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Easier Than Ever

As you start your week, make a list of 5 things that come easily to you now that used to be hard.

It can be anything.

When I first started my business it was really hard for me to make changes to my website. There were so many things to figure out and it was all new. It seemed complicated and difficult.

Now, it’s no problem. I’ve learned how to do it without batting an eye. I got through the hard part and now it’s easy.

It’s useful to make this list and look at it to see how far you’ve come.

Because of course, you now have a list of 5 things that seem really hard to you. They might seem complicated or difficult. But the only reason they seem that way is that you haven’t done them yet.

One day the five things that are difficult today will be on your “this is easy list.”

The only thing between now and then is time and practice. That’s it.

Make the list.

Celebrate your success.

Remember that it’s possible.

Have a great week!

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A Deadline

What have you been putting off doing in your business?

You know, that one little thing that seems like a pain? Or too time consuming?

I want you to set a deadline. Today. Now, in fact.

When will you do it?

What’s the time frame you’ll allow for it?

And what will you finally be able to move forward with when you do it?

Set the deadline. Make it happen. Move forward with your goals.

Have a great week!

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You Deserve the Best

You deserve to be treated with love and respect today.

Did you know that?

I know it.

And I deserve it too.

I wonder how you can treat yourself that way today?

Will you say something kind when you look in the mirror?

Will you take time for a walk around the block when you’re feeling stressed?

Will you remind yourself that you’re valuable, even though everyone in the house is taking you for granted?

I hope you do all of those things.

And more.

You deserve it.

Have a great day – one thought at a time!


Create Evidence

A lot of my clients are afraid they won’t follow through. In fact, this fear is one of the biggest reasons they don’t commit to their goals.

A fear. That they won’t follow through.

What’s funny is that they are fully in charge of whether or not they follow through.

It’s not dependent on anyone else. Just them.

And that’s true for you too.

We never have to fear or wonder if we’ll follow through, because we get to decide that.

One of my favorite tricks is to focus on creating evidence for myself. If I tell myself that I’ll get up 30 minutes earlier to plan my day, then every time I do I use it as evidence for myself.

I love to use the question, “How can I create evidence that I’ll follow through?”

This question will always move me toward taking action toward my commitment. And the more evidence I create, the more evidence I have.

And before you know it, I believe that I will follow through.

And I do.

Have a great week!

Are You Better?

new year new you

Are you better off now than you were a year ago? Is your health better? Do you yell at your kids any less? Have you reduced your level of stress and increased your level of personal achievement?

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that we rarely place them in the bigger picture of where we are actually trying to go with our lives.

We pick something that sounds like a great idea, and before we know it… it’s mid-February and the great idea is a distant memory.

Equally important as setting goals, is reflecting on how far we’ve come.

In my BLOG this week I share an easy (and super important) idea about how you can focus on how far you’ve come over the last year. I talk there about how easy it is to ignore our milestones, rather than celebrating or building upon them. This is a huge wasted opportunity – so be sure to check it out here.

When you ask yourself today, “Am I better off than I was a year ago?” I want you to also imagine how you’ll answer that question next year.

Will you be better off?

Will you have met your goals and improved your relationships?

Will you be one step closer to being the person you really want to be?

If you want the answer to these questions to be yes, then what is your plan to get there?

You are always either moving closer to your goals, or farther away from them. There is no standing still.

If you want to take 2017 seriously, I’m here to help you.

I’ve got a complimentary mini session waiting for you in January. Let’s assess how we can move you toward that “better you” that’s coming in the new year.

Is she less stressed and more confident with daily life as a mom?

Is she more connected with her kids or her husband?

Does her side-business take off?

Does she finally learn how to practice self-care, so she can feel energized again?

Let’s talk about what’s in store for you, and how to make it happen.