Escape the Mom Traps webinar

This 1 hour webinar is designed to help lighten your load, Momma!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and exhausted from life as a mom, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Join me as I teach you how to manage your time and your energy, lose the guilt, and be the happy, relaxed confident woman you really want to be.

A happy mom means happy kids. Let’s do it!

Choose the time you wish to attend on the right, then check your email to confirm.


“I have worked with coaches before related to work and overcoming negative beliefs, but I was attracted to Molly’s work because it was specific to moms. I went through a very rough year with one of my kids who was struggling in her life, and it really took me out. Molly was able to help me see all of it in new ways, and to begin to relate to my family in healthy, confident ways rather than from worry and fear. We ended up doing coaching around other issues as well like weight, work, and setting boundaries. Molly has an ability to laser in on the specific though that is holding you back and help you to deconstruct it in a way that I’ve never experienced. A lot is possible when working with Molly! I’m forever grateful for her help.”

DarcyLife Coach, Mom of 2

“I participated in one of Molly’s group sessions, which included several individual coaching calls. It was truly a worthwhile investment in myself, my family, and my marriage. Molly is so good at what she does. When I first contacted Molly, I felt overwhelmed trying to be a good mom and wife, raise good kids, take care of myself, and work multiple jobs. She provided me with the tools I needed to understand my thoughts and feelings, and make changes where I needed or wanted. She guided me in also realizing those things that didn’t need to be changed at all, because they are great just the way they are. Working with Molly really was life changing.”


“I enjoyed everything about Escape the Mom Traps. The communication with other mothers and Molly confirmed that I am not alone. It made me see that our end goal is the same, despite our situations being drastically different. Escape the Mom Traps assisted in changing my thought pattern about my role as a mother and gaining control of my life and my happiness.”

Brooke Castillo

“Molly offers incredible programs for moms and their unique challenges. The work she does offers life-changing tools and she always gives 100% to those whom she serves. As her teacher, friend, and colleague, I have worked side by side with her and know first-hand how powerful her work is. Molly is a fantastic coach and I highly recommend her.”

Brooke CastilloFounder of The Life Coach Schoolhttps://

“I loved this program! The content was easy to implement immediately, and it was so validating to hear from other moms who have similar struggles. If you want a taste of Molly’s excellent coaching, this is sure to give you one. Molly is able to listen deeply, zoom in on the absolute truth of the thoughts that drive negative beliefs, and offer completely nonjudgmental observation and new perspective. This combination makes me feel like she can handle anything I throw at her. My work with Molly has changed my life.”


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