Stress Management and It Happens

stress management

Have you ever noticed how some people catastrophize things?

Well, I catastrophize things too.  

We each have our own things that *seem* like a really big deal to us.  It makes sense in our brain that it’s a big deal… so we believe it.  It’s usually because of what we “make things mean,” but don’t always believe everything you think.  Awareness of what our brain is doing is the best path to better stress management.

I have a few things in particular that I really like to blow out of proportion.

My kids are fighting… this of course means that I’m failing as a mom and they will never have healthy relationships.  Ever.
My house was just clean, and now it’s a mess… naturally this means that no one respects me.

Whether it’s at home, work, or in our relationships, we usually have some “hot button” issues that really get to us.  They trigger thoughts that lead us to a negative place… fast.  We battle with “stress management” rather than allowing what is.

Two little words have been great for me to remember…
It Happens.

These two little words help me reconnect with reality.
It’s much different than “it’s okay,” because maybe I don’t think it’s okay.
It’s not really “who cares?”  because I do care.

It’s more like acknowledging that this is happening.  And sometimes, it happens.  It’s reality.  Anytime we argue with reality, we create tension and frustration.

“It happens,” helps me to acknowledge what is happening and realize that it doesn’t need to “mean” anything if I don’t want it to.

Have a great day, one thought at a time!

with love…