Secret to Life: Messes and Fresh Perspectives

secret to life

I’ve been out of town for 10 days and came home to find my fridge a complete mess.

No, nothing actually happened to the fridge in those 10 days.  It’s just that after being away from it… I noticed how badly it needed to be cleaned out.

Did the door handles really look like that when I left?  What about that spill on the second shelf?  How did I not notice that?

This happens every time I’m gone for a while – I come home and notice all the things that need to be cleaned up, fixed, or changed… that I’ve just gotten used to.

Not just in my physical space, but in my relationships and emotional life as well.

So what’s the moral here?  Should I be careful not to ignore things that need to be fixed?  Or is it a good thing that I can shut out some messes and problems?  What’s the secret to life that I should be picking up on?

The answer is neither.  And both. And it totally depends.

I’m really glad that my brain can allow some little problems to go unnoticed.
I’m glad that I can focus on what’s most important and not get too caught up in fixing everything that’s out of place.

I’m also glad that I can get a fresh perspective to find out what things I’m not okay with having messy or neglected.  There are some things that I want to be different.  There are some things that warrant having a little extra TLC.  Perhaps a few things need to move to the top of the priority list.

What you want to get “used to” or ignore, is completely up to you and what you want in your life.

What needs to change and what’s “not okay” is totally your choice too.

That’s the real moral here – you get to decide.  You are the one creating your life.

If you haven’t done it in a while, get away.  Take a break from the day-to-day, even if It’s brief.  When you re-enter your life you will have new eyes.  Take everything in and decide what you want.  Decide what can stay on the back burner, and what needs to be front and center.  Make conscious decisions.  Create your life.  Do it with intention.

Have a great day… one thought at a time!

And yes, I DID clean out the fridge 🙂

-Molly Claire

Solutions for Success

It’s time for *Mindset Monday* and today we’re talking about SOLUTIONS.

Any success that you create comes as a result of overcoming challenges.

Challenges in our business (and life) are the best opportunities to grow, yet too often we spend time complaining, fault-finding, or staying stuck in discouragement.

None of these are useful.

The most useful thing we can do with every challenge that comes our way is to focus on solutions.

This week, use the question, “What is the solution to this problem?” as often as possible.

The moment you notice yourself complaining or blaming, you can put a stop to it.  Immediately.  It’s a waste of precious time and energy.  It’s not useful.

Constantly asking yourself to find solutions will shift all of your energy.  You will find the right solutions quickly.  You will create more momentum, stability, and ultimately more success in your business.

Remember, this applies to your personal life as well.  Focus on solutions at every opportunity.  When you do you’ll find the amount of “problems” in your life will begin to diminish, and your success and happiness will grow.  Have a great week!


It’s okay to be dishonest, just tell the truth about it; A little relationship help…

relationship help

It’s okay to be dishonest – just tell the truth about it.  This is crucial to the relationship help you are seeking.

Telling the truth can be hard, especially when we think someone might be hurt by it.  It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship help you are seeking – friends, family, neighbor – the same rules apply.

My client is re-building her life solo after 20 years of marriage.  The patterns in their relationship are set deep.  She knows it’s for the best, but she still feels a lot of guilt about leaving her marriage.  Last week her husband of 20 years asked if they could get together with mutual friends, but she didn’t want to.

She told him that it would be too awkward.

I wasn’t so sure that was true.

So I asked her, “Would it REALLY be awkward, or do you just not want to be around him?”

Of course, it was the latter.

She didn’t think she could say it to him, without him feeling hurt (or her feeling guilty).  It was too hard to say it out loud.  It was much easier to say, “It would be awkward,” than to tell the truth about it.

The closer we get to the truth, the better.  But sometimes, when we aren’t ready for that step, we can at least be honest with ourselves.  After all, the relationship you have with yourself is the best starting place for relationship help with others.

For my client, we decided it was okay for her to tell him it would be awkward, but she at least owed it her herself to notice she was doing it.  She could tell herself, “I’m not feeling brave enough to tell him the truth.”

By constantly being honest with ourselves, we stop making up excuses for why we don’t do things.  We move closer to what is real and true and bring more truth into our lives.  We can make decisions from a place of integrity, rather than hiding.

With love,



How To Be Happy

how to be happy

One of the great questions of life is how to be happy.

Some people believe that they need someone else to make them happy.

Other people will tell you – “just choose to be happy!”

Neither one of these really sit very well with me.  There is however a simple truth about how to be happy that I want to share.

One of the most important things I teach my clients is how to create happiness.

When we expect someone else to “make us happy.”  We are always in a dependent position.  Someone else needs to behave a certain way or do certain things in order for us to be happy.  We are delegating our emotional well-being to someone else.  Our spouse, our kids, our co-worker, or whoever else we have chosen to give that power to.  I don’t know about you, but I want to be the one to decide if I can feel happiness or not.

“Choosing to be happy” is all well and good, after all – who wouldn’t choose that feeling?  But how do we actually do that?

I believe it’s more about creating than choosing. 

The way we think about life is how we will experience it.  What goes on in your mind?  What thought patterns do you currently have?  How much joy do you create internally?

This is kind of a *big* topic for a quick weekly tip, but please take away this…

You are the one who gets to create your happiness.  No one else can do it for you.  You no longer need to depend on anyone around you for it.  You decide how to be happy.

So, how will you create it?

Have a great day, one thought at a time.


P.S.  Want to have a “create my happy” mini session?  Click here and we can schedule.

Trouble Getting Started… (Thursday’s Tip)

My client is passionate about her business.
She’s always energized when she works on it.

So why is it that she lacks motivation to get started?  Every time?

When I first started my business I would dread every coaching call right before it started.  Don’t get me wrong – I loved what I was doing.  I knew I was helping people every time.  I felt grateful to be able to do the work I was doing and loved each client 100%.  So…why did I dread it?

There may not be one easy answer, but it usually relates to the fears and worries that come up for us.

Our feelings drive us… it always comes back to how we want to feel.  If we anticipate uncomfortable feelings… we aren’t exactly dying to get started, right?

It’s completely worth looking into what’s going on for you.  I do that with clients all the time.  Often we can dispel whatever myths are going on in their minds that are raising a red flag and telling them, “don’t do it!”

Another great option is simple and it is today’s Quick Tip:
“Begin with the end in mind.”  (full credit to Stephen R. Covey for this phrase…)

I had an aerobics teacher several years ago who would always make sure the class noticed at the end of the workout how great we felt.  She would say, “The next time you are dreading exercise or debating about whether or not to go to the gym, remember this feeling.  Remember how amazing it is.”

This is “beginning with the end in mind” and you can apply it to about a million and one areas in your life.  Or more.

What will you feel like when you have cleaned out the closet? Think about that feeling now.

What will it be like when you have met your business goal this month?  Move toward that feeling as you get started.

Will it be more than worth it when you have created an organization system to manage the household chaos?  If so, think about that end result and how it feels… and then – BEGIN.

Have a great day, one thought at a time!

Inspired by my tribe
I’m so glad you are joining me for Think It Thursday!  Each week I look forward to sharing with you how I’ve been amazed and inspired by my clients and this work.  Who is my tribe?  YOU are my tribe!