Coaching and Shame: An Interview with Aimee Gianni

The relevance of shame and the effects of shame are impactful regardless of the type of coaching you do. On the surface, it may not seem applicable to some coaching but once you recognize it, the connection becomes clear. Shame can influence a wide arc of thought and behavior patterns, and everyone has a degree of shame. Because no one is immune, the goal is not to avoid shame but rather to become shame resilient.

Master-Level Coaching: 10 Tips

Building your business isn’t easy. It’s a ride of successes with joys and failures with struggles. And it’s not always easy to handle the uncertainties that arise. Quieting the fears of doubt, wondering if you’re making a difference with a client, swirling the conversation from a session around and around in your head… those are quite normal. No matter whether you’re newer to coaching or a seasoned pro, we all need encouragement to surf the ups and the downs.

Solve for Uncertainty

Uncertainty creates a vague, dark cloud of confusion. It may be uncertainty in your coaching program or the direction you should take. It may show up as doubt that you can properly scale your business or succeed long term. It may manifest as feeling overwhelmed, lacking confidence, and even feeling fear. No matter how it crops up, uncertainty is completely normal. You should expect to experience it at some point in your coaching business, if you haven’t already.

How to Recognize Trauma: An Interview with Jen Taylor

Handling some of the emotions that surface during coaching sessions can be a delicate process. Some instances may lead you to even suspect trauma in the life of a client. What a some signs a caring coach should watch for to know if referral to a licensed therapist is needed? What can a coach do within their own coaching scope to further help a client?

Managing Focus in your Business Daily

As a coach, you’re typically your own boss. Completely self-guided and self-managed, you’re without someone charting out your day. You may also have the added layer of your business being located in your home. That’s why focus of your time, focus of your energy, how productive you are, and how you manage the day-to-day are crucial. It can be too easy to lose focus and lose sight of our goals. Maybe even occasionally use home as an excuse to escape making a tough decision or dealing with doubt at work, or vice versa.