Hey Coach!
Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the tasks of building your business?
Figuring so many things out at once and wondering...
How much do I charge?
What should I offer?
How do I close a sale?

Freebie. Funnel. Emails.

Where do I begin?

And in the back of your mind you know that if you don't figure it out...
this dream business of yours won't happen.

Coach, I've got you.

I've been in your shoes and I've helped hundreds of coaches just like you begin their coaching journey.

What you need is a little TLC and some focused support to create some traction in your business. A solid 90 day plan with the tactics and accountability to make it happen.

I believe that you can take small actions right now to bring clients in the door. And I know that with the right foundation you'll feel confident with every step you take forward.

This program is 90 Days + You + Me + 15 other coaches - are you coaching?

This program is designed with you in mind.

It's personal to your business, your ideal life, and your needs right now.

In our time together, you can cross things off your list like:

Solid freebie + emails in place


Confidence in your consultation/sales process


Clarity on your program offer


Clients on your calendar


Moving forward with small and meaningful actions every single week

And the best part?

We will do all of this while creating a foundation of making sure that your business supports your ideal schedule and life.

I don't believe in over working. I don't believe in downgrading your personal priorities to build your business.

I believe you are capable of creating a unique business that supports your ideal life - no compromises and unlimited possibilities.

You can do it and I'm here to help you every step of the way.

What my clients say...
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"Molly's program pushed me to clarify what I want for my business and how to create clients NOW. She offered me new skills to practice and techniques for staying focused. It was awesome to see what the other coaches in our small group where working on and how they were growing!"


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"This program was a great investment for me. I would highly recommend it to any new coach who wants direction. Molly helped me to identify what I really want my life to look like and change my business goals to support that. I signed 2 new clients, renewed one, created my freebie, hired a VA to assist me, and I made over 50% of what I made last year in 3 months. Molly is amazing and I’m so happy I did this."


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"Working with Molly was brilliant! She's provided us with such great information and guidance. I've learned a lot and enjoyed working with her each week. She's given us pretty practical information and tips I've used immediately."

This program is intimate and personal and we will
make sure to address your needs within the small group.
The 90 Days with Molly Claire will include:

A personalized 90-Day plan for your business with support to achieve it


Weekly Master-level coaching with Molly Claire with her eyes on your business


Weekly goal setting, accountability, and support in our online community


1:1 calls each month with Master Business Builders


Exclusive trainings and templates to make your biz task list a breeze

The investment is $5k
The level of support is unmatched
The amount you'll accomplish in your biz: mind-blowing

Sounds like a fit for you?
Here are the next steps:

STEP 1: Click the button below to apply

STEP 2: Schedule a call with our Business Builder team to create your 90 Day Plan now + ask all of your questions.

STEP 3: If it's a fit - you're in! You can start moving your business forward right away.

Are you ready? Let's do this.

What Angela says...

"Working with Molly has been an amazing experience. During her 90 day program, I was challenged to do something I hadn’t done, but secretly wanted to do. Through her constant guidance and support, I was able to accomplish this and so much more. Even at her level and expertise, she always makes her clients feel like helping them build themselves as coaches and their businesses is the most important thing to her. She truly values each person who goes through her program and desires their success. She is gracious and kind, but has a great talent for helping you discover how you are holding yourself back in a very direct way. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to up-level their business goals and confidence as a coach."

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