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High Bar for Success in your Coaching Business

In the coaching world, there is a rather low bar set for who can call themselves a coach. Pretty much, anyone can regardless of experience or training. That can be unsettling and we can view it as a problem. Or we can choose to view it from the other side: That thus the bar is set very high for achieving true success as a coach.

All or Nothing Thinking Trap for Coaches

Business building is an ebb and flow. But it can be all too easy to fall into the thinking trap of “all or nothing” when it comes to ourselves, our success, and our business growth. In reality, growing your business is largely about your internal evolution, becoming more of who you’re meant to be, and who you want to be. That is how we each fulfill our purpose and mission.

5 Tips for Your Best Sales Launch Ever

In this episode, I wanted to share the recent experiences my team had with our launch of the next session of The Coaching Collective. We had huge success and I noted five key things, in particular, that made it so. As I go over them, you’ll notice that they weren’t isolated things. Everything (and everyone) working together and combining our skills, energy and momentum made our launch unparalleled. Now, you may be a solopreneur and not have a team. That’s okay. These principles still apply. So whether you’re going it alone, you have a large team, or you’re somewhere in between, here are 5 tips for your best sales launch ever.