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molly is a leader for women in business, in motherhood, and in creating a powerful, authentic life.

As a life + biz coach for coaches and female entrepreneurs, Molly advocates for women everywhere, inspiring them to make more money, and enjoy more personal and family time.

Molly believes that each woman is unique,
and her values and desires are too. Your audience will feel empowered, inspired with personal clarity, and infused with the courage they need to make their dream life + business a reality.

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Molly Claire is a 7-figure business builder, founder of The Masterful Coach Collective, author of the best-selling book, The Happy Mom Mindset, and proud mom of 3. 

She hosts the Masterful Coach Podcast and has been featured on podcasts and stages across the U.S. for interviews and speaking engagements. She is best known for her personal engagement with audiences, and her ability to empower each person in the entire room to feel seen, loved, and capable of achieving anything they want.
She loves speaking to coaches, entrepreneurs, moms, and women united in making the world a better place.

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Live Speaking Events:

The Life Coach School Self-Coaching Scholars + Mastermind Speaker

LDS Life Coach Retreat Speaker

The Fearless Business Workshop Speaker

INTERVIEW & speaking topics

Molly loves to inspire her audiences to find their unique mission in life and live their purpose. She loves helping women unlock their powerful ability to make money. She is a fierce advocate of women and motherhood, giving each woman permission to find personal balance in her life that is authentic for her.

Below are a few of her most requested topics:

How to Design an Effective Coaching Program

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How to Find Balance In Life and Business


Advanced Coaching Techniques:
Next level strategy

How to Make More Money for women

Create Your Ideal Business Roadmap as a Mompreneur

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Molly is excited to connect with you and loves sharing her wisdom at a variety of events. Please reach out to her by clicking below, and her team will be in touch to discuss speaking topics, availability, and further details.