating a personalized experience for our clients? How do we make sure that every coach in our program feels seen, heard, valued and helped in the way that they need it? And as we have gone through this process, we have seen that as we’ve expanded, our coaches’ experience has actually up leveled and every one of our coaches knows that we love them, we see them, and we’re excited about their growth.

So, the program is six months, and in the program, you will have access to me and Amy. We’re both master coaches, we bring varied certifications, and backgrounds. Amy brings a marriage and family therapy background and expertise on relationship. I definitely bring so much excitement about the business building part of this and definitely a passion for training coaches. Both of us have trained coaches and master coaches at an intimate level. And we’re both there in the program. And the reason why this really matters in the group is that our coaches love that they see two different approaches, they get different insights from both of us. And the variety really helps them also to have that space and permission to lean into who they are as a coach and a business builder.

So, Amy and I are both there with you. And we also have a team of our Coaching Collective Masters. These are coaches who did our coaching collective program, did the VIP level because they loved it so much, and they know the concepts inside and out. And so as they built their businesses, they also wanted to be a part of our team. They love the sense of collaboration and community and the principles that we teach. And so those TCC masters are there to help you. They help you in several ways. They are on the calls with us. They are in Slack with you, and you also have one-to-one calls with them. And I’ll talk more about that as I speak more about the program.

You will also have, as I mentioned, a Slack community. Amy and I are there and our team is there as well. In this program, one thing that makes it very unique is that we do have all three of these pillars. Amy and I are passionate about helping you up level and expand your coaching ability, that skill mastery. Amy and I are big believers that you have to decide what you want your life to look like so that your business can support it. We have seen too many coaches and up in burnout, overworking, or self-sabotage, because their life and business is in conflict. So, we believe firmly in slowing down so that you can go fast in your business, and really getting a clearer idea of what your life will be. That is the life mastery component.

And finally, we have this business mastery component where we are helping you move forward in your business every week. We are helping you to have the confidence you need to get clients on your calendar, and we are helping you to really define the unique business that will work for you. I want to talk a little bit about one element of our program that you are going to love and our coaches absolutely love. So last week, I spoke about the ebb and flow and the habit of taking massive action. If you didn’t hear that episode, go back and listen to it, because I really help you to understand the power in this process that we do. But I just want to talk about the creation projects that we do in the six months, and what that means for your business.

So, every other week, in the six months, you have a creation project. You are creating something that will result in clients for you, right, building your business. Now this varies—sometimes it is marketing videos, sometimes it is designing your program and creating a workbook, it may be your marketing plan. So, as we go throughout the program, the project varies, but the consistency lies in two things. Number one is that we have an ebb and flow for you built in where you are consuming one week in the program with exactly what we’re teaching you, and the next week you are creating.

So, this is that ebb and flow of passive action and then moving that into massive action the next week. This ebb and flow throughout the program goes on the entire six months. And it really helps you to establish that pattern of learn some and then do something with it. The other thing that is very consistent in these projects, even though they vary is that we put a time constraint on them. So even though the work you are doing in the six months in the program is going to vary, every single week, you can count on about the same amount of time spent. So, in the week where you’re learning the content, you’re going to have a little bit longer training videos.

The next week on your creation project, you are going to have that project you’ll be working on, but we have very specific guidelines and a process so that you don’t end up overworking or burning yourself out and you will be amazed at how much you are able to get done. You will be creating content in these creation projects. You will be finding ways and building in ways to bring in more clients. And one more important thing I want to mention about the creation project aspect of the program is that you will be placed in a small group. The small group is anywhere from four to six coaches, and you will meet once a month and you will work together on your creation project. Sometimes you’re sharing them, you’re getting feedback back. And you will be in this small group on Slack for support as well.

So, one of the creation projects, you are kind of working together on. The other one, you are doing on your own, but still coming to the small group. The reason that—well, there are many reasons we love the small group. But one thing I want to point out about the small group is that our coaches feel so intimately connected with their small group. And what that means is that when we are in the larger group, which maxes out at 50, and you see everyone on screen, and you see the videos, because we do all of our meeting style on Zoom. It’s not webinars, so we’re not talking at you, we’re engaging with you. And when you come to those calls, you see those familiar faces, and you have those connections behind the scenes. And so the larger group of 50, if we can call it that, that’s still a fairly small group, right, feels so much smaller and intimate.

So that’s a little bit about the creation project portion of the program. This is a powerful way for you to move your business forward every single week, one by one, create the content, do the things and have support all along the way. I want to talk next about the weekly and monthly flow of how the collective looks. So essentially, right now, if you’re joining this next group, you will have a call on Tuesday and a call on Wednesday. Now your Tuesday call is at 12pm Central Time, and this is a Master Your Coaching call. We may be adding more of those, depending on the flow, because we’d like to keep our groups intimate. You will also have a call on Wednesday, and times will vary, you can get more information from us. But I want to point this out because even though we have so much in the program, it is very specific and guided as to where we want you spending your time. So, every single week, you will have those two calls.

Now, you don’t have to go to every Mastery Your Coaching call, we want the program to work for you, but those calls are consistent. You will also have two individual mastery calls with one of our Coaching Collective masters. This is a fantastic element of the program, because it gives you that personal touch. Our masters are amazing. All of them bring a little bit different experience to the program, and they each have their own specialties. So, when you’re in the program, what you do is you go to our Collective Masters page, you can see the pictures of our masters, you can read a little bit about them, and you really, over the course of the program, have a chance to get to know them. And you can pick your favorite coach, or you can mix it up, and find what you need. And they are really there to support you. So, on a weekly/monthly basis, as I said, you get two of those calls every single month. You can schedule them whenever convenient for you.

The last call I want to mention in terms of time commitment is every month, you will have a dream come true result call. What this means is that at the very beginning of the six-month program, you are going to go through our Success Guide and define for you what the dream come true result would be at the end of the program. And we help you determine that both in terms of confidence, skill mastery, sort of those things you want built inside of you by the end of the program, and also in terms of just those tangible results: number of clients, amount of money brought in.

So, at the beginning of the program, we have you set that. And then every single month as you’re moving through the program, you will have a call with one of our masters, and you will have a success guide to keep you on track: “Where am I with my goal? How is it going?” And that is a phenomenal piece of the accountability. So, in terms of set times, and what the flow looks like, that is the overview. I want to go back a little bit as far as the flow of the program, and help you to understand at a high level what this looks like. So, I’ve mentioned the creation projects and the ebb and flow of the trainings, and I’ve mentioned these calls. So how does this all fit together?

This is what this looks like. Imagine you are starting out the month. For that first week of the month, you will have a specific video training or a few shorter ones to help you prepare for the week. This content is specific to help you move your business forward, make your business easier, better, faster, more efficient and more true to you. You’ll watch the video training. You will have a success guide. This is our worksheet to help you personalize the video training. Then you will come to a call with either Amy or I and some of our masters, where we will be helping you to personalize and implement the work. That first week is all about learning. It’s about consuming a little bit of information to see how you can make your business better, more efficient.

Now, that week is teeing you up for the next week, which is your creation week. So, creation week, you’re going to have much less time on video training. In fact, all you’re going to get is a video letting you know what your project of the week is. You will have a success guide outlining for you exactly how you’re going to do your project. So, week two is all about creation and action. And that week, you will have that meeting with your small group to help each other with those projects.

The next week, we’re back to learning mode. You’re going to have some trainings to help you learn about how to make your business better, more in line with your lifestyle, how you’re going to make it more efficient, you’re learning that week, we’re personalizing it, you’re relying on us for support, on your masters, on your small group. The next week, guess what, it is creation time. That is the week that you will take action with what you’ve learned. So, this gives you an idea of the ebb and flow at a high level of the program. It is high-touch, it is personal support, it is learning and action consistently all the way through.

Okay, let’s talk next about the Master Your Coaching component of the program. So, I’ve talked about the business building. And the Master Your Coaching component honestly, is a program in and of itself. And the reason we weave this throughout the program is that we believe coaching mastery is really important. And we know that so many of you are craving better coaching skills, you want to be more confident, you want to have more competence.

So, the Master Your Coaching program, includes a weekly Master Your Coaching call. Amy does these, I do these, and sometimes we bring in guest master coaches as well. And there are various formats on these calls. Sometimes we offer new tools, new approaches. Sometimes we answer questions and process with you so we can help you improve your coaching in places where you are stuck. Sometimes we will have one of the coaches coach, and we will be giving feedback there as we process. Amy loves to do that format, in particular. A format that I love to do is I love to coach one of you. And during that hour, I’m bringing the rest of you in and we’re consulting and we’re processing, and we’re really understanding step by step what’s going on in the coaching. And as I mentioned before, having both Amy and I participate, gives you a really unique view, because you see different approaches, which I really think is amazing for learning.

The other thing I want to mention about this Master Your Coaching piece is that Amy and I are committed to creating a learning environment where you feel safe, where you feel supported, and where you feel totally prepared to step into being vulnerable and open. We believe that growth and improvement come in an environment when you experience that. And all of our coaches have said time and again that they felt so safe and felt so much permission to experiment with their coaching. That is the Master Your Coaching element.

Okay, let’s talk next about the investment and the return on investment as you join this program. Because as a coach, you know there are many ways that you can spend money in your business, right? There is marketing, sales, coaching, business guidance, all kinds of things. And I think that it’s always important that we consider before making any investment on what is going to be my actual return in terms of money, in terms of quality of life and in the long term. So, the investment for this program is $10,000. That includes everything that I have talked about so far in the six-month program. It’s going to include all of those trainings and success guides to help you personalize things each week. It’s going to include the live calls with a master coach, the individual mastery calls that you’ll have with our masters each month. It includes all of the Master Your Coaching program with the weekly calls, and of course, our high-touch supportive community on Slack.

So, these are the details of the program. And I want to talk to you about what this means in terms of your business. As you follow our training and take action on those creation weeks, you will be creating some of those tangible deliverables in your business, that lay the foundation for you to share your message with the world. And that is how you bring clients to you. As you build confidence in this program, not only in your coaching skills, but in your ability to build your business, that is going to result in confidence when you speak to people, confidence that will push you to getting people on your calendar, making the sale. I truly believe that when you do this foundational work, the sales process and your ability to bring clients into your practice, comes very naturally.

The other thing that I see as a huge return on investment, and this is really something that pays you back in the long term, is the fact that we are asking you to take a minute and really determine the business you want to create and how it fits in with your life. Because I’ve seen plenty of coaches who rush and rush and rush and bring in some clients and they get in this overworking pattern. And they find out that this business is not what they wanted, their life is not what they want, and it actually ends up slowing them down. Whereas, when you can be here with us and have guidance from us as your mentors and as your coaches, you will be able to make decisions now in your business that will serve you in the long term, that will support your priorities in your life. And what this really equates to is quality of life.

This is in direct relation to your levels of stress, your levels of happiness. And I just feel like this cannot be overemphasized as a vitally important thing that all of us do as we start building a business, because we build a business to have a certain quality of life. And yet, if we don’t keep things in check with our priorities, we are never going to have the experience of life that we want. So, I truly believe that this $10,000 investment is not only investing in your coaching mastery, in your ability to help your clients, which will, of course, result in more clients, naturally. It will also increase your confidence in your ability to get out there to sell to actually move your business forward. It will help you as you move forward with these projects. And in the long term, in the big picture, you will be investing in a business that supports what you really want in your life.

All right, let’s talk just a minute about these three pillars and then I am going to send you off and come back with you next week. Life mastery, this is a big deal. I know a lot of people offering coaching programs to coaches as you build your business who do not have a big focus on this. We think it is vitally important. We do not believe that life and business somehow have this magical line that separates them. They are integrated and it is important for you to get help and support in your life. Our Life mastery work will give you clarity, help you have a clear plan with your priorities in mind. We will support you along the way in honoring those priorities, and we will give you the coaching that you need to stay the course.

Business mastery, this is so important for you. Our business mastery pillar will allow you to discover the unique business that works for you and your gifts so that you can connect with the right clients for you. We are going to help you with projects to move your business forward. Help you have this business that supports the life you want and of course give you coaching support in your business.

The last pillar coaching mastery—save my favorite for last—you will be able to study up close and personal with to master coaches, you will increase your competence and your ability to help your client in new ways. You will have amazing confidence that will only spill over into all areas of your life, not to mention the results for your clients. And we will also support you in creating your unique coaching style as you lean into utilizing the tools that you have in a unique way that is very intuitive and natural to you.

Coaches, we are so excited to invite you in. Our community is amazing, our program is amazing, and I look forward to meeting all of you. Go ahead and go to www.thecoachingcollective.com, where you can join directly or sign up for a call and submit your application to talk with Crystal. So, we’ll see you very soon. Have a good one, and I’ll talk with you next week.

Outro: Thanks for listening to the Masterful Coach podcast. You can check out www.thecoachingcollective.com, for info about the ultimate program for coaches building a business. To find out more about, Molly, you can visit www.mollyclaire.com.