Shhhh…. A little secret about reducing stress

reducing stress

Let’s talk about reducing stress.

What if stress were optional?
Would you choose it?
I’m guessing it didn’t take you long to answer that.

But how often DO we choose it?

My friend was in a time crunch this weekend, but she wasn’t really stressed.  I was watching her and thinking – if that were me, I might be stressed.  Especially if I believed I didn’t have a choice.  A lot of people would be stressed, but she wasn’t.  She didn’t even have to think about reducing stress… she didn’t choose it in the first place.

Why?  The way she thinks about her situation was creating her experience.  She’s probably learned that the stress doesn’t really serve her.  It doesn’t make anything better, or easier or faster.  She understands what result it gets her.   

Here’s the secret… stress is a choice.  It has so much power over us because we don’t realize it’s optional.  We have heavily ingrained patterns of thought that create stress, but guess what… we can deactivate those patterns.  We can create new ones.  We can create a new experience for every situation when we understand this truth.
Where do you experience the most stress in your life?  What really gets to you the most?

Here is your quick tip:

What would it be like if stress in that situation were an option?
What would it be like if you could choose not to feel stress?  What if you could feel at ease instead or believe, “everything will work out.”
What would be different for you?

What would it require of you to make that choice?
Would it be worth it?

Take a minute to really apply these questions and see what you discover.  Asking the questions and getting a small taste of what’s possible is the beginning of powerful change.
Are you ready?

Have a great day, one thought at a time!


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