In us all, there lies a craving to have some certainty, some measure of stability. We know, going into building a business, that there will be ups and downs. Yet, we still long for security. So when uncertainty invades our thoughts, and it will, it culminates in an overwhelming feeling of instability.

But even if you work a regular job for someone else, security is often an illusion. At least when you work for yourself, you tackle that uncertainty straight on. You can choose to embrace the “what ifs?”. And when you do, it can become a strength, rather than a weakness. How? By believing in yourself and keeping your energy high in your coaching business. To that goal, I have 5 tips for you.

 What You’ll Learn 

  • What does it mean to keep energy high?
  • Tip #1: Build a 911 kit
  • Tip #2: Cultivate good little habits
  • Tip #3: Tune into people who think how you want to think
  • Tip #4: Give attention to the wins and positives
  • Tip #5: Allot space for revitalization

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Intro: Welcome to The Masterful Coach podcast, with Molly Claire, where coaches learn skill mastery, business mastery, and life mastery at a whole new level. If you’re ready to create a meaningful coaching business that makes a difference, you’re in the right place. And now your host, master coach instructor, Molly Claire.

Molly Claire: Hello, coaches, what a gorgeous day it is today? I went on an early morning walk today. And right now, as I’m sitting at my desk, the sky is blue outside, the sun is shining, and there is just enough of a breeze to make it absolutely perfect. So, I’m just really enjoying the day and the energy of the day, and what better day to talk with you about keeping energy high in your business?

Now, the day that this podcast airs is also a really exciting day for me. I would love to share with you a little bit of excitement in my life, are you up for it? So, on the day this airs, I will be heading to Austin for the Life Coach School mastermind. And this is a really a big deal for me in many, many ways.

So first of all, I’m going with my husband, who became a coach last year, and has really started an amazing business while doing his own corporate job as well and building in his practice and touching so many lives and really becoming such a powerful coach. And it’s been really fun to be alongside of this journey with him and just see once again, as I do time and again, that every coach is so unique, and so individual. And it’s really fun to be able to see his gifts coming out and showing up and to get to be a small part of it on the sidelines.

The other exciting thing is that I will be meeting so many of you who have been in the Coaching Collective with Amy and I. So those of you that RSVP for the meet and greet, we are so excited to see you tonight. I can’t wait to hug you. I’m sure there’s going to be some tears. I’m already just getting a little bit overwhelmed with so much gratitude, just thinking about all of you. And by the way, those of you that can’t make it and won’t be there and have been in the collective just know that this gratitude is felt for you as well. And we’re connected, no matter what, even if I don’t get to see you in person today.

The other thing that is so exciting about this: it has been several years since LCS had an in-person mastermind, the last one was actually cancelled last minute due to the rise of COVID. And this is the first time I will be meeting so many of my students. I’ve trained hundreds of coaches at this point. And some of you, I’ve met in person; so many of you, I have not.

And so, please, if you’re going to be there and you are a student of mine, or we’ve crossed paths in any way, please come see me. It’s just really an amazing experience. I think any time we get to be with other people with a shared direction, a shared mission, and these shared connections, it’s just so powerful. So, I love all of you, whether you’ll be there or not. And I’m just really excited about the highlight that this day is in my life and the days to come.

Today we are talking about keeping your energy high in your business. Now, this is a big deal. Because when we build a business, we all know that there are going to be ups and downs. And we all know that sometimes the impact of the failures or the perceived failures that we have, can be pretty challenging for us if we are making them personal about ourselves.

And as we are building a coaching business, we can experience so much uncertainty, we can have so many thoughts about what might work, what might not work, what’s possible, what’s not possible. And even though in truth, having a job brings plenty of uncertainty that’s actually outside of your hands, there is somewhat of an illusion of certainty, right? There’s this illusion of stability and consistency.

And when we are in our own business, we don’t have that illusion there supporting us in the default sense, right? Instead, we have to be the ones to create uncertainty. We have to be willing to move forward in the space of sometimes feeling uncertainty, and it is absolutely vital that we keep our energy high in our business.

I want to talk for a minute about what I mean when I say keeping energy high. So, for me, I am a high energy person. A very high level of energy for me, where I’m creating, where I’m going, where I’m on the move is a very healthy and positive energy for me. I know many of you relate to that. I know there are others of you that would probably describe a different energy that is best for you, the energy where you are most productive, where you are moving forward where you are in a clean, healthy space.

And so as I’m talking about keeping your energy high in your business, if you relate to this, take all of this in. And if you’re listening and you want to really connect a different energy with this, one that’s most useful for you, do it. The point is that we want to each create a space internally for ourselves, that is powerful as we move our business forward.

So, energy, this is a big deal for me, because even though I am a very high energy person, I have also experienced a lot of fatigue in my life, when I had chronic fatigue syndrome, as I’ve worked through my thyroid issues. And also just being a very empathetic person, and a highly intuitive person, it is very normal and natural for us to be affected with sometimes fatigue and exhaustion, with emotional things in our life. And this is the case for everyone, right? Absolutely everyone is affected by the emotional situations in our lives. But for those of you who are more intuitive, who are more empathic, definitely paying attention to keeping your energy high and in that space of moving forward, is a big deal.

So, as I said, having experienced a period of chronic fatigue syndrome, that came on quite suddenly, where I went from someone who was up at four something in the morning and going to the gym and being active with my kids, to, can’t get out of bed in the morning, can’t get off the couch to walk my kids to school, and really struggling with that, and how now at times as well, I can definitely have them steps.

So, managing my energy and being aware of my energy is something that has been a practice for me now. And I see how useful and valuable it is, as I help you here as a coach, to be able to manage your energy on the day to day, as I help you to manage your energy and the ups and downs of your business. And especially as I help those of you who are mompreneurs. This is a space I’m so passionate about, helping those of you who are juggling family life, kids, being a mom, all of those important things we do in our personal life while also running a business.

So, today’s episode is going to be focused on five tips that I have for you. And this was really inspired because while I’m in this amazing, powerful space today, and I’m loving the day, I have been feeling a lot of ups and downs lately. I am shifting some things in my business on the back end; there’s a lot of ups and downs with all of that. There are changes in my personal life happening. There are a lot of big things and a lot of areas for me. So I’m just noticing that I’m feeling big feelings all the way around. And I’ve been realizing the difference between when my brain is going to that place of really big discouragement and when I’m able to be in the space of feeling so empowered and so capable.

So, this morning, as I was out on a walk and listening to a podcast about moving your business forward, about our mindset and how we think about things and how capable we are, I was feeling so energized. And it’s always amazing to me that the thoughts that we let into our lives, that we infuse into our brains, by who we surround ourselves with and what we listen to, are so powerful. Like, if we think about injecting a shot of energy into our body, I know I can speak for myself and many of you as well, that those powerful thoughts have that type of energizing impact on us.

And so one thing that I’ve been doing as I’ve been sorting through and shifting things in my life, that I have really been moving myself into a powerful space as much as possible, and I wanted to talk with you about it. So, let’s go through these five tips, starting with number one, creating for yourself a 911 kit. So, this idea actually came from some work that I did with the Optimum Health Clinic. The Optimum Health Clinic actually helps people who are recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome. They are amazing, and I absolutely loved the work that I did with them.

And one of the things that they talk about and that they offer up to their clients is having this emergency kit available for yourself, when you have what’s called a fatigue crash. So, when someone is recovering from chronic fatigue, inevitably, there will be times when they will have a crash, when their energy level goes way down, where they’re feeling like they’ve gone way backwards in their recovery process. And oftentimes, this can be a spiraling down of thoughts. So, energy is low, thoughts are low, all of it. And the idea is that we can create for ourselves, the exact resources we need when we are experiencing that.

So, for me, when I was having a chronic fatigue crash, that would mean something like maybe I would have some money set aside to order dinner, or I would have written down some powerful quotes that really helped me to stay positive, maybe I would have pictures of exciting experiences that I’d had, to keep myself thinking about things in life that are hopeful and positive. And remember the times when I’ve had such good energy. So, this is the gist of it, right? You get the idea. But this concept is amazing for people with chronic fatigue syndrome. And it is amazing in so many other areas as well.

And when it comes to your business, I think it is a really powerful, amazing idea for you to have set aside somewhere, a little bit of an emergency kit for you, something that you can pull out and call upon when you’re feeling discouraged when things aren’t going well, when you have a perceived failure, when the numbers don’t look good, when you’re questioning and doubting your own capability. So, this is the first tip I want to offer you. And some of the things that might be included in this are possibly found in the next tips I’m going to give you.

Let’s talk about number two. Little habits can make a big difference. What are the habits that you have in your life that you have already established, that you will continue forever and ever without question? For me, my early morning exercise, my walks are absolutely crucial. My sleep schedule, I go to bed about the same time every night, and I get up early. And when I wake up, I get up out of bed. I have a pretty good flow in my workday. I have certain routines and little habits that create a good consistent rhythm for me.

Now, this is a big deal for a lot of reasons. Number one, when all the things in life and all the feelings are up and down, we can create that stability for ourselves. And especially because many of these little habits are going to keep us on track. They can keep our mindset on track, they can keep our emotions on track. And they create that stability that we crave, as there are a lot of moving parts in our life and a lot of ups and downs.

So, think about for you, number one, the little habits that make a big difference for you, the ones you’re doing and promise that you’ll continue them. And number two, think about those little habits that you can do, that will make a big difference. Now listen, I don’t think you need to bite off a big project with any of this. I believe in starting small and being consistent without perfectionism. Identify for yourself, what are those things, and how can I use those habits to be a stabilizing force for me in the ups and downs of running a business?

Number three, surround yourself with people who think the way you want to think as I was mentioning this morning, as I was on my walk, I was listening to several podcasts and one of them was Dean Grazioso, and I love him. I love his energy. He’s a little hyper, a little like me, and I absolutely love his energy. I love his belief. I love his point of view. And in so many ways, I relate to how he thinks and I want to think that way at an even higher level like he does.

And I think it’s so vital that we surround ourselves with people who think the way we want to, in our physical space, in what comes into our mind, in the media that we take in, all the podcasts, even TV shows, everything. I cannot overemphasize the value in this. Now when it comes to your 911 kits, I want to draw this back to that, you can write ideas down in your 911 kit. Who do I need to listen to? Who might I talk to? Where can I find myself a space where I’m listening to people who think the way I want to think.

Number four, give more attention to the winds in your Life and give more attention to the positives. When we are in a negative emotional space, it’s almost like we are completely drawn to every negative thing to think about. It’s like we’re a magnet for these negative thoughts and negative things. And suddenly, things that seemed kind of small and maybe even obsolete, in some ways, seem so big. The more attention that you can give on a regular basis to the winds, and to the positives, the better. And when you’re having a low moment, when you’re feeling your energy down, when you’re feeling discouraged and you’re not really sure, give yourself space to move more attention to the wins and the positives.

Now, it’s very likely that you’re not going to do this naturally, right? Because again, we want to go to the negative. This is where the 911 kit can come in handy for you. This is where you can have a plan. And a reminder to yourself, oh, when this is going on, for me, this is what I need to do, have that plan of action in place.

Number five, so many things, get plenty of sunshine, get fresh air, make sure you get vitamin D and all of the other essentials, and give yourself space from your thoughts. This number five, is really just a way of making sure that you are bringing in life to your body, life to your brain. I want you to think about just as I say these words, the sunshine, the fresh air, vitamins infusing your body and space from all of the thoughts that consume you, to notice the openness that that creates. Even by talking about and thinking about those things, it can bring a lightness to your experience.

Coaches, this is what I’ve got for you. Keep your energy high in your business, create that space for yourself. It does not depend on what is going on in your life. It does not depend on who is in your life. It does not depend on anything other than what you create within you. So good to be with all of you. I look forward to seeing many of you today and the next couple of days in-person, and I’ll be back on the podcast next week. See you then.

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