Increasing Focus: Create a Container

increasing focus

It’s time for *Mindset Monday*


Learning to increase focus is one of the best skills we can acquire.  Focus will not just “happen” to us.  There are a lot of ways we can increase our ability to focus and one of my favorite tools is to “create a container.”

When you are up against a deadline it’s easy to focus.  You have one thing you are focusing on and there is no other option than to get it done.

A lot of people say, “I work better when I’m up against a deadline.”

The reason for that is simple, a “container” has been created.

There is no option to do anything else.

There is a specific end time that we are committed to.

There is one project we are doing.

We are within a task and time container and we don’t allow ourselves the option of doing anything else. 

We can create this same type of container as we manage our time and projects, rather than allowing them to manage us.

Determine a time frame for you projects and schedule them like an appointment.  Decide the start time, end time, and make it happen.  Creating containers for your projects will allow you so much freedom.

You work within your containers, and live your life the rest of the time.  Sounds good, right?

Make it a great week!