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How the “A” Word Can Ruin Your Life

Anxiety. There, I said it. Typically people categorize anxiety as a problem experienced primarily by women. A Worry Wart. A Nervous Nellie. Women are stereotyped as being more emotional than men. Is that really true? Or do we just use different LANGUAGE to explain the anxiety or other feelings experienced by men? So men, would […]

Are You Going for the GOLD in Life?

How important is your happiness, life success and satisfaction? Is it worth working toward each day? I don’t mean just getting up and doing the daily grind; I am talking about living your life with intent, plans, goals and finding fulfillment. I believe that everyone on earth has a great purpose. Your job is to […]

Be Selfish This Year

I’m writing to those of you who set goals year after year to become BETTER. To do MORE for others. To MAKE A GREATER impact in the world. Especially to those high achievers. Or those selfless parents who find themselves completely deleted physically and emotionally. And let’s not forget the bend-over-backwards people who always put […]