do you read these?

It’s *Think it Thursday* and do you read these blogs?

I hope you do.

Last week a woman emailed me asking about coaching. She told me that she gets more out of these short weekly blogs than she does her therapy appointments.

I was so happy to hear it! Not because of me.

(After all, I’m just the vessel for these messages.)

I was happy because she is taking the time to read them and think about how it pertains to her. She’s allowing them to make a difference in her life. The email is the same for all of the thousands of people who receive it – but she is allowing it in.

Do you allow them in? Do you open yourself up to growth and change?

I hope so. You’re amazing. You deserve good things in your life.

Have a great day, one thought at a time!

– Molly Claire


Protect Your Time

*Think it Thursday* and Protect your time

If you’ve read my book then you know I talk about the importance of protecting your time as a mom.

Your kids will take up every second of it if they can. And often, we let them.

Creating time and space for you is beyond important.

It’s how you stay your own person.

It’s how you can remain patient.

It’s how you can see clearly in your life.

How are you doing with scheduling time for rest, fun, rejuvenation, and all of your other needs?

What’s in the way of you guarding that precious time of yours?

How will you make it a priority?

Think about it.

Have a great day, one thought at a time!


*Think it Thursday* and nails

My daughter and I were heading to get school supplies – until I had a better idea.

I asked my 7-year old if she wanted to get our nails done instead…

She thought that sounded awesome (and so did I).

We ditched the plan and took a detour.

She picked hot pink and hot green to alternate. She whispered to me how amazing the woman was who was doing my nails. We laughed at how funny it was that we ditched out on school supplies. She told me she loved me, and I told her she was amazing.

Sometimes I find that creating a little fun gives me the energy boost I need. I had plenty of energy to get school supplies later and we had so much fun.

Next time you have the chance, pull over and get your nails done. Fun and connection are awesome. Do more of them.

Have a great day, one thought at a time!


The New School Year

This month in my coaching group for Single Moms we are talking about starting the school year out successfully.  (Oh, and if you’re a single mom and want details about how to get free access, send me an email at molly@mollyclaire.com).

We feel so much pressure to start the school year out right, and yet – it’s pressure that we put on ourselves.

We want to have everything organized. Every list checked. Everyone happy. Everyone set.

The reality is that everything won’t be totally organized. Some things will need to happen later. Not everyone will be happy.  And the school year… will begin anyway.

What if you could decide that having some important things ready is good enough?

What if you could plan for your kids to be a mix of happy, and put out, and annoyed, and a few other emotions?

What if you could be okay with everything as it is and stay in the moment a little more?

Think about it.

Give it a try.

Have an amazing day, one thought at a time!


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life’s disappointments

It’s time for *Think it Thursday* and life’s disappointments.

We all experience pain and disappointment.

Disappointment that our life didn’t turn out the way we wanted.

Pain in watching our kids suffer. Frustration in not having or achieving what we want in life, despite major efforts.

It’s normal, and yet it doesn’t make it easy.
All the pain we experience, is pain we cause with our brain.

I know it doesn’t seem to be true, but it is.
And most of the time it’s because we are believing things should be different than they are.

My son shouldn’t have autism.
My husband should want the same things that I want.

I shouldn’t have this autoimmune illness.

Sometimes reality is a tough pill to swallow.
But refusing to swallow it – makes it even worse.

Accepting reality of what’s happening and believing it’s as it should be, is one of the most magical things you’ll do.

You’ll stop fighting against what’s happening and focus all of your energy toward appreciating, problem-solving, and loving. And you just might find that there are some really amazing things happening… that you couldn’t see before.

What’s happening should be happening, because it is.

There are reasons for everything that we can’t possibly see.

Life make’s sense when you look backwards at it, but we have to live it forward.

Go forward. Trust it. I know you can do it.


-Molly Claire