Hi.  I’m Molly.  The life coach… for coaches.

I started my life coaching business sitting on the floor of my bedroom, with my preschool age daughter playing next to me.  I had been sick with the mysterious Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for a couple of years.  My 15 year marriage was coming to an end.  I was in crisis both physically and emotionally.

And it was the perfect time for me to become a coach. 

As I was learning to be a coach, I was fully immersed in applying absolutely everything I was learning in real time.  I had to challenge myself and my beliefs constantly.  As I was learning about emotions, I had the opportunity to work with my coaching mentors to heal my own.  While I learned about helping others with their relationships, I applied the principal of unconditional love to my soon-to-be ex husband.   As I was learning about business, money and self-belief – I was also facing my greatest fear as I worked to become financially independent after relying on my husband for years.

And the most powerful piece of all of it – was creating an entirely new relationship with myself as I became stronger, more confident, and courageous.

After 5 years of growing my business, authoring a best-selling book, training hundreds of life coaches, and creating a program for women healing from divorce,  I decided to follow my passion and work exclusively with coaches.  Teaching, training, and mentoring coaches is my calling and I’m here for you.

I know what it’s like to be a new coach.  I understand how to help your clients actually get what you’re telling them.  I understand the power of having a seasoned coach who can help you get the clarity you can’t seem to find – despite your expertise.

The coach, always needs a coach.  And that’s who I am for you.

I’ve trained hundreds of coaches through The Life Coach School.  I’ve worked with dozens of coaches in my life personally for business, relationships, healing, parenting, and Life goals.

I created a coaching program for perfectionist moms and wrote the best-selling book, The Happy Mom Mindset.

I created an e-course and membership for newly divorced women to help them heal from divorce.

I’ve done all of it while becoming a single mom and learning to balance work and home.

I’ve done all of it, not because of me, but because of the power of the mind.  I know how to help you create everything you want too.

I’m your coach.  Are you ready to get started?

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