Feeling pulled in a million directions? Let’s talk priorities.


It’s *Mindset Monday* – let’s talk priorities.
The ability to differentiate priorities is an essential skill to being effective.

My son has ADHD, which significantly challenges his ability to get ready on time.

The ADHD brain struggles to differentiate priorities.  When he’s running late for school his brain can’t tell what is a bigger priority – strumming on his guitar or putting his shoes on.  Both are calling his name with equal urgency.

Just because his brain is wired this way, doesn’t mean he can’t train himself to differentiate priorities.

The same goes for you.
We all do this to some degree, especially when we are charting new territory in our business.

If you feel yourself “pulled in a million directions,” this is a big clue that you need to better differentiate your priorities.

Here are three basic steps you can take.  Do this regularly to train your brain until this becomes automatic.

1. Awareness:  Take a look at when/where/how you struggle to differentiate priorities. When do you feel pulled in different directions?

2. Assess: If you could only do 1 thing, what would it be?  What would come next?  Force your brain to set an order to your priorities.  These decisions may take into account things like, what is most beneficial?  What is making me money?  What is making my life or my business easier?  What is essential to meeting my goals?

3. Action:  Put your priorities in to action by scheduling them. Put first things first.

Anytime you feel yourself spread thin or pulled in different directions, it’s time to prioritize. Go through this process again and again until it becomes natural to you.  It will give you clear direction, eliminate stress, and make you the most effective you can be.

Like this tip?  Share it with a friend, a mom, a business owner, or anyone else who believes in creating something amazing with their life.

Have a great week!

-Molly Claire

Mom. Entrepreneur. Life Change Agent.

Do it anyway: a key to success


It’s time for *Mindset Monday*

Created for Entrepreneurs, Moms, and other Life Change-Agents.  Let’s go.

As an entrepreneur, hopefully you’ve created a business that you love.

You’ve taken your passion and your gifts, and you offer them to the world.  You create your schedule.  You set things up the way you want them to be, for the kind of business you want to have.


But sometimes, you may not want to go to work.

Sometimes you don’t want to crunch the numbers.

Sometimes you’d rather do anything than what’s on your agenda.


But as a successful business owner…you do it anyway.

Part of being committed to your success is doing things, even when you don’t feel like it.

You’ve already made a decision to be consistent and create success.  Because of that commitment, come rain or shine… you do it anyway.

This week rather than debate about whether or not you will do what’s on your agenda, remind yourself of the success you are working toward, and do it anyway. 

When you start to wallow or dread, do it anyway.

When something more exciting in the moment is pulling you away from what you planned… do it anyway.

Not because you “have” to, but because you are committed to your own success.

Because you are willing to invest in you.

Make it a great week!





Solutions for Success

It’s time for *Mindset Monday* and today we’re talking about SOLUTIONS.

Any success that you create comes as a result of overcoming challenges.

Challenges in our business (and life) are the best opportunities to grow, yet too often we spend time complaining, fault-finding, or staying stuck in discouragement.

None of these are useful.

The most useful thing we can do with every challenge that comes our way is to focus on solutions.

This week, use the question, “What is the solution to this problem?” as often as possible.

The moment you notice yourself complaining or blaming, you can put a stop to it.  Immediately.  It’s a waste of precious time and energy.  It’s not useful.

Constantly asking yourself to find solutions will shift all of your energy.  You will find the right solutions quickly.  You will create more momentum, stability, and ultimately more success in your business.

Remember, this applies to your personal life as well.  Focus on solutions at every opportunity.  When you do you’ll find the amount of “problems” in your life will begin to diminish, and your success and happiness will grow.  Have a great week!

How do I get what I WANT in life?

Do you know what you want?  Most of us don’t.

Which is why we don’t have it.

Most of us approach life sifting through want we don’t really like, and end up feeling dissatisfied with our relationships, finances, or employment.

It’s like a casual shopping spree where nothing really stands out, this doesn’t look good, that’s not your color… but you’re not really sure what you want to begin with. 

Kids are pretty good at wanting (sometimes too good).

As a kid, I loved it when my mom would take me to Baskin Robbins.  I always knew exactly what I wanted – pink bubble gum favor.  It was easy to spot and I got exactly what I wanted.

Somewhere along the way in my life, I quit even thinking about what I wanted.  I’d met most of my “big” goals and I just kind of stopped.

I was surviving being a mom, sifting through the details of life, and didn’t really have time to think about “wanting” something.

Unmet hopes and dreams can also lead us to quit wanting.

This is when we settle for what life’s handing us, unaware that we can continue to want and create greatness. 

This is when we walk into Baskin Robbins and think,

“Hmmm, that looks boring.”

“No, definitely not sugar-free.”

“Can’t do nuts since I’m allergic…”

We spend all of our time ruling things out, without knowing what we are actually looking for.

How is it possible for us to be satisfied in our life if we have no idea what we want? 

So today, ask yourself, what do I want?

Allowing yourself to want can be a really good thing.  It helps you discover what’s important to you.  It helps you set goals and reach toward them.  It helps you move toward something more.

Oh, and by the way, the best place to start is thinking about all of the things you want, that you already have. 

Want what you want.  Appreciate what you have.

Have a great day… one thought at a time!