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the best day of my life

Today is the best day.  I drove 2 of my kids to school, which I normally don’t do since they ride the bus. I have family coming in today for my son’s concert. I can’t wait to have my favorite pork tacos with them. I’m dying to see my son perform today. I’m excited to […]


This morning I was triggered. My teenager knows my guilt spot and he went for it. He took a dig. I was mad. Immediately mad. The reason I was mad, is because of what I was thinking. I was thinking… He’s criticizing me. He wants me to feel guilty. He is judging me. I’m failing […]

let go of the past

Yesterday my single mom group talked about letting go of the past. Sometimes it means letting go of someone you loved. Sometimes it’s letting go of resentment or anger. Or maybe even letting go of being right. When we hang on to something from the past, we are always holding ourselves back. When we cling […]

miserable kids

Yesterday I asked my son to do the dishes and he was certain the world was coming to an end. My other son is struggling with social anxiety – really struggling. My daughter has been crying nearly every day because she hates having her dad so far away. It’s kind of the worst when your […]

the crockpot

*Think it Thursday* and the crockpot The crockpot is the reason my family eats. And I’m pretty good at using it. And when I say I’m pretty good I mean I generally remember to take 5 minutes to throw food in there in the morning. It’s one of my superpowers – if I can call […]