Managing Focus in your Business Daily

The Validation Trap and How to Get Out of It

Seeking validation from clients can sabotage your coaching. It puts you in an up and down cycle of highs and lows and can affect your coaching. How can we identify this validation trap and thus avoid it? How can we keep our coaching free from needing personal validation and remain focused on our clients?

Creating Connection with Clients for Better Results

As coaches, we’re in a unique position. We love, we support, we value. We listen, we provide judgement-free space, and we offer guidance — all without expecting nor needing anything back. This gives us the core to nurture a connection in which we can offer something truly amazing to our clients.

Relationship Coaching Mistakes: An Interview with Aimee Gianni

Relationships are a major factor in coaching any client. Relationships affect quality of life, which affects your clients’ businesses. Even if it’s not what you’re focusing on, relationships should be positively addressed at appropriate points during your coaching.