Feeling stuck in your coaching biz?

It’s not your fault.

Learn these 5 Tips that no one ever told you.

Ready to rock your coaching business?

You’re a new life coach, hopeful you can build the business you want.

But the doubt, overwhelm, and stuck-ness… always creep in.

You lack confidence in your abilities as a coach.  You’re struggling to juggle home life, while learning this new skill set. Sometimes it seems to be too much and you’re wondering if you’re doing it all wrong.

The coach, needs a coach.

Hello, I’m your coach

I specialize in teaching, training, and coaching coaches.  Having your own coach as a coach is essential to sharpening your skills. I’ll help you apply in your own life what you know intellectually.  You’ll learn to balance home life with your business.  We’ll work to overcome your fears and doubts so you can be totally confident in what you have to offer your clients.

Best of all – I’ll help you tap into your unique genius as a coach and teach you how to stay true to yourself and the type of business and life you want to create.

I don’t believe your business is a one-size-fits-all.  Figuring out your way to run your business, is really the key to success.  I find that when my clients learn to be true to themselves – they come to life!  And so does their business.

Are you ready to meet your potential?  I’d love to help you.

what my clients say…

Molly is a fantastic coach and her programs are incredible. She trains my Coaches and Master Coaches as well – I always know they are in good hands with her. The work she does is life-changing and she always gives 100% to those whom she serves. As her teacher, friend, and colleague, I have worked side by side with her and know first-hand how powerful her work is. I highly recommend her.

Brooke Castillo
Brooke CastilloFounder of The Life Coach School

Molly was an amazing coach! She helped me take my coaching skills to a whole new level. So grateful to you, Molly!

Bridget Sampson
Bridget SampsonSampson Coaching and Consulting

I sincerely appreciated how loving and supportive Molly is while being very direct and assertive with her coaching. She is truly a master coach who guides client with ease and confidence providing the space for them to grow.

Mikki Gardner
Mikki GardnerCertified Life and Weight Coach

It only took one session for me to have renewed enthusiasm and excitement for my business. I was so amazed. I owe my peace and happiness in my coaching business to Molly. She has changed it all for me.

Heather Rackham
Heather RackhamCertified Life and Weight Coach

Molly has an ability to laser in on the specific though that is holding you back and help you to deconstruct it in a way that I’ve never experienced. A lot is possible when working with Molly! I’m forever grateful for her help.

DarcyCounselor, Life Coach, Mom of 2

Working with Molly has been extraordinary. I am amazed at the amount of change she’s helped me with, and the speed at which the change came about! It’s absolutely worth the investment to work with Molly. I can’t recommend her enough!

Amber Deibert
Amber Deibert

I got so much out of working together. Not only did I move forward with my business but also in my personal life. I can’t put into words how great of an experience it has been to work with you! Thank You!!

Angie Gross
Angie GrossWeight Coach for Military Moms

Molly is simply amazing. There are no words to describe the difference she has made in my life and how much I love her for it! If you have any doubts about working with Molly, check them at the door. Trust her and you will not be sorry!

Rebecca IngebrigtsenMom, Life and Weight Coach

Molly is great at helping you separate the facts from the drama and stories you create with your mind. She helps you see what area’s need work and helps you prioritize them as well as come up with action steps to take to help you move forward so you accomplish all of the things you want to in your business as well as at home.

Courtney BrownCertified Life and Weight Coach

I have had the pleasure of working with Molly for months now as my Life Coach. Love her coaching model and definitely has changed my mindset! Thanks, Molly!


Molly is effective and fantastic! Her calm spirit is what I enjoy about working with her the most. Her ability to ensure the expected outcomes are met and providing the resources to stay on task is amazing.


Molly coaches beautifully and was the perfect coach for me! She helped me to see things that were invisible to my eyes. Because of her help, I see a new world of possibility. I love her and am grateful to her for investing her time in me! She is a gift to this world!

Kathryn Nelson
Kathryn NelsonCertified Life and Weight Coach

High Bar for Success in your Coaching Business

In the coaching world, there is a rather low bar set for who can call themselves a coach. Pretty much, anyone can regardless of experience or training. That can be unsettling and we can view it as a problem. Or we can choose to view it from the other side: That thus the bar is set very high for achieving true success as a coach.

All or Nothing Thinking Trap for Coaches

Business building is an ebb and flow. But it can be all too easy to fall into the thinking trap of “all or nothing” when it comes to ourselves, our success, and our business growth. In reality, growing your business is largely about your internal evolution, becoming more of who you’re meant to be, and who you want to be. That is how we each fulfill our purpose and mission.

5 Tips for Your Best Sales Launch Ever

In this episode, I wanted to share the recent experiences my team had with our launch of the next session of The Coaching Collective. We had huge success and I noted five key things, in particular, that made it so. As I go over them, you’ll notice that they weren’t isolated things. Everything (and everyone) working together and combining our skills, energy and momentum made our launch unparalleled. Now, you may be a solopreneur and not have a team. That’s okay. These principles still apply. So whether you’re going it alone, you have a large team, or you're somewhere in between, here are 5 tips for your best sales launch ever.

Feeling stuck in your coaching biz?

Learn these 5 Tips that no one ever told you.

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