Q and A with Aimee Gianni

The Coaching Collective is a 6 month, signature program offered by Aimée Gianni and myself, Molly Claire. In this program, we focus on 3 aspects: mastering your coaching skills, clarifying what you want in your life, and helping you craft and grow your business. (We call these: Coaching Skill Mastery, Personal Life Mastery and Business Mastery.) To help you succeed, we use a specific back and forth process of consumption and taking action. Listen to learn more!

Poisonous Thoughts in your Biz

Oftentimes, thoughts creep in that we don’t realize are affecting us in a negative way. One common example is the myth, “I ought to be able to figure all this out on my own”. Thoughts like that not only place massive amounts of pressure on us, they can hinder us from growth. But the reality is that there is a lot to learn. We are all expanding our knowledge, our skill sets, our mindsets. Allow yourself to embrace that process and learn from everyone you can.

Interview with Andrea Giles: Self-trust for Business Mastery

To build self-trust as we build our businesses, we need to take a look at ourselves, where we are in our personal lives, and how circumstances can bring challenges. However, taking care of ourselves and carving out time to focus on our goals can be nearly impossible at times. But when you know yourself more deeply, when you hang in there and don’t give up, when you show up and do the work — you cannot fail. You may need to go slowly but you will succeed.

Ask Molly Life Mastery Edition

What do you consider to be life mastery? When you think about the concept, do you envision a big house? Owning a specific car? Enjoying perfect relationships? Or is life mastery something very different in your eyes? Through this Q & A, I hope to help you crystalize what it is for you as an individual.

Ethics and Coaching: Integrity in your business

Ethics and integrity are paramount to a reputable coaching business and quality coaching. Due to very limited regulations, we technically have the freedom to adapt our style and the tools we use as we see fit. Unfortunately this freedom can be abused and give our industry a bad name. Coaches can get sloppy, dive into areas they aren’t qualified to help, not uphold confidentiality, or not respect materials they are using. This means that as professional coaches, we all have the responsibility to uphold high standards for our industry and build a trust.