trusting life

How much do you trust the process of life?

How much do you trust God or your higher power?

I say that I have a lot of trust in God, and in some ways I do.

I trust that whatever struggles I’ve had will be used for my good.

I trust that there is a way to heal our souls and mend relationships.

But I realized last week that when it came to my son, I wasn’t really trusting.

In fact, I was taking it all on to help and fix him.

His feelings, negative self-talk, and all the things that I worried about for him – I felt worried and responsible to change it all. I was believing it shouldn’t be the way it was.

Then I realized – he is totally capable of handling his life. Just like I believe that God has my back, God has his back as well.

There are no mistakes in life – everything is exactly as it should be.

All of our struggles really do have purpose.

When we experience challenges – nothing has gone wrong.

What if it’s okay that your kids struggle?

What if it’s okay that they think and feel negative things – even about themselves?

I think it’s okay.

It’s supposed to be.

They are perfectly equipped to handle all of it.

I believe it. I trust the process of life.

Have a great day – one thought at a time!


Last night I went to my son’s first wrestling match. I fell in love with wrestling immediately.

The same thing happened when my boys played baseball…
In an instant, it became the best sport in the world to me.

Isn’t it funny how something you have no interest in can seem so different to you when it has meaning?

What’s something in your life that you’re not thrilled about? What if you can create some meaning and decide to love it?

If I can love watching sweaty boys fight, anything is possible 😉

Create some meaning and have a great day, one thought at a time!

The most beautiful day (my wedding)

I got married last Saturday and the day was so beautiful.

The sun, the trees, the music.

So many people we love (including our crew of kids – mine and his).

It’s really fun to celebrate something great isn’t it?

It’s fun to create an experience, a moment in time, and to appreciate what’s good.

I’m going to always remember that day and those moments.

When I’m mad or hurt. Disappointed or frustrated.

I’m going to remember what’s good and recapture it.

Take the time today to remember a great moment in time. Recapture that feeling and learn from it. Decide to create more of it.

Have an amazing day – one thought at a time!

Draw the line

I’m working with my group to help them draw a line between work and family time.

As an at-home business owner, this can be pretty hard to do.

Schedules need to be separate.
Priorities need to be separate.

Your brain needs to create separation in your focus.

Even though it may seem hard, it’s totally worth it.

It will start off being a tiny bit successful, but over time it can become a practice that comes easily to you.

Where do you need to draw a line of separation in your time?

How often are you focused on the task at hand and how often are you somewhere else in your mind?

What needs to happen today to make one small positive change?

Think about it.
Make it happen.

Have a great day – one thought at a time!

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that’s inspiring

Yesterday was amazing.

The women in The Coaching Collective were connecting with each other about their dream come true life and business.

They shared their personal values with each other. They shared the things they really want in their life and what matters most to them.

They talked about how they would make those things a reality.

How awesome is that? Connecting with others about making your dreams come to fruition?!

So inspiring.

How often do you think about what you want in life?
How often do you actually believe it will happen?
What steps do you take toward realizing it?

Thinking about it and believing it are the first (and most important steps).

Are you a coach who wants to join The Coaching Collective?
The waitlist is ready for you.

For today – think about what you want in your life.

Ask yourself, what if that’s really possible?

It’s fun to dream. I highly recommend it.

Have an amazing day – one thought at a time!