Mompreneur, you never “have to.”


Time for *Mindset Monday* and it’s all about making choices.

There are a lot of things we do, that we don’t love to do.

We often say, “I have to…”

Make sales calls.

Go over the budget.

Do the dishes.

Do the laundry.

It seems we don’t have a choice. We are obligated.  We believe we are a victim of our circumstances. We are stuck doing something that we “don’t want to do.”

This is a complete lie.  You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.  You don’t have to make sales calls, but you probably WANT to so that you can increase your profit.

You don’t have to do the dishes, but you probably WANT to so that you have clean dishes to eat on.

Everything we do is a choice.  If we want certain rewards or results, then we WANT to do what it takes to get those.

Starting now and for the rest of the week – think about all of the choices you make.  When you find yourself feeling obligated doing something you “have to” do, you can remind yourself that it’s a total lie.  Do you want to do it?  Why or why not?  If you decide that you WANT to do it, then own that choice.

I want to go over the budget… so I can have money in the bank.

I want to do the laundry… so we have clean clothes to wear.

I even want to pay my taxes… so that I don’t go to jail.

They are all choices.  Own them and love them.  Start saying, “I want to.”

Don’t be a victim.  Be the creator of your life and success.

Have a great week!

-Molly Claire

One small habit is THE difference for entrepreneurs


I’ve been Organizing and decluttering my house.  It’s a big project, but it feels amazing.

Last weekend Nicole was coming over to help me finish what we’d started on my kids’ work station.

As I was getting ready for her, I looked around and wondered if I’d really made any progress since she’d been there.  I could see how far I had to go before having everything the way I wanted it.

I started to think my “go to” thoughts that “organization is hard for me.”

But as soon as we started working –  I realized how much progress I had made. 

I was reminded of all that I had straightened up, given away, and the minor changes to my daily systems.

When I could see how far I’d come, I felt hopeful and motivated to keep going.

One of the biggest downfalls of entrepreneurs is focusing on how far we have to go, and failing to recognize how far we’ve come.

Recognizing our success is much more than a pat on the back; it’s the make it happen mojo we need to keep going and ultimately achieve our goals.

Todd Herman of The 90-Day Year teaches this same phenomenon in his business coaching program.  He says that business owners with an “Oww Brain” focus on how far they have to go, whereas those with a “Wow Brain,” look at how far they’ve come.

This one small difference in thinking will determine if you stay the course and create the success you are working toward, or if you give up.


Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings drive our actions.  A successful business requires massive action.

The only way we will consistently take the kind of action we need to, is if our thoughts and feelings are aligned with our goals.

So, how about you?  Do you focus enough attention on how far you’ve come?   If not, it’s time to make this practice a priority.

Start now by making a list of what you’ve accomplished so far in your business.  Write down all the milestones, big or small, and think about what it took to achieve them.

Next, make this a habit.  Mark your calendar for one month from today and do it all over again.

Don’t underestimate this small habit.  It really is THE difference between those who create success, and those who decide that it’s just not worth it.

I believe it’s definitely worth it.

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Have a great week full of celebrating success!

-Molly Claire

Feeling pulled in a million directions? Let’s talk priorities.


It’s *Mindset Monday* – let’s talk priorities.
The ability to differentiate priorities is an essential skill to being effective.

My son has ADHD, which significantly challenges his ability to get ready on time.

The ADHD brain struggles to differentiate priorities.  When he’s running late for school his brain can’t tell what is a bigger priority – strumming on his guitar or putting his shoes on.  Both are calling his name with equal urgency.

Just because his brain is wired this way, doesn’t mean he can’t train himself to differentiate priorities.

The same goes for you.
We all do this to some degree, especially when we are charting new territory in our business.

If you feel yourself “pulled in a million directions,” this is a big clue that you need to better differentiate your priorities.

Here are three basic steps you can take.  Do this regularly to train your brain until this becomes automatic.

1. Awareness:  Take a look at when/where/how you struggle to differentiate priorities. When do you feel pulled in different directions?

2. Assess: If you could only do 1 thing, what would it be?  What would come next?  Force your brain to set an order to your priorities.  These decisions may take into account things like, what is most beneficial?  What is making me money?  What is making my life or my business easier?  What is essential to meeting my goals?

3. Action:  Put your priorities in to action by scheduling them. Put first things first.

Anytime you feel yourself spread thin or pulled in different directions, it’s time to prioritize. Go through this process again and again until it becomes natural to you.  It will give you clear direction, eliminate stress, and make you the most effective you can be.

Like this tip?  Share it with a friend, a mom, a business owner, or anyone else who believes in creating something amazing with their life.

Have a great week!

-Molly Claire

Mom. Entrepreneur. Life Change Agent.

Success… No Matter What.

**Mindset Monday**

How committed are you to making your business succeed?

It’s no secret that most new businesses fail.  Yep – about 80% crash and burn within 18 months.  When you become an entrepreneur you are diving head first into the world of trial and error.  You have to be willing to fail, adjust your systems, and work hard (even when there is no reward in sight.)

The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t isn’t just about a business model or marketing, it’s about a commitment to succeed, no matter what. 

When you commit to succeed no matter what, you will be willing to make any changes necessary, rather than stay stuck in your ways.

You will choose to learn from your failures, rather than use them as a reason to believe that you can’t.

You will work hard, even when it’s inconvenient.

You will keep your eye on the prize…

no matter what.

Take a minute and think about the level of commitment driving your business.

Are you going to succeed no matter what?

-Molly Claire

Mompreneur… Where Two Worlds Collide

This week I’ve been re-entering my life after 8 days away training coaches.

It was magical there because we were teaching, learning and growing in powerful ways.  Working as a team. Life-changing experiences.  Everyone was on cloud nine.

Then I came home.

I hadn’t even picked up my luggage at the airport before my phone was ringing with requests from my kids.  Deadlines. Emotional emergencies.  You know, the whole nine yards.

Such a stark contrast.

It can seem that the two worlds are mutually exclusive and you have to pick which world you live in.  Am I “Mom” or a woman/entrepreneur/individual?

A lot of my clients feel this same way.  They feel torn between the demands in different areas of their life.  They feel guilty that the one they are “supposed” to like the best, is the one they most often want a break from.  They don’t see how they can blend different parts of their life, or how the two worlds can even coexist.

If you can relate, let’s tease your brain a little bit.  You know by now that I love questions, right?

So here is your Quick Tip:

Go ahead and ask yourself…
What if the two parts of your life are actually different pieces of a greater whole?
What if spending more time on one doesn’t necessarily take away from the other?
What if they benefit each other in powerful ways and the fact that you are straddling both is the best possible scenario?  What would be different?

I’m dying to see what comes up for you – hit reply and tell me!

When I ask myself these questions I have so many solutions flood my brain!

I realize that what I’ve been seeing has been very limiting.

It helps me to be so much better in all areas of my life… because I know it’s not a mistake and nothing has gone wrong.
I see that everything is exactly as it should be and success and happiness is inevitable.


Have a great day, one thought at a time!


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