The value in an email list is incalculable. Unlike a feed in social media that people may miss, an email remains in their view. Recipients may not open every email you send but they are at least seeing your name, and that has an impact. But how do you build a list of potential clients?

Marketing Strategist, Brittni Schroeder, joins me to discuss building your email list through lead magnets. She encourages us all to take the time it needs but not take too long. I have long believed that most people put off creating their lead magnet because they overthink it. But it really is just something that offers value. You probably already have something such as a piece of wisdom or help you could be offering. So, listen to this episode for inspiration, and then set to work building your list!

“Marketing is becoming memorable.” – Brittni Schroeder

What You’ll Learn

  • Having multiple reaches
  • The ease of a valuable lead magnet
  • Ideas to grow your email list
  • Leverage social media differently
  • Craft coordinated pop-ups
  • Pick 2 to start
  • Don’t forget to promote your freebie

Contact Info and Recommended Resources

Connect with Brittni Schroeder

Brittni is a business coach, marketing strategist, social media expert, life coach, educator, digital marketer, networker and mama. Through her business, Brittni helps entrepreneurs automate their business, create systems, convert funnels, and scale to 6-figures and beyond!

Brittni in her own words…

I was a late bloomer and my beanpole frame couldn’t hang with most girls my age. Many a days drowning my tears in Diet Coke and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  At the time I didn’t appreciate it, but now I look back and understand I was being taught the importance of personal development.

I learned early that I had the ability to connect with people. I began a career as a photographer and was the Editor-In-Chief of a Photography Magazine.  I established a successful photography business. My work was featured in the Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America and I was named one of The Most Influential Photographers​ in 2016.

When I hit my 30’s I was gifted with the 5lbs that never goes away and a mid-life crisis. I was ready and eager for a new challenge and more purpose.  I knew I needed to use my gifts and my story to teach entrepreneurs what they are capable of. I refined my skills and became certified as a life coach specializing in business coaching  and confidence. I not only give you the tools to run a successful business, but I help you manage your mind so you can maximize those tools.  I teach you how to go from good to great in your business in your life.



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Connect with Molly Claire


Intro: Welcome to The Masterful Coach podcast, with Molly Claire, where coaches learn skill mastery, business mastery, and life mastery at a whole new level. If you’re ready to create a meaningful coaching business that makes a difference, you’re in the right place. And now your host, master coach instructor, Molly Claire.

Molly Claire: Hey, coaches, I have a great interview for you today. If you are interested in building your list, and some simple tips that are a little bit outside of the box, this episode is for you. Brittni Schroeder helps her clients to automate delegate and eliminate and she is all about simplicity. I love the way she thinks, I love the work that she does for her clients, and I know you are going to love this interview.

Before we get started with that, I want to let you know that I am closing enrollment for my small intimate group where I’m working with some coaches up close and personal to help you move your business forward. 90 Days with a Master Coach, an application should still be open hopefully, when you hear this. We are starting in May. So, if you’re interested, don’t delay, grab one of those spots. You can apply. And assuming that you are the right fit, you will get an email back to you with a link to join.

So, this is a 90-day period of time, we work in a small group, we meet every week. I am going to help you move forward finally, with either doing or revamping your opt-in, making sure your emails are in place, helping you to get clients on your calendar. We’re going to talk about some of those basic little things that can keep you stuck, like scheduling clients, converting clients, renewals, putting yourself out there, and even talking about your program outline, how that plays into the offer that you make. So that you can really feel confident that you have the basics to grow and expand your coaching practice.

So, if this sounds like something you need, go ahead and go to my website and you can click there and apply for the program. As I said, we are closing enrollment. We have just a few spots left because we are starting in May. Let’s do it. Okay, without further ado, here is Brittini. She is amazing. All right, welcome, Brittini.

Brittni Schroeder: Hi, thanks for having me.

Molly Claire: Hello. Oh, I’m so excited to talk with you. And of course, I gave a little bit of an intro already to you. But I know my listeners are going to learn a lot from you. And first, tell them a little bit about you and who you are.

Brittni Schroeder: Okay, where to start? Where to start, right? My name is Brittini Schroeder, and I am a business and marketing coach for entrepreneurs. And so my favorite tagline that I use all the time is “automate, delegate and eliminate.” So that’s kind of like my mantra that I like to use. But I’m a certified life coach, and I have two kids.

Kind of where I started is, I’ve been an entrepreneur almost as long as I can remember. I was a high school senior photographer for 10 years. And then I owned a photography magazine. I’ve worked in the non-profit sector for years. And I actually have my own non-profit that I started in 2017. So that’s my passion project. So, it kind of keeps me. I have lots to do; two kids, a 17-year-old and a 13-year-old, and I live in Houston and then married –I have to count the years—23 years. So that’s kind of me in a nutshell.

Molly Claire: Amazing. I love everything you do. I’ve just always, you know, I have so many coaches and marketing, experts and stuff on my Instagram feed and I’ve always just been drawn to you. I love your vibe. When you’re looking at Brittini’s materials and looking at her Instagram, you just feel like maybe life could be a little easier. That’s the vibe that I get from it. And I love it.

Brittni Schroeder: I’m glad that that’s what it looks like.

Molly Claire: Yes. And when you were saying, “automate, delegate, eliminate,” I was thinking about how relevant that is in so many areas. And I was thinking about mom life, which I have a lot of coaches that I work with building businesses, who are trying to manage home life and business, and the same thing applies there, right?

Brittni Schroeder: Yeah, for sure. Yeah, I mean, especially the eliminate part.

Molly Claire: Yes.

Brittni Schroeder: We have to remember, you have to say no to some things, then we say no, then we’re saying yes to something else. And so yeah, for sure. It goes across the board of you know, a lot of times how we run our business, I think it reflects—like, our home life and our business, they kind of reflect each other.

Molly Claire: Yes, yes. 100% Oh my gosh, I love it. And tell me a little bit…What I heard you saying, it sounds like you’re just an entrepreneur at heart. I feel the same way. I think that’s pretty common for people, that you’ve just got it in you, right?

Brittni Schroeder: Yeah.

Molly Claire: Yes. Tell me what exactly got you into this business specifically.

Brittni Schroeder: Even, I remember like having… I always worked, and then when I had my first child, at first, I was like, “This is fun,” but I’m like, “oh, I need something.” I need something to do but, like, not keep me busy because I was busy, but just something that I could do. And so I really started a little… I would do little like side hustles here and there. But when I decided to do photography, it kind of evolved, because I wanted to take good pictures of my kids. And then people start asking you, and it just kind of evolved into something that was like, amazing.

And I always said that. I am very analytic and tech savvy, and I had to work a little bit more at the creative thing. So when I was a photographer and I started to get like a name and a brand, and people would start asking me to speak at conferences, and in forums and workshops, it was always the business. And business was easier for me, like I love doing spreadsheets and automations. And it was a creative that I had to really work on developing a little bit more. So, I think it just kind of came naturally.

And then a few years ago, we moved from El Paso to Houston. And I was like, “I don’t want to start over with a location-based career. I want to have something where I can work wherever I’m at. And I also didn’t realize that it rains so much in Houston. I didn’t wasn’t aware of hurricane season, I’ll be honest. So, then I was like, you know what, I’m just going to focus on business. I had been mentoring and helping people with their business so much like, you know what, I’m going to do this. I’ve worked in non-profit and I always worked on the business part. And I just said like, this is what I’m going to do. I love this. I love helping people set up systems and automations, and working less. So that’s kind of what brought me to this point.

Molly Claire: Well, it’s so brilliant. And what’s fascinating is, as you were talking, it’s so surprising to me that you say you had to work on the creative piece. Because just in the little involvement I’ve had with you, you seem to be very creative. Do you feel very creative now?

Brittni Schroeder: I do. And yeah, I think photography is one of those things where it helps so much. I feel so blessed that I have those skills, where I can go and take, especially in the digital age, imagery is so powerful and understanding. So I feel very grateful that I have that skill set, and it’s helped me. I have experience in graphic design, because I had a magazine, and it translates over really, in all of our businesses. And I think that’s one of the things is, you’re drawn to people’s brand and the aesthetics and everything.

Molly Claire: Yes.

Brittni Schroeder: I notice that so much. It’s kind of funny, I’ll drive by a restaurant and be like, “Ooh, I like their branding, like ooh, I like their sign.” And I think it’s really so important, because we kind of judge for oh, okay, that looks professional, or that doesn’t look professional. And so I think it’s such an asset to my business and to my coaching that I can help others with that, too.

Molly Claire: Yes. And what I love about that, as you’re talking about the systems and the automation and delegating is that so many entrepreneurs and so many coaches in this space, do feel very creative. They experience themselves as creatives. And those things that you bring, allow us to be able to be more creative and to be more open to who we are because the little things are already handled, and they don’t have to slow us down.

Brittni Schroeder: Oh, yeah, for sure. And that’s kind of what I teach is, you know, work on these systems and work on these automations. So, you can focus on the things that you’re good at and the things that bring you joy, and it usually is that, the creative, the coaching, all those things.

Molly Claire: Yes. Oh, my gosh, I love it. Okay. So, one of the things that we were going to talk about today is the value of a list.

Brittni Schroeder: Oh, yes.

Molly Claire: Which is so important. So just last week, I was talking on the podcast about a client who had been putting off doing their freebie, starting the list for a very long period of time. Like, I’m talking like a year and a half of coaching, getting out there, doing amazing things and missing that and obviously, there’s a lot of fear behind that. We all know it, right?

Brittni Schroeder: Yeah, but the value in a list is it’s huge, right?

Molly Claire: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Brittni Schroeder: And okay, I’m a storyteller. You have to know that about me. So, I will tell you a story, a horror story that actually happened to me. So, I told you that I owned a photography magazine. And this was, I mean, years ago, probably 10, 12 years ago. And I did it with one of my best friends, and we had this business together. And we were all excited, we hire a graphic designer, we put out this most beautiful magazine, we’re so excited. And we put out on Facebook and Instagram. At the time, it was mainly—Facebook was really the big platform. So that totally ages me and tells you how long ago that was, because Instagram wasn’t even really like super huge, then. And we put it out and we did so well. And I told you, I’m very analytical. So, we sell and we have an awesome first issue. And in my head, I’m just doing the math, I’m like, “Oh, my gosh, we made this much, then next time, we’re going to make this much.” I’m doing it.

And so we released a couple issues, we were doing great, and then Facebook changes, like, how it is with businesses. At the very first, your business account reached as many people as your personal account. And then they changed it because they want you to pay for ads. And our sales plummeted, plummeted. And so we never really recovered from that. Then we started to like, oh, we need to build our email list. But you have to do them simultaneously, you have to do it at the same time. Because we all know, I mean, we’re seeing it now, if anybody’s on social media right now, we can see how the algorithm is so unpredictable. It fluctuates. I know of three people in the last few weeks that their account has been hacked.

And so it’s a great platform, and we need to have the mindset of we’re grateful that we get it for free. And even if we’re only reaching 200 people, that’s 200 people for free. So we do have to have a mindset shift, so it doesn’t affect us. But we also have to remember like, we don’t own that.

Molly Claire: Right.

Brittni Schroeder: And that’s why anybody who works with me, the very first thing I ask is, okay, do you have an email list? Okay, that’s where we need to start, you need to get an email list. It’s so important. So, I’m pretty passionate about starting your email list, having more than one platform that you’re on. Not just putting every all your eggs in one carton?

Molly Claire: Yes, I totally agree. Because Facebook even has changed so much over the last few years. And so I think as entrepreneurs, we want to be able to utilize all of those resources, but we don’t want to be dependent on them. We want to have our own list.

Brittni Schroeder: Oh, yeah, absolutely. And we need to just make sure that we are using more than one platform—and do we have ways to get a hold of our clients? If one goes away, is it going to destroy our business? Are we going to lose all this business because we don’t have that anymore? That’s the question we have to ask, that’s so important.

Molly Claire: So, okay, funny thing. I remember when I first started my list, I actually had been… I had certified as a coach, and I had my website, and I was doing some coaching and I had set up my MailChimp. But then I was at mastermind, maybe six months later, and one of the coaches that was there that was in my class said, “Oh, yeah, I signed up for your freebie.’ And I remember thinking, “Oh, she’s probably on my list, and I don’t write them.’ And so right when I knew there was one person there, I started writing every week. And so I think that it’s easy for us to think, oh, no one’s out there listening. But there are people there that want to hear from you.

Brittni Schroeder: Oh, yeah, yeah. And I think you have to be consistent with it, too. It’s a non-negotiable. Like, with me, I have an email, it goes out every Tuesday, and it has for like, three years. And I batch them, so I do a month at a time; they’re one and done. But I think it’s one of those things that you consistently have to show up in people’s inbox. And that is what marketing is, is becoming memorable. People might not need a business coach right now. Or if somebody asked them, do you know one? You want to make sure that you are at the top of their mind that, “Oh, yeah, yeah.” Because they are seeing you. I mean, that’s really what marketing is, is becoming memorable, and putting yourself out there and people knowing what you do so that they can refer you. An email list is just another way to do that.

Molly Claire: Yes, it’s so important. Okay. So, what would you say to my listeners about just like some simple ways to get started?

Brittni Schroeder: Okay, I have lots of ways. One more thing I was going to add to just what we were talking about too, about trying to convince people, you’ve got to start an email list. One more reason, I just think of peoples’ behaviors and their patterns, and I think about my own. Think about the algorithm. I can post something on the algorithm, and I follow you and you follow me. I might not see your post. I might not see it. And it’s very likely with how things are that I might not see it. But think about email. Unless you’re that type of person that has 300 notifications and you don’t check your email. But most people, like do go through their email, are they going to open your email? They might, they might not, but they’re going to see your name, they still have that option. And so I think it’s something that is more of like a guarantee of being seen. And I think it’s just really important to just be mindful. I’m just trying to peer pressure everybody into working on their email list.

So how to get started. I actually just taught a class on this, so it’s at the top of on my thoughts, because I’ve been doing this for the last couple of weeks. But lead magnet is a good one. Having a lead magnet. And what a lead magnet is, is exactly what it says. It’s like a magnet. It’s like attracting people that are your ideal clients. And that’s usually like a freebie. It can be a freebie.

Molly Claire: Okay, here’s what I want to do. Because I talked about this last week, and we’ll see about if you and I agree on this. How long should it take you to create a freebie?

Brittni Schroeder: Okay, I feel like people stew on this so much.

Molly Claire: I know.

Brittni Schroeder: And then here’s the other thing that people do, is they create one, they put it on their website, and then they never revisit it. And granted, I’m a business coach, and I love to learn, so I have a library of freebies. But it shouldn’t… Well, you have to think of something that what is something that somebody is willing to give their email address to? I am stingy. I am very stingy with my email, I’ll be honest. Because I try to be a minimalist. I don’t like junk. But I think of things like what would I give my email list?

I will tell you I’m a sucker for a coupon code, and that’s a lead magnet. So I think it’s different in every industry. But you have to think of something that what is something that they can get a quick win or a quick outcome or something?

Molly Claire: Yes.

Brittni Schroeder: So how much time should you spend? That’s a good question. I have lead magnets that have taken me like… I can spit things out pretty quick. With my graphic design and stuff, you know what I mean? I can put things out pretty quick. But I have some that have taken me like an hour. And I have some that have taken me like a couple of weeks to do. And so I think it’s one of those things where just like, put it out there.

And the other things that I tell my clients all the time is that you have to test things. So if you have a business coach or somebody say do this, this will work. You need to like… I don’t know, I’m always like, “Okay, wait,” because you know your audience better than I know your audience, right? And so it’s like, what is going to work and we never know. I have done things where I’m like, “Oh my gosh, people are going to love this. I’m going to sell so much of this.” And then it’s like womp, womp, womp. And then I’ve done other things where I’m like, “I’m just putting this out there,” and it’s totally does well. So, we have to have the mentality, like, I’m going to just put this out there. I’m going to test it and see what works. And if it doesn’t work, I’ll try something else.

So that’s why I really encourage people to do more than one lead magnet. I’ve been an entrepreneur for a long, long time. And I always say it’s like you’re building layers. And you do one thing and then you add another layer, and it just takes time. You have to be patient with the process, because we’re going to do one thing. And building a brand, it takes time.

Molly Claire: It takes time. Yes, absolutely. I want to jump in and say that I see people acting as if a freebie is such a huge thing that it’s going to take up so much of their life, so much of their energy, and they want to get it all right. And I think that gets in the way so much.

Brittni Schroeder: Oh, yeah.

Molly Claire: So when I’m coaching in our groups, I’m like, “Listen, you’re going to get it done, set a timeframe.” I believe that most people listening to this could give themselves 20 minutes and they could come up with five simple tips, that would make a huge difference. You have a VA, make it beautiful for you, and you have something on your site. I would way rather you have something on your site. Now, you want it to be something useful, right? You don’t want to just throw anything out there.

But the truth is that most coaches, you have something really valuable. You probably have three to five things that you could say in a very simple way that would help someone. And oh, yeah. And so for someone listening that’s like, oh, no, now I have to block out the next three months and make this fillable PDF, and I have to make this free course. No, start with something. And I think the other thing that coaches forget a lot is it’s the message that’s making people tick, or the offer.

And so to Brittni’s point, what is it? We think that free is an easy thing for people to take, but it’s not. It’s got to be something where it’s worth someone letting you into their space giving you their email. So you want to make sure that that’s compelling. And you want to make sure it’s solid. But if you are really feeling overwhelmed at this idea, put something together.

Brittni Schroeder: Yeah, well, it’s exactly like what we talked about with the model. If you’re overthinking and what should I do, I’m overwhelmed. What’s the action you’re going to take? You don’t do nothing, what’s the results? Nothing, you’re not growing your email list. And so it’s like just put something out there.

The other thing that I see a lot of times is people do spend a lot of time, and that’s fine if you want to spend a lot of time, but the other thing is like then they put it on their website, they slap it on their website, and then it’s one and done. And they don’t talk about it, they don’t promote it. And so it’s really important that when you create a lead magnet that you are talking about it and just back to touching on the creation a little bit. Look at how you coach or whatever you’re coaching on or whatever you’re teaching, more than likely, you probably have some supportive PDF, or like, “hey, try this. Here’s a worksheet that goes with it.” There’s nothing wrong with taking a small portion of your program and turning that into just like a sneak peek at what you do. Because a lot of times, those are things that we implement in our programs or in our businesses anyway. So give them a little sneak peek of how you work with a client. But I agree with what you say. It’s about how enticing is the offer. You know, have something, get them in, know what their pain points are, address them, give them like a quick win, whatever it may be, and then get them in so that you can start nurturing them.

Molly Claire: Yeah. Okay, so we know we need to have a compelling thing for people to click on, have that freebie, revisit it, learn what works, and other tips for people that are just getting started?

Brittni Schroeder: Yes, I think again, don’t be stuck in just doing one lead magnet. And I’m going to give you guys some of my favorite ways that I have grown my email list but also really leveraged my lead magnet. But I think sometimes we think, oh, I need to do a checklist or I need to do an ebook or whatever, but there are literally so many different ways that you can grow your email list. There are other ways aside from lead magnets, again, you have to talk about it.

So, I’m going to give you guys, kind of some tips of things that I do and I have my clients through that have really helped them grow their email list. One of my favorite things to do is, a lot of times we will, you know, because we want to be seen, so we’ll get on Instagram and do an Instagram Live or go to our Facebook group and do like a mini training there. But I love… my favorite way of growing my email list is doing webinars because I love to teach, I can talk about my offer. But I also do it in a way where I’m getting you have to get people’s email addresses, sign up for my webinar, teach this. You get to teach and they get to see you, you’re positioning yourself as an expert, and you’re getting email addresses. So, I would say that that is one of my favorite things to do, as far as growing my email list.

Molly Claire: So, when you’re doing those webinars, are you advertising them on Facebook or Instagram? How are people finding out about it, to begin with?

Brittni Schroeder: Yes. I put it on my Instagram. I have a Facebook group. I’ll put it on Facebook. There’s also other, you know, there’s Facebook groups that let you promote and I kind of have a list of those Facebook groups and I will promote them in different people’s groups. I’ll ask my clients. I have clients that we have the same ideal client, but we’re not really in competition and, “Hey, would you mind like posting or sharing this?”

I mean, that’s a whole other podcast, but we really have to leverage our network. And we have a sales team at the tip of our fingers if we can learn to nurture our network and grow them and help one another out. So that’s the main thing that I do is just promote within some of the groups and networks I’m in right now.

Molly Claire: So yeah, and I one thing I love about what you said, Brittni, is like for you, you love teaching, that’s something that’s natural for you. And I think everyone listening here, I guarantee, you have something that you love to do that you’re amazing at, that you’re in flow when you’re doing it, and that can be the way you bring people into your world, right?

Brittni Schroeder: Yeah, for sure. And I think too something that’s really important is just because one person does it one way, that doesn’t mean you have to do it that way. And I think that we kind of get in that we’re taught one way we think, okay, I have to do this. And even like social media or teaching, some people have a lot of charisma in front of the camera, other people, it doesn’t come as natural. Some people are stronger writers, or…. you know what I mean? And so, you have to really find what you’re passionate about. Some people are better at networking in-person. You have to find what feels good to you. Because people will pick up on that energy.

Molly Claire: Absolutely.

Brittni Schroeder: You have to do what you feel good doing and your straight, for sure?

Molly Claire: Yeah. Love it. And I love that you talked about those relationships, because building relationships and networking with one another. I mean, I think that’s the way that you expand and build your audience faster than any other way.

Brittni Schroeder: Oh, yeah. 100% I totally agree. And I always say that, like you, we spend all this money and time and all these things on Instagram, or Facebook or social media. But really, a lot of times, your most powerful marketing tool is going to be word of mouth. And that comes from the relationships that you build.

Molly Claire: Yes. 100%.

Brittni Schroeder: Yeah, for sure. Okay, so my next tip is, use your social media to grow your email list. One of my favorite tools that I use, and I have my clients use is use polls. I will do like on Instagram, if I’m doing a training, if I’m doing have a freebie, I’ll put up a poll, and I kind of like prime my audience up for it. So, if I’m talking like SEO, I’ll say like, “Oh, do you have a website? Do you struggle with SEO?” And I’m asking these questions using polls. And then I’ll say, “Do you want my SEO checklist?” And everybody who responds yes to it, I direct message them, and I give them the link. And if I’m doing a training, I do all that.

Molly Claire: Oh, that’s so smart.

Brittni Schroeder: It really works. It works.

Molly Claire: So, smart.

Brittni Schroeder: Yeah, I have a client and she’s an organizational coach. And she started with no email list. And this was a strategy. I’m like, ‘You have all of these amazing checklists that you’re using, like, let’s use this in and grow your email list.” And her email list has grown like 10 times, because she’s just doing this on a regular basis. And sometimes I’m like, “Oh, you should do like this, or you should do that.’ Because I love organization too. But it’s really like using that and I use that for trainings, too. And it’s seriously, it’s probably one of my favorite things to do. And you can do that on Facebook, too. You can post like, “Hey, does anybody…Leave a comment if you want X, Y, and Z?” And everybody who does, you direct message them. Make it easy. People love easy.

Molly Claire: Yeah.

Brittni Schroeder: If you send it right to them and it’s just a click, then you will see growth, for sure.

Molly Claire: Yes. I think one of the biggest mistakes coaches make is making it so hard for people to get their freebie.

Brittni Schroeder: Oh, yeah.

Molly Claire: It’s like, make it easy. Make it something that is like so relevant that they can’t say no. And don’t make them go through a bunch of steps or make it complex. Yeah, yeah.

Molly Claire: You have to make things easy for people, for sure.

Molly Claire: Yes.

Brittni Schroeder: Okay, my next tip is Facebook groups. There are different platforms, and you can use them for different ways. And depending on where your audience is. My main platform is Instagram, that’s where I spend the most time, but I have a Facebook group. And you can make your Facebook group private. And this is what I encourage. I actually have a course on this, but you make it private, and you get to ask three questions for them to enter your Facebook group.

And I think that I asked what do you do? What is your profession? What do you struggle with? And then I say, do you want business tips, and tricks sent to your inbox? And then ask for their email address. And I get so many email addresses from that. Even this morning, I had been out of town, I hadn’t checked on and I had 20 new requests that I had to go in and approve. And you don’t always get email addresses. But I think out of the 20 that I had in there, I think I had like 17 email addresses. And so that’s another great one that you can do.

Another thing you can do in Facebook groups is when you welcome members, you can say “Oh, here’s a welcome gift. I have created this…” Put your freebies in there. Again, talk about him all the time. So that’s another great one.

Molly Claire: So smart.

Brittni Schroeder: The next one is just consider doing a pop up on your website. And people don’t really like know this, especially if you’re not super tech savvy, but you can do pop ups on different pages and have different pop ups. I could have one that shows up on my blog page when they click on my blog. I can have one on my main page. So, a pop up is another one. I have heard for like SEO reasons not to disable it for your phone. For some reason, it kind of affects your mobile SEO. But I’m not 100%. I’ve just heard that in some of the SEO groups that I’m in. So that’s just something to think about. And I have noticed when I go to someone’s website, and it’s huge on my mobile, and I can’t figure out how to exit out I sometimes I just like, “Okay, peace out,” and I close it.

Molly Claire: Yes, that’s true. Yeah. So, you have to think about that.

Brittni Schroeder: So, you have to be mindful of that. The other thing is Pinterest. Pinterest is a great tool that is very underutilized. Put your freebies on Pinterest. You can do a bunch of different graphics. If you have a lead magnet or freebie, say it’s like 50 free viral posts or something like that, do 10 of that freebie, and change up the graphics, change the color, change the text and pin it multiple times, and get it out there.

Pinterest, it’s a platform that has a search engine in it. So, it has a longer lifespan, people can actually find your stuff, they can go and say, “I want to find a life coach for X, Y, and Z.” And even if you pin stuff a long time ago, it still can come up because it has a search engine in it. So it’s a good tool to utilize in your business.

Molly Claire: Okay, so what would you say to the people that are listening and are now thinking they have to do all of these things, and they’re totally overwhelmed because they’ve never used them?

Brittni Schroeder: Okay, I’ll tell you what I tell my clients: pick two platforms, pick one that is a social, and you have to socialize and pick one that is a searchable platform. And the searchable ones are Pinterest, your blog, like Google, or YouTube, those are the three main searchable platforms. And don’t feel like you have to do everything.

And honestly, your ideal client is going to be in different places and so you have to understand where your ideal client is. If you are…Like, my client that’s an organizational coach, Pinterest is a good platform for her because that’s where moms who are organizing their house, they go for ideas. And so you have to find… LinkedIn, it might not be the best platform for her.

So, pick one or two until you get systems and automations. Once you have those systems automations, then you just repurpose everything. Get a VA and just say, “here’s the content and here’s the platforms, repurpose this.” I’m really big on repurposing. I’m on almost every platform you can imagine. But all the other stuff is either my VA doing or it’s automated. And I mainly just like on Instagram. So don’t overwhelm yourself. And you also need to say like, are you getting a return on your time?

Molly Claire: Yes.

Brittni Schroeder: If you’re spending five hours on Instagram and you’re not getting clients from it, you need to find something that works a little bit better.

Molly Claire: Yes, absolutely. And I think sometimes, for all of you listening, I think it’s good to think about like, where would be the easiest place you could go, that would also be the most impactful?

Brittni Schroeder: Yeah, for sure.

Molly Claire: Because sometimes there may be a platform that you’re, you know, okay, I want to get used to this, I want to learn this, because this is where my people are. But I think you both kind of finding this balance of, where’s the natural place for me to be, and where are my people going to be? And that’s where you want to start.

Brittni Schroeder: Yeah. Aside from a few niches like, if you are working, for example, if you want to work with executives and CEOs, they’re probably more likely to be on LinkedIn than Instagram but overall, I would say, just pick any platform, there are a bazillion people on every platform. And so I don’t think, “Oh, this one platform is going to work better for…” I think what you put your time into, you get a return no matter what. Just pick one. Don’t… That is, I think, one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is they spread themselves too thin. And a lot of these social media platforms are a time suck, too. Unless you’re very disciplined, and you’re on and off, it really can take away from you’re growing your business.

Molly Claire: Yes. And I think it can become something that seems useful, where we spend a lot of time but we’re sometimes not really—we’re kind of avoiding sometimes the places we need to be in our business too. So we always want to be on to ourselves in these sneaky things.

Brittni Schroeder: For sure. Okay, so the last tip is always have a call to action. Obviously, we want to teach that. But if you have lead magnets and you are writing a blog, make sure that you include that at the end of your blog. If I’m writing something on Instagram, you need to stick your freebie – create a graphic and say, click here to grab my Instagram planner. Or if you’re guest blogging for somebody, or you’re on somebody’s podcasts, talk about it on your podcast.

I was on a podcast—this was like a few years ago. And it was a photography podcast. And I was talking about money mindset. And I had a money mindset freebie, and he put it in the show notes, I didn’t realize he was as big as a podcaster as I thought, and I got a ton of emails from that one particular podcasts. So put yourself out there. If you’re doing stuff for free 100% every time, offer your freebie. You can go to Canva and—which I should do this tutorial on Instagram, I was thinking about this yesterday. But you can create a QR code in Canva of your freebie. And when you’re speaking or you’re doing something, put the QR code up there, and people can scan it and click-click, and they’re on your email list. So just make it easy, and put it out there.

Molly Claire: Yes. And as you’re talking, what I’m hearing is there are so many missed opportunities. And I think we don’t want to overwhelm ourselves thinking we have to do everything. But it’s true, right? If you’re speaking, if you’re already doing something and putting yourself out there in front of people, don’t lose out on that opportunity, give people an opportunity to come with you, whether it’s a mini session or whether it’s a lead magnet. And yeah, don’t miss those opportunities.

Brittni Schroeder: And I think the other thing is just be patient with yourself, and Rome wasn’t built in a day. And being an entrepreneur, it’s a hard thing. And one of the things that I see a lot that hold people back, aside from overthinking, is technology. People get really overwhelmed with the technology part of it. And so be patient with yourself.

That’s one of the things, like I say, the three things I see entrepreneurs really struggle with is their messaging isn’t clear, you can’t tell what exactly they do or what they offer. The second one is they don’t make offers, and people don’t… like, they’re just not offering. And the third one is technology; people get really overwhelmed with the technology and they’re spinning their wheels.

Molly Claire: Yes, I know. Well, when I work with m- small groups, or my 90 Day group, 90 Days with a Master Coach, guess what they’re required to do? Have a VA. So I say listen, the program is this much, but you need to have this much here to pay, I don’t care who it is, have someone available so that when you want to make a freebie, you can do it like that and then they can make it pretty for you.

Brittni Schroeder: Oh, yeah, for sure. And then there’s other platforms. I mean, you can go to 99 Designs. I mean, Canva has templates if you want to do it yourself. beautiful templates, but there’s tons of resources out there, Etsy. There are tons of resources where you can make it beautiful and make it presentable.

Kl Yes. Awesome. Well, this has been so amazing. Okay, so all my listeners, where can they find you?

Brittni Schroeder: Okay, my main platform is Instagram and I am @Brittni.Schroeder on there. Like I said, I’m pretty much everywhere. I have a Redefine your Business, is the name of my Facebook group. But those are my main—and then my website is So you can check me out there as well.

Molly Claire: Awesome. Awesome. Amazing. Okay. And I know you have a freebie for them, right?

Brittni Schroeder: Yes, I have put together a list of a bunch of lead magnet ideas, that some are inside the box, sometimes, some are outside the box, just a list of a bunch of lead magnet ideas. And I hope that that inspires you. And so I will send the link over to Molly and you can throw that in your show notes, so…

Molly Claire: Awesome. Amazing. Thank you so much, Brittni, so good to have you here. And everyone, you better go check her out. She’s got so much to offer. I’ll see you next time.

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