Goodbye Mental Clutter: Tips for Mom

It’s time for *Think it Thursday*…

Today I’m getting ready to say a lot of goodbyes.

I’ll be deep cleaning my closet and junk drawers over the next two days and I’m beyond excited.
I’m going to say goodbye to things I no longer use, things I’ve outgrown, and stuff I never even needed to begin with.

The relationship between the junk in our physical space and the junk in our mental/emotional space is fascinating.  They mirror one another.  And sometimes we need a little help cleaning them out.

Yesterday I had to do some deep cleaning in my brain.  I had an interview for my upcoming book and found all of my clutter thoughts coming up like, “You did a terrible job.”  “You should be so embarrassed.”  “What will people think?”

All unnecessary clutter.  Clutter that just gets in my way and doesn’t add any value to my life.  Just like that box of old papers in my closet.

What mental clutter will you say goodbye to today?  Nagging guilt?  Unnecessary worry?  Negative self-talk?

Ask yourself what would be better without that mental clutter.
Who would you be?  What would be possible?

Declutter your brain.
Experience clarity.
Enjoy your life more fully.

***And Happy Mother’s Day!***  Treat yourself well!  Do what you want to do!  You deserve it!

Have a great day, one thought at a time!

-Molly Claire
Life Redesign Coach, Mompreneur

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One small step is all you need…

My friend Jody has built an awesome business.  She’s a mom of 4 and has a full life.  Her secret to success?  She starts everything with one small step.

Then, she takes the next step.

She puts one foot in front of the other, and keeps going.

She doesn’t spend time obsessing over making decisions and she doesn’t indulge in thinking “there’s too much to do.”

She just looks at what she wants, and takes a step.

It doesn’t matter how small the step is… as long as there is another one close behind it.

What have you been putting off getting started on? What task or goal is looming ahead and seems overwhelming?

What if you took one small step today, and another one tomorrow?

What if every day for the next year, you took a new tiny step?

What would you create?

I want to help you take a tiny step in your life (and I’ll even hold your hand through it).

If you are a mom who sometimes feels overwhelmed, exhausted, or inadequate – this is for you.

I’m offering a 1-hour webinar to teach you small ways you can simplify life and feel better.

I’m going to teach you the 7 “Mom Traps” and how you can climb OUT of them.

It’s time to be the happy, relaxed, confident woman you want to be.

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Oh, and don’t forget to forward this to a mom you know and love <3

Can’t wait to see you there!

-Molly Claire

Yes, Mom. You will survive. I promise.

Someone tell me that I will survive this child.

Someone tell me that there is a way through this.

Someone,anyone, please.

Have you ever felt this way?  I know I have.  This week a friend posted something similar on Facebook.  She was at her wit’s end and feeling desperate.  It was a low point on the roller coaster of motherhood… we’ve all been there.

I remember when my middle child was 6 years old.  His behavior was nothing short of impossible.  His emotional reactions were outside the “normal” range and I had to learn a new way of helping and guiding him.  His extreme anxiety would come out as anger and irrational reactions.  I had to learn what was effective and what wasn’t.  Often, timing was everything.

Thankfully, I found the exact expert I needed for him.  She was intuitive and perfectly matched to help him.  She wasn’t afraid to experiment with things, even when they didn’t turn out as planned.  The thing that really made the difference was that she knew it wasn’t an impossible situation.  She knew there was hope and that progress was possible.  She would think outside the box and she never gave up.

If you knew the exact expert you needed was available, what would you do?  Would you hire her immediately?  Would you entrust her with the situation?  Would you do whatever it took to help your child?

Because, guess what – I know who you need.


I was the expert for my child.  Not because I knew everything, but because he was mine.  He was entrusted to me, and for that reason I knew I must be uniquely qualified.  When I could stay in that head-space of believing I could help him – it made all the difference.  I could have clarity as to what other resources might be helpful.  I could try new things and have confidence, even when they didn’t work out as I’d hoped.

I trusted in myself and my mother’s intuition.  I didn’t worry so much about how someone else would handle things, or how someone else might criticize how I wanted to handle it.  It wasn’t about doing it the “right” way, but about doing it the best way.

Most of all, I trusted in my own personal belief that because I was entrusted with him, I was uniquely qualified.

What would happen if you could believe that were true for you?
Would it be okay when things were upside down, if you knew you’d figure it out?
When you were tempted to throw your hands up and say, “help!” could you instead ground yourself in trust?

I believe that the biggest gift in believing that we are uniquely qualified is the clarity and insight we will gain, the peace that comes with it, and the progress that follows.

Share this with a mom who’s at the end of her rope.  Help her at least think about the idea that maybe she’s not doing so bad after all.  Remind her that she is amazing.  YOU are amazing. 

CLICK here for a “Mom Confidence” mini session.  Let’s take 20 minutes to see where you are stuck and help you regain that clarity so you can rock it out as a mom.  Looking forward to talking!

Have a great day – one thought at a time!

-Molly Claire
Life Redesign Coach, Mom’s Best Friend

Help for Mom: Survive or Thrive

help for mom

When I was away visiting family, I was feeling pretty good about my life.

I have a lot going on, but it’s going great.  I’m holding it together.  3 busy kids.  My business.  Home ownership.  Church and community involvement.  It’s totally fine.


My first day back and the mail was piled up.

I was behind on my business.

There is a hole in my front yard where a dead tree was removed… I need to take care of that.

The lawn needs to be mowed.

I need to set up that doctor appointment.

Oh, and a few more school clothes to be purchased.

I went from feeling “on top of it” to wondering, “how in the world will I survive?” 


It made me so grateful for the life coaching tools and the ability to “manage my mind.”

This is the most important skill that I teach my clients, and the skill that has changed (and continues to change) my life.


Mind management is about awareness of thoughts that overwhelm me vs. thoughts that help me.

I can choose either line of thinking, depending on the result that I want.


I can let all the responsibilities suffocate me, or I can know that I’ve got this.

I can be practical about my time and figure out what’s possible for me to do, and what’s not.

No need to worry that life feels impossible, because I know that it’s not.


In fact, I believe that I’m never in an impossible situation.  There is always a solution.  Always a way.

As long as I know that, there is no need to worry and fret.

It’s time for me to find solutions and make magic in my life. 

Have a great day, one thought at a time.