Do you want more tools, skills, and strategies specific to moms, parenting, and the families you work with?

How about guidance from a Master Parenting Coach expert so you can master the art of coaching + know your ideal client's needs inside and out?

And that fraud complex that comes up… because sometimes you wonder how you can proclaim to be an “expert” when your family life seems to be upside down half the time too?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you Coach. 

Hey Coach.

I'm going to help you apply all of this work to you, and your clients while supporting you in building your business.

A Master Certified Coach Instructor, best-selling author of The Happy Mom Mindset, a 7-figure biz builder, mom of 3 kids + 2 pups, and your Master Coach and parenting coach expert for the next 6 months.

I'm here to help you master your skills, expand your abilities to coach the unique families you are working with, and build the meaningful + profitable business you are craving.

I’m Molly Claire.

And the best part - you'll transform your own family life at the same time.

No more...

If this sounds like what you’re looking for - you’re in exactly the right place.

...doubting your parenting guidance.

...ruminating on a “bad session” with your client and doubting your niche.

...wondering if you're really cut out to help moms when you're struggling yourself.

what my clients say…

“If you are wanting to up-level your own coaching and business, Molly is the person to do it with.”

“One of my favorite things about Molly is her incredible love and passion for the coaching profession and her clients. She truly believes in helping coaches become the most exceptional versions of themselves.


If you are wanting to up-level your own coaching and business, Molly is the person to do it with. I would not be where I am today, running a successful business as a master coach, without the guidance, mentorship, and personal coaching of Molly.”

“You can trust Molly. You can know she gets you. You can be yourself with her.”

“Molly is an extraordinary master coach and master coach instructor. Her presence as a coach and instructor are fueled with integrity, intelligence, keen perceptiveness and so much love.


I can say that Molly has been instrumental in deepening not only my skills and confidence but my love for the art of coaching. Her passion and conviction in the power of good coaching make me want to be a better coach. All inside the ultimate safe and trustworthy coaching and teaching container for transformation and growth."

Explore next-level relationship tools to change family dynamics completely

Have quick and easy methods that will give the moms you work with more peace in their life NOW

Use new strategies to untangle your client’s emotions from their kids or spouse

Learn my unique connection method so your client can finally feel successful as a parent

Utilize energy management techniques to transform the way your client feels every day

Get business guidance and support to move your mom-centered business forward

Families are unique and your coaching should be too.

You’ve learned the coaching tools, now let’s narrow your specialty so you can help the moms and families you’re serving at the highest level. 

In this training you will:

Effective coaching + results is the foundation for a highly successful business.

Overwhelmed with family life and responsibilities.

Lost in the chaos of busy schedules. At odds with their spouse or struggling as a single mom.

Frustrated with their kids (wondering where the manual is for each one…).

Feeling like an utter failure at something that they were supposed to be amazing at.

And for your clients?

Well, let’s face it… your clients come to you frustrated, discouraged, and often at the end of their rope as a mom. They want desperately to have the family life they imagined - fun, connection, happiness, success - all of the boxes checked.

Instead they find themselves...

You are the solution your clients are looking for.

You hold the keys to changing their experience of their life and family relationships. You can help them create the life they are craving.

Coach, you have the foundation.
Now let’s take it to the next level.

I’m your Master Coach and Mentor here to support you. What are you waiting for? Let’s go.

Program length

6 months

Your First 90 Days:

Weekly training + Success Guide to help you learn and implement

Weekly live call with Molly to take your skills to the next level

Learn + Do method to ensure that you are consuming and putting each concept into action

Create 6 projects in your business that you can start to use immediately to help your clients and move your business forward

Business calls + support to give you the guidance you need to make money as a coach

90 Days Certification Process:

Weekly live case study calls to help you with current challenges your client is facing

Learn from others in the case-study mastermind

Completion of certification requirements with support

Upon final completion, you receive a certificate and official logo for the advanced certification

what my clients say…

“Working with Molly has not only built my confidence as a coach, but has advanced my skills as a coach to a whole new level. She is an incredible instructor that has the ability to show you how to up level your coaching skills by implementing what you already know as a coach and also brings added tools and techniques to the table as well.”


“Molly is a coaching genius. Listening to her coach and being coached by her always leads me to brilliance. My coaching skills are always at their best when I am working with Molly. She has the amazing ability to coach you and teach you how to be a better coach all at the same time.”


Are you ready to take your coaching and your business to the next level?

what my clients say…

“As I Master Coach, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many amazing teachers over the last 5 years. Molly Claire is absolutely one of the top teachers in our industry. Her feedback is always spot on and she lovingly tells you exactly what you need to hear to take your coaching to the next level. But more than that, Molly is an innovative thinker with her own powerful approach to coaching. Each time I’ve worked with Molly, I’ve learned something new. I highly recommend learning from Molly whenever you can!”


"Molly has a true talent for helping her students become more powerful and confident coaches."

“Working with Molly is a game changer. Her wisdom, expertise and master coaching skills are unparalleled. She is able to help you break down the obstacles in your way and teach you the framework to build a life + business that you love. The training I've received from Molly gave me the guidance I needed to move forward in my business and the support and permission to create a business that works for me! I am profoundly grateful for Molly and her Master Level Coaching.”


"Molly is truly present and engaged unlike any other coach I've worked with."

Complete Training Videos + Success Guide for each week of the training.

Attend 80% of all live calls

Complete 6 Creation projects assigned

Present a case-study in the group call sessions and implement feedback

Participate in peer-mastermind feedback group

Coach 20 hours focused on parental/family/home life issues utilizing the new tools and concepts.

Submit 2 book reviews on ready requirements

Here’s what you can expect with the Certification Requirements:

what my clients say…

“Through masterful coaching and case study feedback from Molly, I’ve learned how to safely hold space for each of my clients, ask more effective and powerful questions leading toward loosening limiting beliefs, showing up as my true authentic self, and believing that I can help my client no matter where they are. The opportunity to work directly with a Master Coach Instructor is an opportunity of a lifetime to up level and take your coaching skills to mastery level.”


"Working with Master Coach Instructor Molly has up leveled my coaching skills."

“I had the opportunity to work with Molly while I was going through Master Coach Training at The Life Coach School in 2020 and I’m so grateful! She creates such a safe, warm, loving space to receive feedback, which made a huge difference. Putting yourself out there as a coach, and receiving feedback is a super vulnerable thing, and I always felt so safe with her and able to show up fully for my growth. She also keeps it very direct and simple so it never felt overwhelming.”


"I grew so much as a coach/leader since then and I’m super grateful to have gotten Molly as one of my instructors!"

Only the most committed coaches need to apply. Our clients deserve the very best and we are committed to giving it to them.

This is your final call...

Are you ready? Let’s go.