How do you regret-proof your life?

Mom Life

My friend Suzy is a regret-proofing coach.

I love her message.

I hadn’t put a name to it, but I realized recently that I’ve started to regret-proof my life.

Last week I took my kids on a getaway that I’ve wanted to do for 12 years.  12 years – can you believe I waited so long?  It was a 30-minute drive and cost a little more than a car payment… and yet, I waited.

Why do we wait?  Sometimes we don’t feel we can justify spending money.

Sometimes we think there will be a “better time.”  Or that it will be “too much work,” or “too crowded.”

None of these were good enough reasons for me to put it off one more day.

I packed their bags without them knowing, picked them up early and surprised them!  I think it was more exciting for me than for them…

What have you been waiting for?  Putting off?  Questioning if it’s worth doing?

If it’s been on your mind for a while – perhaps you should consider doing it.

Take the trip. Try something new. Spend time with the people who matter the most.

My guess is, you won’t regret it.

Have a great day, one thought at a time!

Mom Life and Let’s Get Breakfast

Mom Life

This morning I was giving myself a bit of a pep talk to get out of bed. We had a late night ball game and were behind schedule.

I needed to get up and get my ducks in a row.  Breakfast, lunches packed, car loaded.  Mom life in full swing.

Just then my 5-year old bounced in the room, “Can we go get breakfast today?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the timing of it – she had no idea that we were in a time crunch.  No idea that we had responsibilities and time commitments.  It seemed perfectly logical (and exciting) to go to breakfast.

It’s easy for kids to be full of ideas and excitement – there are no limits on what can happen in their mind.

While it’s true that we have more responsibilities as adults, it’s also true that we create way more limits on ourselves than is necessary.  Our thinking gets so narrow and we stop seeing options of how to do things differently, or what is possible to create in our life.

I know you’ve had a glimpse into this phenomenon.  Think about what it’s like when you leave town and go somewhere new.  You see the world with a bigger and broader vision.  You see that more is possible and that there’s more options in life that you think about in the daily grind.

Perhaps the key to greater happiness and greater growth… is keeping this broader vision alive and well.

When it comes to the monotony of mom life – it’s easy to see limits on what’s possible. A few simple questions can help you see things in a new light.

In the day to do, the boredom, or the overwhelm, write down and ask yourself a few simple questions:

How can I make this more fun?

What new options are available?

How can I create what I want?

A few mind-opening questions can make a world of difference.

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Have a great day, one thought at a time…

with love,

Molly Claire

Mompreneur, Life Change Agent

5 Things: Life Coach Insights


I’m heading to California this morning to train life coaches and I’m so excited!

It’s an amazing week of challenging our minds and opening the door to new possibilities.
It’s almost magical.

The magic isn’t there because of me, or Brooke Castillo, or some mystical force.  The magic is there because of small and simple truths and basic principles.

It’s the little things that create the really big and amazing things in life. 

I’ve thought about the 5 basic things I hope everyone understands before they leave the training, and here they are (yes, write these down…)

  1. Every result in your life and relationships begins in your brain.  Thoughts create feelings, feelings drive actions, actions create results.  The easiest and most effective way to create a different result is by looking at your thought patterns and beliefs… not forcing action.


  1. Circumstances cannot “make” you feel anything.  You are not bound to a certain experience of your circumstances.  Life will hand you circumstances, and you get to choose what you create with them and how you experience them.


  1. Feelings are meant to be felt.  Avoiding them creates problems.  Fearing them perpetuates anxiety.  Welcome your feelings – the good, the bad, and the ugly.


  1. You are not supposed to be anyone other than you.  You are the coach your clients need.  You are the parent your children need.  You are the most qualified person to live your life.


  1. Don’t believe everything you think.  Yep, remember that one.  When you think you “can’t” or you “don’t know” or you are “failing,” remember that it’s just a thought.  And you don’t need to believe it.

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Have a great day, one thought at a time…

-Molly Claire

Mompreneur, Life Redesign Coach

Goodbye control, hello results.

life coach

Sarah wants so badly for her husband to make different choices.  He consistently does things that she sees as destructive, he’s unhappy, and it’s affecting their marriage.  Her desire to control his actions isn’t helping the marriage either.

Christine wants her kids to help out more around the house, but it’s usually easier to just do it herself.  She wants things done well and, let’s be honest… there is always a significant “learning curve” when it comes to kids and jobs.

Molly wants to grow her business, but in order to do that she needs to let go of doing everything herself.  She takes her business personally and she wants everything to reflect the standard she has set.  She’s afraid to let go.

While these scenarios are all extremely different, they each require a willingness to let go of control to get a better result.

Being controlling has such a negative connotation.  None of us want to think of ourselves as controlling.  But… most of the time our desire control comes from a place of SUCH good intention.

It’s not our intention that’s in question, it’s how effective we are at meeting our goals when we can’t let go of control.

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves, do I want to keep a false sense of control, or do I want my desired result?  What is more important?  That’s the question.

So, what about you?  Where are you resisting letting go?  Where do you feel a need to stay in control, fearful of what might happen if you don’t?  And the big question… is staying in that place helping your situation or not?

For me, it’s not.  After much resistance and denial, I’m ready to take that step forward.  I’m excited to grow my business and I’m so thankful that you are along for the ride.  I’m looking forward to touching more lives and connecting with more amazing souls.

If you want a “let go of control” mini session to tackle the area where you are stuck, click HERE to get on the books.

Have a great day, one thought at a time!

-Molly Claire

Mom, Entrepreneur, Life Change Agent


My Worst Nightmare and Fear of Judgment

fear of judgment

Last week my worst nightmare happened.

I was with a large group of women whom I know and love, talking about a topic that was particularly sensitive for me.

The conversation was full of strong opinions and judgments, that felt like direct judgment toward me.  This may not sound like a “worst nightmare,” but it was for me.

I had worked through my own feelings of inadequacy and fear of judgment, and there I sat wondering how this could be happening and why I was feeling so much emotional pain.

We all have a topic like that.  Something we’ve wrestled with, and fear judgment about.

Perhaps you have a defiant or hyperactive child that you “should be able to control.” 

Maybe you are divorced and people love to talk about how, “some people just aren’t willing to put in the work.”

Maybe you’ve chosen to be a stay-at-home mom… or a working mom.  Let’s face it – it’s impossible to win everyone over with either one of these choices.

The biggest problem with fearing this type of judgment is what it does to us.  Too often it keeps us from showing up in the world and really connecting with others.  It tempts us to judge others and allow anger or bitterness in.  Sometimes it even keeps us from having our own back when the judgments start to fly.  That’s when we allow other people’s comments to get inside our head and become our self-talk.

The happy ending to my worst nightmare is that it happened, and I’m completely okay.   I cried (and cried), and I’m alive, well and even stronger.   I felt terrible hurt, and I still love all of those women like crazy.  I sat among the very judgment I feared, and came out feeling 100% amazing about my life, my choices and who I am.

What is your fear keeping you from doing?
Fulfilling a dream?  Taking a risk? Opening up to true connections?

Today, think about what you might be able to do if you were willing to face that big fear.

I’m so glad I was able to experience my worst nightmare.  If I can do that, I can do anything.

Have a great day… one thought at a time!

-Molly Claire

P.S.  Do you want a “fear of judgment” mini session?  Click here to get on my schedule.  We can take a look at what’s possible beyond that pesky fear.  talk soon 🙂