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1 year ago

This picture was taken a year ago. I took my kids to Florida on spring break because I was determined to give them amazing experiences, single mom or not. I refused to believe I couldn’t afford it. I refused to believe it would be too hard. I refused to limit what was possible. So, we […]


Lately I’ve been wanting to escape being a mom. Like literally thinking about fleeing the country and never looking back. It seems like such a selfish and shameful thought. A thought I didn’t want to say out loud, but I did it anyway. And when I said it out loud I felt so much relief. […]


one step at a time

This week I noticed my brain (and my entire being) becoming totally overwhelmed. My to-do list is a mile long. The next 4 months of my life will be full of changes, letting go, and new beginnings. It’s all amazing and yet, I noticed my brain telling me, “It’s too much.” “You’ll never get it […]

can’t sleep

I’m so excited about my life that I can’t sleep. I’m not saying that because my life is better than yours. And it’s not because my life is perfect either. I’m telling you that because my life was not so different a couple of weeks ago, and yet I’m feeling so different. And I want […]


coming back to life

I’m coming back to life. No, actually – I came back to life all in one day – just like that. Last week, after months of struggling, I finally had that magical moment of clarity with my coach about what I need to do. Within hours I felt myself waking up, feeling like myself again, […]