Life Mastery as a foundation

In today’s episode, I pose three questions designed to help you connect with yourself. This will bring you more clarity. Then, when more clarity is achieved, your mind is ready for positive progression in your life and business. And when you better understand yourself, your business, your clients, and your personal life can all thrive.

The Magic Sauce of Coaching: Confidence and Competence

If you struggle with confidence or competence as a coach, it can feel like your dream business won’t succeed. But it’s really not a problem to have some feelings of uncertainty. Your self-assurance can always be improved. Just the act of engaging in bettering yourself and your business proves you have some level of confidence. You need only to build on that. When it comes to competence, it’s no different. You can build your knowledge. You can improve your skills.

3 Pillars of Mastery in your Business

As you sort through what you’re learning and you build your coaching business, it can be overwhelming. But learning the Three Pillars of Mastery brings immense clarity. You can lean on the strength of knowing and applying them to help eliminate self-doubt and frustration. 

My Story: 3 Keys to Success

What you do as a coach matters. Let that sink in a moment… Your coaching is meaningful. Powerful. Your input changes the very trajectory of people’s lives. Your success, both in your business and in your internal life, has the ability to help create limitless, amazing, masterful quality of life for yourself and for others.

Welcome to The Masterful Coach

As a coach building a business, you’re learning so many skills at once – improving your coaching, marketing, sales, running a business, serving your clients – it can be pretty overwhelming.