miserable kids

Yesterday I asked my son to do the dishes and he was certain the world was coming to an end.

My other son is struggling with social anxiety – really struggling.

My daughter has been crying nearly every day because she hates having her dad so far away.

It’s kind of the worst when your kids are upset, isn’t it?

It’s the worst mostly because somewhere in the back of our mind, we think they shouldn’t be feeling discomfort.  We want to make it better.  We think if they are okay, then we can feel okay too.

Our kids will experience hard things – really hard things.

They will fail.

They’ll feel sadness and heartbreak.

They’ll get frustrated.

Sometimes they will question their own worth and feel totally inadequate.

And maybe that’s okay.

I know it doesn’t seem okay, but it’s a normal part of life.

The first step in really being there for them, is accepting negative emotions as part of their experience.  When you can make peace with it, rather than try to fix it – you will allow yourself to be present with them.

You can listen.  You can love them.  You can trust God that their journey is perfect for them.

Trust the process of life.

I’m working on it too.

Have an amazing day, one thought at a time.

-Molly Claire

the crockpot

*Think it Thursday* and the crockpot

The crockpot is the reason my family eats. And I’m pretty good at using it. And when I say I’m pretty good I mean I generally remember to take 5 minutes to throw food in there in the morning. It’s one of my superpowers – if I can call it that with a straight face.

This summer we moved and were sort of camping out for about a month. A little time here, a little time there. We were in our new home for 2 weeks before our stuff arrived even arrived. It felt pretty chaotic to be honest. We all got to the point that we were ready for some semblance of normalcy.

When the boxes finally arrived, I quickly found the crock pot. It wasn’t so much the food, but the sense of routine that it creates that I was craving. The kids felt that life was returning to normal. I felt accomplished spending that 5 minutes in the morning.

How does routine help you? Routines don’t need to be complicated or a lot of work. They are just things we do regularly.

Routine helps you feel settled and grounded. It helps you to think clearly. It helps you focus on what’s most important, rather than reinventing the wheel every day on the basics.

Think of a routine that’s useful to you and make it happen. Enjoy the routines you already have. And please email me your favorite crock pot recipe so I can give it a try….

Have a great day – one thought at a time!

-Molly Claire


do you read these?

It’s *Think it Thursday* and do you read these blogs?

I hope you do.

Last week a woman emailed me asking about coaching. She told me that she gets more out of these short weekly blogs than she does her therapy appointments.

I was so happy to hear it! Not because of me.

(After all, I’m just the vessel for these messages.)

I was happy because she is taking the time to read them and think about how it pertains to her. She’s allowing them to make a difference in her life. The email is the same for all of the thousands of people who receive it – but she is allowing it in.

Do you allow them in? Do you open yourself up to growth and change?

I hope so. You’re amazing. You deserve good things in your life.

Have a great day, one thought at a time!

– Molly Claire


Protect Your Time

*Think it Thursday* and Protect your time

If you’ve read my book then you know I talk about the importance of protecting your time as a mom.

Your kids will take up every second of it if they can. And often, we let them.

Creating time and space for you is beyond important.

It’s how you stay your own person.

It’s how you can remain patient.

It’s how you can see clearly in your life.

How are you doing with scheduling time for rest, fun, rejuvenation, and all of your other needs?

What’s in the way of you guarding that precious time of yours?

How will you make it a priority?

Think about it.

Have a great day, one thought at a time!


*Think it Thursday* and nails

My daughter and I were heading to get school supplies – until I had a better idea.

I asked my 7-year old if she wanted to get our nails done instead…

She thought that sounded awesome (and so did I).

We ditched the plan and took a detour.

She picked hot pink and hot green to alternate. She whispered to me how amazing the woman was who was doing my nails. We laughed at how funny it was that we ditched out on school supplies. She told me she loved me, and I told her she was amazing.

Sometimes I find that creating a little fun gives me the energy boost I need. I had plenty of energy to get school supplies later and we had so much fun.

Next time you have the chance, pull over and get your nails done. Fun and connection are awesome. Do more of them.

Have a great day, one thought at a time!