Knowing where to turn for help in building your business can be daunting. Not only do you have nearly countless options on how to receive guidance and training, the sheer number of areas in which you may need help can be overwhelming. Sharpening your skills, balancing your life and business, expanding your reach, tailoring your offerings, strengthening your connections… The list goes on and on.

That’s one of the reasons I created the Masterful Coach Collective. In it, we strive to guide coaches to the next right steps for them. We offer help, advice, strategies, assignments and more to help you move your business forward while supporting your life. We tailor help to you, individually, because what is the best for one person may not be the right choice for another. Speaking of which, that’s why in this episode, I cover a Q&A to help you know: Is the Masterful Coach Collective right for you? I want you to know all about it so you can make an informed decision. And I hope you’ll join us soon!

“I promise you that as you are in this program, and as we are working together, month after month, you will be a different coach on the other end of this experience… Wherever you are in this journey, I promise I will personalize this experience for you so you can uplevel your coaching.” – Molly Claire

What You’ll Learn

  • What aspects are included?
    • Business Mastery
    • Personal Life Mastery
    • Coaching Skills Mastery
  • What support will I get? Will I have access to experts?
  • Is this a DIY program? I’m really looking for more personal support.
  • Do you give business strategy or just talk about my thoughts?
  • What if I can’t make all the calls?
  • Why is the cost so low?
  • How is this different from 90 Days with a Master Coach?
  • I’ve been burned before. How do I know you’re different?
  • Will this program help me get clients?
  • How much money will I make in a year?
  • How much help will I get with my coaching?

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The Masterful Coach Collective starts soon! Enrollment is open in August and the Collective starts in September. Join today!

Connect with Molly Claire


Intro: Welcome to The Masterful Coach Podcast with Molly Claire, where coaches learn skill mastery, business mastery, and life mastery at a whole new level. If you are serious about creating a meaningful coaching business that makes a difference, you are in the right place. And now your host, master life and business coach, Molly Claire.

Molly Claire: Hey coaches, this episode is all about The Masterful Coach Collective. I’m going to share with you the details of the program and answer the most commonly asked questions that I get about this program. So, I know as a coach, building your business, there are a lot of options for programs, ways you can learn different skills to build and expand your business.

And I understand that you both have a big learning curve in a lot of different areas, and it can also be overwhelming to figure out where to start. What is the best use of my money? What do I really need to get moving? And so, my hope is that this episode will really give you a clear idea of what The Masterful Coach Collective is all about, how it can help you personally to move forward with your business, to stay on track with your business goals and really to up level and expand all of your skills.

From your business skills, your coaching mastery skills, as well as your ability to lead your life, manage your life, business balance and take care of all of those very important personal things and personal people in your life as well. So, I’m going to go ahead and give you an overview of the program, and answer those most commonly asked questions that I get.

And by the way, shout out to my TCC master minders and VIP-ers that are already in the community, I’m so glad to have you. And I have some of my alumni due, and early enrollment, and so we’ve already gotten things started and we’re connecting, kind of having a little private party before everyone comes to join and really expand and make this community amazing.

So, The Masterful Coach Collective is a culmination of many different things I’ve done over the last eight years of starting and building my business, training coaches and master coaches, putting together coaching programs, both on my own, and also in cooperation, in partnership with Aimee Gianni, of course, The Coaching Collective.

I’ve basically picked different aspects of different things that I have done, and I truly believe this is the most complete package for you as a coach. I know what it’s like to start out and to see that even though you love coaching, and you’ve fallen in love with it, you have a lot of skills to learn. I say this all the time, but it is so true.

And you know what? Every time I say this to you, I imagine myself when I was sitting in my bedroom, and I had my laptop, and I had my pad and paper, and I was learning to coach, and I just remember this moment where my wheels were just turning and I was realizing: I have to learn how to sell, how to market.

I’ve been out of college for a long time, and that marketing degree that I got, I’m not sure that it’s so helpful anymore. And so, I really understand from a personal level and also from a place of helping so many coaches build their business, that it is challenging for you as you start out to know, how do I get the right support? Can I figure all these skills out? And by the way, all along the way you’re dealing with your own insecurities and fears. So, rest assured what you are experiencing is very normal, yes, you can do it, yes, you can figure it all out. Yes, you are going to overcome those limiting beliefs that seem to keep you stuck, I promise you that, I promise you.

The Masterful Coach Collective is a great place for you to come and call home, it is truly the best coaching community on the planet. I will say that all day long. It is a place where you will feel completely supported in your personal mission as a coach. And one thing that’s very unique about The Masterful Coach Collective community is that: it really is access to so many experts and so many resources, and yet, it’s very personal, it’s in a personal community.

Because we’re all familiar with do-it-yourself programs that are designed for the masses, and there are so many very useful programs like that, definitely, and I’m a fan of those for many reasons. And we all know what it’s like to get lost in the shuffle, right? Lost in the masses, and sometimes to struggle to really implement what is trying to be taught to you.

And so, in this community, it’s a chance for you to not only have access to many experts and many resources, but to do it in a private community and have help that is going to feel very personal for you. So, I hope you’re excited about that because that is one of the things I love to bring to you, is that personal intimate touch and I want to know all of you.

So, The Masterful Coach Collective is a yearly membership, and what this means is that you are going to join and dive right in, and I am going to help you with achieving your business goals for the year, 90 days at a time. You guys have heard me talk about my 90-day program, where I work with my coaches to achieve those goals, and what this is, is really an expansion of that, where we’re going to give you significant focused intense periods of time, where you are building your business for those 90 days, and then we’re going to repeat that process over and over.

The reason this is a full year membership and not a come and go is: I want to help you stay the course in your business, and also, every single time that you plan your 90-day goal, and you achieve that 90-day goal, or don’t achieve that 90-day goal, all the ways you fail and succeed when you can then evaluate and start over again. You are going to get better and better at the process of setting goals of achieving them and moving forward. So, when you come into the program, you want to anticipate that you’re going to be both making progress in your business and also learning systems that you can implement long term.

So, this is one aspect of the yearly membership, and that is- planning your goals for your business 90 days at a time with guided support, accountability, there is the option of having an accountability group that you can participate in as well, and we will plan your entire year 90 days at a time, getting together, evaluating what worked? What didn’t? And what’s next?

The other element of this membership for you is access to guest experts. And what I’ve done is I’ve planned this in a way for you, so that every single month, you’re having support in three very important areas: your business mastery. This means business guidance, business strategy, these are going to be ways of approaching your business that will be very helpful to you.

And some of the experts that will be coming in for example, are: Ashton Barrett, who you’ve heard on the podcast who is an Instagram expert, Jody Moore is going to come and teach sales to us in a few months, coming up in January, we are going to have Kim Joe come in and talk about organic marketing.

She is amazing, incredible. I have Kim Kiel who does copywriting, and she is fire, Erin Jacobs. Many of these people that you’ve heard on the podcast and may know of are going to be there, and my hope is that as you’re able to learn from these people who are the best at what they do, you will be able to implement what they’re teaching you. And also, as you are bringing in all of this expertise, when we go to your next 90-day planning strategy session, you will know exactly what you’re going to focus on.

Let’s talk about your life mastery experts—Oh, actually, hold on a minute, let’s talk a little bit more about business. In addition to an expert in business every month, you will also have business coaching, hot seat coaching. I will do these calls. Sometimes Mark Butler of Entrepreneurial Bookkeeping, will do these calls, he’s phenomenal, my communities always love him and I know that you will too. So, that is the business support aspect of the guests and help that you get.

Let’s talk about the life mastery experts. I genuinely believe that if you don’t have support in your personal life while you’re building your business, it is just like a flat tire that is dragging you down. And not only do you need help managing kind of the details and the tangibles in your personal life, but you also need help with the personal things coming up for you. And I’m going to help you with both of those in this membership.

So, one aspect of this will be: experts in life mastery. Judith Gaton, who is a style coach, is going to be there, and she is a guest to help you look at your personal style in your personal life, which I think is going to be so fun. I have Shira Gill coming, she is just coming out with her second book. Her first book, Minimalista, is amazing, and she’s all about getting rid of the clutter in your life and your business.

So, these are two examples of the life mastery experts, and the idea is that I want to help you personally in your life, organizing your home, organizing systems in your life, working on prioritizing your relationships, all of that.

And the other aspect of this personal support is every month I will be there with you, talking with you about the personal things coming up for you, your limiting beliefs, your fears, and helping you to always be healing that relationship with yourself and shedding those layers that are not useful for you.

So, that’s an overview of the personal life aspect support of this. And by the way, I want to mention to you that as you are planning your business goals and moving forward and creating traction in your business, we are always doing it together through the lens of building a business that supports the life that you want. I believe your life and your business need to be in cooperation with each other, not at odds with each other, not in competition with each other.

And so, everything we’re doing all along the way is going after your goals with commitment, and in a way that is creating the right balance for you. Yes, I believe you should go after your goals with intensity, and that doesn’t mean overworking, over-stressing or spreading yourself thin. It means being smart, it means being strategic and it means committing to the perfect balance you want in your life.

Let’s talk about coaching skill mastery. I am thrilled to have this be a big part of the program. Just yesterday, I was doing one of the Master Your Coaching calls in our other program, The Coaching Collective, and I’m going to be bringing those calls over as well to this program. And as I was working with them, I just was thinking about all of you that are going to be coming with me, and I was telling my husband, “I want to do these calls to help these coaches with their coaching skills until the day I die,” because I love it.

Just yesterday, as we were working in the call and I was coaching and we were pausing and we were really discussing the process and I was helping these coaches to understand how they can actually approach their clients in the work, rather than just giving them a list of things to do. And one of the coaches raised his hand and he said, “Okay, wait a minute, tell me, what are you thinking as you’re approaching that?”

And he identified what he saw on the outside, he experienced that it was very open, that it was very curious, and that the client was making progress in traction, and what he wanted to know is: where are you coming from in this? And I thought it was such a brilliant question and it allowed us to really have a discussion about that.

And for me to help these coaches, which is exactly what I want to do with you coming along with me, to open up your mind to new ways of viewing coaching and your client, so that coaching is easier for you, it’s more effective for you, it’s more intuitive for you. Where you are so connected with yourself and with the client and with the process that you give the best possible experience to your clients. So, there’s my spiel on that, let’s talk a little bit more specifically.

Every month you will have a call focused on your coaching skill mastery, sometimes I will be there with you, sometimes you will have amazing guests. In this next few months, we have Lisa Hatlestad, Harry Marshall and Lisa Martinello, Krista St-Germain will also be coming along. And I’ve got a few more in the works but we’re going to really help to give you a variety of experiences so that you can really find your own unique coaching style.

My goal, as I work with you, is that: every single week, every single month, every minute that you’re in this membership, that you are feeling more confident in your coaching skills, more confident in yourself, and you are expanding your competence, your skills. I have seen and experienced that when you feel more confident, when you’re able to expand your competence, it makes your marketing easier; it makes it easier for you to stand tall and claim what you do, it makes it easier for you to share with people what you do.

So not only are you leading your mission and your business with coaching, right? With really mastering those skills and having coaching being at the heart of your mission and what’s driving you but also, it allows you to be more effective with building your business. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. This is the trifecta. These are the three things that you will be experiencing a focus on in the collective. Now, how is this going to support you? What does this really mean?

Well, as we work together, you will feel more confident in your ability to help your clients, you will have support from me, online, on the calls from other master coaches, so that you always know that you can not only get the specific help you need but that we’re going to help you connect with yourself, so you can bring out the unique coach that is in you.

What this also means as we work together is that instead of being overwhelmed by all of the business skills you need to learn, instead you’ll be able to digest them one at a time, learn them and make sure that you’re paying attention to only what is most important to you right now in your business and come back to the rest later.

And I think there’s a lot of value in you being able to have a plan for learning these skills one at a time and for you being able to have access to many different experts in one place, because I can teach you a lot of things, but I am not the best expert in everything you need to learn, that is the reality of it, right? And so, when I can instead create a space for you that is safe, that is empowering and brings experts to you, that is when you can truly have what you need to build your business skills.

What this means for you in your life is your life and your business don’t need to be in competition. I’m going to help you to see what you value in your life and what you really want, I’m going to teach you to honor your priorities, I’m going to help you to have permission to have the business you want, to make the income you want, to create the impact that you want, and to be able to prioritize anything and anyone in your life that you want to.

I genuinely believe that when you have support in these areas, that is what is going to allow you to stay the course as you build your coaching business, to overcome one obstacle after another, and by the way, to have so much more fun doing it.

The truth is that we are designed to connect, human beings are here to connect with one another. I want to help you create a space where you experience those powerful human connections, where there is this energy, give and take flow, giving with generosity, teaching with generosity and gaining so much from all of these experts that are there to help you, and of course I will be there as your leader and mentor.

I’m going to talk about a few common questions that I get and answer these. So, first of all, I do get asked, “Is this a do-it-yourself program? I’m really looking for more personal support.” And here is my answer to this. This program is not a do-it-yourself black hole of information that you just need to manage and schedule yourself, rather, we have a schedule where I’m giving you guidance and a plan as to when we are planning your 90 days and how you’re moving forward with that.

All of the calls are specifically designed to support you in your business, and I do have resources available to you, but there’s a big difference between having all of these resources and trying to dive in and figure it out, which, of course, there’s going to be a certain aspect of that, right? But what I’m going to do is, as we’re working together in the group calls and on the forum, I’m going to be directing you to only those resources that are most useful to you.

And so, I think you’re find that while you have access to resources and trainings and experts, that this is going to be a personal experience. I have my coaches on the forum with you, and they also are available to do some added calls as well, and so this is my promise to you. The truth is right now, we are building and expanding all of this, I am bringing all of my years of experience in this field and the programs that I’ve done and the programs that I’ve scaled with integrity and creating a personal experience for people, I am bringing all of that here and we are just starting out.

So, the reality is: I don’t know exactly how this is going to expand, but I do know this, and this is my promise to you. I promise you that I will give you an experience that feels personalized to you, I want you to feel supported, I want you to feel a part of things, I am going to give you the resources that you need. I am committed to giving you the support that is going to help you move forward in your life and your business. That is my promise to you.

Let’s talk about the next question: do you give business strategy or just talk about my thoughts? We all know the importance of our mindset, of our beliefs, of what we envision, what we want to manifest, and I know a lot of you are craving strategy and guidance. yes, yes, yes, the answer is, yes. I am not afraid to give you guidance and strategy and advice, and I am never going to shove it down your throat either.

I always think there is value in taking in guidance and strategy from experts and also running it through your filter of deciding what is best for you. So, the experts that I will be bringing in, yes, they will be teaching you strategy on Instagram, strategy in your marketing copy, strategy in sales, I will give you strategy based on what your specific goals are, and you will also have this amazing space to be able to personalize that strategy and guidance to make it your own.

Alright, next question. What if I can’t make all the calls? Okay, you probably won’t make all of the calls, I see so many people getting caught up on this and what’s so fascinating is that a lot of people allow this to make or break their decision, and what I want to offer to you is, I don’t even think that you should go to every call.

In fact, I think you should pay attention to those calls that are most important to you, and those are the ones you should attend. Because I’m offering a lot of calls here, and I think anytime we go into something thinking “I’m going to do it all, I’m going to take it all in.” Oftentimes, we can miss out on actually paying attention to what’s most important to us.

So, my recommendation for you is that: you plan to go all in, and what that hopefully means is, being there for the calls that are important to you and watching the replace of those that you miss, and it is not a problem, I promise you, I have never had anyone say, “It was a problem,” when they miss calls because in the program built in, especially with the success guides and the personal touch that we add that you are going to be able to personalize it, always, a hundred percent, so do not let that get in the way for you.

Here’s another question I get, people are wondering why the cost is so low. Yes, for this yearly membership, it is $5,000 for the year, it is not a come and go, it is not optional to plan a quarter and then leave, it is a yearly membership, and yes, it is $5,000 and yes, it includes dozens of experts, yes, it includes personalized support, yes.

And the reason why is this: I know that you are learning a lot of things as you are building your business, and there will be things that you will be paying for in your business right outside of this, and I wanted to create an opportunity for all of you to have a low-cost support option. That is a supportive community that is continuing your education, that is building your skills one at a time, that you can be in as a no brainer in your business.

And not only will it allow you adequate support to move your business forward, but it will allow you also to, “Hey, I’m going to hire a VA now, I’m going to do this, I’m going to work with this specialist to help me in this avenue of marketing.” And so, my hope is for all of you, that this is a no brainer use of your finances, you’re going to get the total support that you will need. And as you are building your business, you will also feel like you don’t have to pick between this total complete support and something you want to get specialized help in as well.

Another question I get: how is this different from 90 Days with a Master Coach? This is a great question. I have brought many elements of 90 Days with a Master Coach to this program, the big difference is that 90-day process repeated over and over. Now 90 days with the master coach was a much more intimate experience.

But I’m also part of what I was learning in the 90-day program as I was doing it is, how we could bring that personal touch experience to the highest degree possible as we expand this program. And so, the big difference is of course this is 90 days times four, also that had 15 people in it, and this will be a broader community. As we build out, I’m going to make sure to give you smaller groups as well to be a part of, so that you’ll always experience that sense of enjoying learning in a broader way and in a bigger audience and also the space to have those personal connections.

And so, with 90 Days with a Master Coach, the other thing is that: only included, working towards your goals, whereas this includes all access to all of the experts, so it just allows you more space and time to build. But many of the things that I’ve brought in from that program are this process of setting those goals, accountability, and staying the course, so.

Alright, this is a question I get: I’ve been burned before, how do I know you’re different? So, you don’t, right? Hopefully you feel it, hopefully you know. I have been burned as well, I know what it’s like to buy a program and feel like, “Well, that was a high ticket and I’m not sure this was really that organized or there was that much thought put into it, and I’m going to get the most out of it anyway,” right?

But I’ve experienced that as well, and I don’t want you to experience that with me, that’s my simple answer. And if you join this program and it is not for you, I will give you a full refund within the first 14 days, no questions asked. So, I want you to have an amazing experience, my business is largely built on the reputation that I have because of clients’ experience with me, and I’m not interested in losing that reputation.

All right, will this program help me get clients? Yes, and you are the only one that can really get those clients, right? So, here’s what I’ll say, if this is your question, when you come into the program, we want to help you really set a client number goal, and then what we’re going to work on is not only the do’s, right? The how, but we’re going to really make sure that we’re looking at what are the fears that are keeping you from expanding and bringing those clients in the door.

So, you will have resources available to you, where I help you with doing consultation calls and everything, to get clear on your message and your offer. So, all of that is going to be in place for you, and then we will support you in really overcoming those limits, so you can bring those clients in the door. I want you bringing clients in the door, you have to have clients to have a business, right? Yes.

Another question I get: how much money will I make in the year? So, my answer to this is- every single one of you will have a different number goal, and that is part of the magic of this community. One of the things that I feel passionately about is that you personally should figure out what you want for your business and your life.

And some of you will have a multimillion-dollar financial goal, some of you will have a goal of making $50,000 a year, some of you will want to work 40 hours a week, some of you will want to work two hours a week. And so, what this really lends itself to is, me helping you to discover what is your ideal? What is your goal? And the bottom line is, I don’t know how much money you are going to make but I do know that I’m going to help you decide how much money you’re going to make and how you’re going to make that happen, with your ideal life and business.

All right, I’m going to cover one more question and of course you can always ask my team, enrollment is open right now and we are always available there, you can also have a call with someone on my team as well to see if this is right for you.

All right, how much help will I get with my coaching? I promise you that as you are in this program and as we are working together, month after month, you will be a different coach on the other end of this experience. I will be there to help you. I have resources for you. I have the most incredible master coaches that I am bringing in to help you. I know some of you struggle with your coaching skills, and I know that others of you really just want to be a phenomenal coach. Wherever you are in this journey, I promise I will personalize this experience for you so you can up level your coaching and you will never ever regret it.

All right, coaches, that’s what I’ve got for you. I am so passionate about this program, and I hope that you are excited about it. If you have not yet joined, go to my site, It’s also in the show notes, you can sign up there, you can go, and you can check out the sales page that will have all of the enrollment information.

You can pay up front, you can choose a monthly payment plan, or you can absolutely click to schedule with my team, Crystal, Nikki, Heather, they are there to talk with you, help you to decide if this is right for you and help you to take that next step.

And when they talk with you, they can also help you to really determine what your first 90-day goal would be in the program. So, I’m very excited about our very first 90-day planning session which will be September 6th. So, that is the first Tuesday of September, we’re going to plan your 90 days so that you will have your plan for October, November, and December set.

How amazing is that, won’t it be nice to know that you have your plan set for the rest of the year. And by the way, if you’re excited about that, how about this? We’re going to get together that first Tuesday in December, right before everything gets a little crazy for the holidays, and we’re going to plan your first quarter of the next year, it’s going to be done, checked off the list.

Coaches, this program was designed for you. You deserve to have support as you build your business, you deserve to have help overcoming your limiting beliefs. I want to give you access to amazing experts to help you, to grow personally, and to grow and expand your business that you can make an impact. I hope to see so many of you there in this amazing community, sending you so much love. I’ll talk to you next week.

Speaker 1: Thanks for listening to The Masterful Coach Podcast. If you’re ready for complete support as you build your coaching business, check out Molly’s collaborative community, The Masterful Coach Collective, it’s a place where you’ll have access to the best experts in the biz, community support and guidance as you build your perfect business 90 days at a time. Visit for details.