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1 year ago

It’s time for *Think it Thursday* and 1 year ago.

Exactly 1 year ago today I launched my book!

And because of support from followers like you – it became a bestseller within 24 hours.

As I’ve heard from so many of you over the last year about how the book has changed your life, I’ve felt even more gratitude for the opportunity to write it.
And it’s also become clear to me that the book, didn’t change any lives at all.

The women who bought it and opened up a desire to learn from it – changed their own lives.

The book is there, but not everyone’s lives are changed.
Changing our lives requires us to be ready.
It requires openness.
It requires us to decide that we deserve better in our lives.

Do you deserve better?  Do you deserve to live a fulfilling and happy life?
Do you deserve to feel good about who you are?

I say yes, you absolutely do.
I hope you agree.

It’s been an honor to share my book with you.
Thank you.

I love all of you so much.

Have an amazing day, one thought at a time!

(Oh, and click here if you want your own copy and the workbook too)

– Molly Claire

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it’s okay if you don’t like me

It’s *Think it Thursday* and it’s okay if you don’t like me –

My son didn’t want to go to school.

He was mad at me when I said that no fever means… he’s going to school.
He begged, and he pleaded. He tried to make me feel guilty.

I started to feel annoyed.
But I knew that the only reason I was feeling annoyed – was because of what I was thinking.

I was thinking that he shouldn’t beg and plead. I was thinking that it “shouldn’t be this hard.”
I was wanting him to like me and approve of my parenting (funny when I say it out loud, right?!)
I was arguing with reality.

Of course he would beg and plead – he’s 13 and he wants his way.
Of course parenting isn’t easy.

And of course, sometimes he just won’t like me. And maybe that’s okay.

I told him that I love him, and he’s going to school, and it’s okay if he doesn’t like me.
I will love him anyway.

Have a great day – one thought at a time!

-Molly Claire

One small habit is THE difference for entrepreneurs


I’ve been Organizing and decluttering my house.  It’s a big project, but it feels amazing.

Last weekend Nicole was coming over to help me finish what we’d started on my kids’ work station.

As I was getting ready for her, I looked around and wondered if I’d really made any progress since she’d been there.  I could see how far I had to go before having everything the way I wanted it.

I started to think my “go to” thoughts that “organization is hard for me.”

But as soon as we started working –  I realized how much progress I had made. 

I was reminded of all that I had straightened up, given away, and the minor changes to my daily systems.

When I could see how far I’d come, I felt hopeful and motivated to keep going.

One of the biggest downfalls of entrepreneurs is focusing on how far we have to go, and failing to recognize how far we’ve come.

Recognizing our success is much more than a pat on the back; it’s the make it happen mojo we need to keep going and ultimately achieve our goals.

Todd Herman of The 90-Day Year teaches this same phenomenon in his business coaching program.  He says that business owners with an “Oww Brain” focus on how far they have to go, whereas those with a “Wow Brain,” look at how far they’ve come.

This one small difference in thinking will determine if you stay the course and create the success you are working toward, or if you give up.


Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings drive our actions.  A successful business requires massive action.

The only way we will consistently take the kind of action we need to, is if our thoughts and feelings are aligned with our goals.

So, how about you?  Do you focus enough attention on how far you’ve come?   If not, it’s time to make this practice a priority.

Start now by making a list of what you’ve accomplished so far in your business.  Write down all the milestones, big or small, and think about what it took to achieve them.

Next, make this a habit.  Mark your calendar for one month from today and do it all over again.

Don’t underestimate this small habit.  It really is THE difference between those who create success, and those who decide that it’s just not worth it.

I believe it’s definitely worth it.

Click Here if you want a little help with a mini-session.  It’s free and fabulous.

Have a great week full of celebrating success!

-Molly Claire

My Worst Nightmare and Fear of Judgment

fear of judgment

Last week my worst nightmare happened.

I was with a large group of women whom I know and love, talking about a topic that was particularly sensitive for me.

The conversation was full of strong opinions and judgments, that felt like direct judgment toward me.  This may not sound like a “worst nightmare,” but it was for me.

I had worked through my own feelings of inadequacy and fear of judgment, and there I sat wondering how this could be happening and why I was feeling so much emotional pain.

We all have a topic like that.  Something we’ve wrestled with, and fear judgment about.

Perhaps you have a defiant or hyperactive child that you “should be able to control.” 

Maybe you are divorced and people love to talk about how, “some people just aren’t willing to put in the work.”

Maybe you’ve chosen to be a stay-at-home mom… or a working mom.  Let’s face it – it’s impossible to win everyone over with either one of these choices.

The biggest problem with fearing this type of judgment is what it does to us.  Too often it keeps us from showing up in the world and really connecting with others.  It tempts us to judge others and allow anger or bitterness in.  Sometimes it even keeps us from having our own back when the judgments start to fly.  That’s when we allow other people’s comments to get inside our head and become our self-talk.

The happy ending to my worst nightmare is that it happened, and I’m completely okay.   I cried (and cried), and I’m alive, well and even stronger.   I felt terrible hurt, and I still love all of those women like crazy.  I sat among the very judgment I feared, and came out feeling 100% amazing about my life, my choices and who I am.

What is your fear keeping you from doing?
Fulfilling a dream?  Taking a risk? Opening up to true connections?

Today, think about what you might be able to do if you were willing to face that big fear.

I’m so glad I was able to experience my worst nightmare.  If I can do that, I can do anything.

Have a great day… one thought at a time!

-Molly Claire

P.S.  Do you want a “fear of judgment” mini session?  Click here to get on my schedule.  We can take a look at what’s possible beyond that pesky fear.  talk soon 🙂   

Help for Mom: Survive or Thrive

help for mom

When I was away visiting family, I was feeling pretty good about my life.

I have a lot going on, but it’s going great.  I’m holding it together.  3 busy kids.  My business.  Home ownership.  Church and community involvement.  It’s totally fine.


My first day back and the mail was piled up.

I was behind on my business.

There is a hole in my front yard where a dead tree was removed… I need to take care of that.

The lawn needs to be mowed.

I need to set up that doctor appointment.

Oh, and a few more school clothes to be purchased.

I went from feeling “on top of it” to wondering, “how in the world will I survive?” 


It made me so grateful for the life coaching tools and the ability to “manage my mind.”

This is the most important skill that I teach my clients, and the skill that has changed (and continues to change) my life.


Mind management is about awareness of thoughts that overwhelm me vs. thoughts that help me.

I can choose either line of thinking, depending on the result that I want.


I can let all the responsibilities suffocate me, or I can know that I’ve got this.

I can be practical about my time and figure out what’s possible for me to do, and what’s not.

No need to worry that life feels impossible, because I know that it’s not.


In fact, I believe that I’m never in an impossible situation.  There is always a solution.  Always a way.

As long as I know that, there is no need to worry and fret.

It’s time for me to find solutions and make magic in my life. 

Have a great day, one thought at a time.