What voice are you for your clients?

My clients have told me plenty of times, “I can hear your voice in my head…”

As a coach, this is true for your clients too… the conversations you have with them stick.

They matter. You become the voice in your client’s head, so you’d better be a good one!

My hope for my clients is that my voice in their head is one of compassion and curiosity about what they are experiencing.

It’s a voice of confidence in their ability.

It’s a voice that reminds them that they are capable of anything, and worthy of every good thing in life.

What voice are you for your clients?

What message do you want them to hear from you?

And how will that message change the trajectory of their life?


The truth about building a business

The truth about building a business. A thread.

Building a business isn’t about the outcome.

It’s about how you grow as you work toward that goal.

It’s the people you inspire.

It’s how you become a leader in your own life.

It’s who you become as you create the life you want.

What are you creating?

Who do you inspire?

Who are you becoming?


What do you want to believe is possible for you?

I have a *really* important question for you to consider today…

What do you want to believe is possible for you?

So cliché (and maybe it seems all-too-common), but please, do me (and yourself) a favor and answer this question.

When I was first building my business I was going through my divorce. I didn’t believe I could provide for my family. I believed I could work and make money, but didn’t really believe that I could be a generous provider.

And (are you ready for this upsetting realization?!)… I didn’t believe I could make as much money as a man. This wasn’t just a thought I had, but a belief so embedded in me that it seemed like a cold-hard fact. Ugh.

I didn’t want to believe that at all. In fact, I was so horrified by this realization that I decided this limiting belief was unacceptable.

I wanted to believe I could make as much money as my (at the time) husband did. He made a really good living in my mind and if I could achieve that financial goal, I knew I could overcome any limiting money belief.

I set my mind to it. I did it. And after that, I know that I can overcome any limiting belief to create what I want.

What do you want to believe about yourself? What’s in your way of believing it? Are you willing today to do whatever it takes to believe that new thing about you one day?

Commit to it and you’ll make it happen.
Sending my love to you all on this amazing Friday.