Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a certified coach yet - can I work with you?

Yes, I work with coaches of all types – certified or not.  The best way to know if we are the right fit is to apply for coaching and connect with me for a consultation.

Are you a business coach?

I’m not a sales, marketing, or business coach.  There is plenty of strategy and tactics available to you – business advice is a dime a dozen.  What you really need is a coach who can help you with mental blocks, clear your own confusion and doubt, and create a stronger belief in yourself.

As your cognitive coach we will work together to create your ideal life/business vision, shift your mindset and beliefs, and make your vision come to fruition.  I have worked with hundreds of coaches and I’m able to support you in your business goals and give you what you need to follow through on your business strategy.

Can you help me learn how to coach?

I train coaches through The Life Coach School, but as my private client I’ll help you improve your coaching skills so you can be even more masterful.  I can help you tap into your unique strengths as a coach and also identify the areas where you can improve.  I train and certify Life and Weight Coaches and Master Coaches too.  I’ve got you covered.

Where are you located?

I’m located in Frisco, Texas but all of my coaching is virtual.  We coach by phone or video conference for your convenience.