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Meet the Masters: Inspiration from A Mentor Coach’s Journey

In this episode, I interview five of these amazing women. They all have their own coaching business and as we chat, they each share their coaching style and approach. It’s our hope that hearing their experiences and perspectives gives you confidence that different personalities can all succeed. We also hope it inspires and encourages you to join us in The Coaching Collective when the new session begins in April.

The Big Whys – Part 5 of 6: Self-trust for Success

Ever-increasing self-trust builds upon itself, yielding confidence and increased ability to tackle dreams and make them reality. The authenticity that results from healthy self-trust nurtures strong bonds with clients, boosting their own self-trust and success. In turn, that deep trust brings you long term coaching business success and fulfillment.

The Big Whys – Part 4 of 6: The Power of the Right Community

In coaching, especially, there is a high level of independence and self-direction so community can end up secondary to other business aspects. But connection and community are integral parts to your business success. They can go a long way to relieving the pressure you may feel to do everything alone, to figure everything out yourself. That powerful support system cannot be overemphasized. We all need one another.

The Big Whys – Part 3 of 6: Design your Unique Business

Unique. Special. Nothing else like it. When designing a business, being one-of-a-kind is ideal. But when you’re not sure how to go about creating your business, it’s tempting to follow someone else’s model. You pattern after the success of another, using the “best business model” or the “right business model”. The problem is – that’s not you. In this episode, I discuss all this and I even pose a few questions to help you examine your business design.

The Big Whys – Part 2 of 6: Create your ideal life

Building our own ideal life is powerful. Notice I did not say “an ideal life” but your ideal life. After all, it is neither sustainable nor desirable to ultimately build someone else’s vision. Possessing the power of such clarity becomes a driving force for expanding your business and caring for your clients. It gives you alignment, flow, encouragement, and resolve, whether times are smooth or rough.