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Decide now

A lot of my clients get so worried about the holidays. “It’s so busy.” “There’s so much to do.” “I get so overwhelmed.” They worry that life will feel so out of control over those weeks. But I say, decide now. Decide now how you’ll experience December. Think about how you really want to spend […]

Thanks to you

Thank you so much for all you do every day. Thanks for making sure everyone is up for school. Fed. Dressed. Loved. Disciplined. Thanks for doing it, even when you don’t feel like it. Thanks for doing it, even when you’ve lost your temper and you feel like quitting. Thanks for picking yourself back up, […]


who’s fault?

The best thing I can ever tell you is that you’re going to feel a lot of negative emotions in your life. Knowing this will save you from so much suffering. It will reduce anxiety and fear. It will save you from feeling the need to blame. You see when we feel something negative, we […]


unexpected family

Last weekend my daughter was baptized, and it was honestly like a dream come true. For her, and for me. The pictures didn’t look the way I expected they would 8 years ago. The dream I had then, was not the dream that came true this weekend. Except in all the ways it was exactly […]

a war zone

Last week I was in Spokane teaching with my friend and colleague, the amazing Jody Moore. It was a magical week and meanwhile… back at home… sometimes things seemed to be falling apart.   On Friday morning (when my kids had the day off of school) my phone was blowing up with texts. “He did […]