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can’t sleep

I’m so excited about my life that I can’t sleep. I’m not saying that because my life is better than yours. And it’s not because my life is perfect either. I’m telling you that because my life was not so different a couple of weeks ago, and yet I’m feeling so different. And I want […]


coming back to life

I’m coming back to life. No, actually – I came back to life all in one day – just like that. Last week, after months of struggling, I finally had that magical moment of clarity with my coach about what I need to do. Within hours I felt myself waking up, feeling like myself again, […]


Boss Mom

One of my former clients sent me her success story last week. She had her second baby last year while growing her business. She set some goals that seemed big and scary… And she met them. She had plans in her brain about what she wanted to do… And she did them. She is creating […]


he was furious

My son was furious with me this week. He wanted to do something and I said no. I didn’t think it was in his best interest at all. I say yes most of the time – whenever I can. But this time, it was a no. He threw a teenage tantrum. He said mean things […]



Next year I’m offering a Single Mom Mastermind. It’s going to be amazing. Not because of what I’ll do. Or what my clients will get. It will be amazing because of who those women will be on the other side of it. They will feel confident as a mom. They will feel capable of handling […]