Scrambled or Over Easy?

How do you want to experience this holiday season?

This is the week that everyone is scrambling to get things done before the holidays.

If this is you, please consider stopping the scramble.

Scrambling your brain with panic, rush and pressure is just not worth it. It’s ineffective and miserable. It leaves us irritable and causes us to miss out on all the things we COULD be enjoying.

Is that how you want to experience this time of year?

Not me.

When we create a high level of stress for ourselves, we are never at our best. We are inefficient. We are so focused on our “to dos” that we miss the important things happening in our lives.

Before you try to fit more in to your day, rush to finish, or create unnecessary stress over a million little things…

Stop. Breathe. Assess.

Take a moment… so you don’t end up missing the little moments.

Here are a few key questions to guide you this week (and help you pare down your to do list):

1. What’s most important?
2. How can I better align with my priorities?
3. What can I let go of?

And most important:

4. How do I want to experience this week… and how can I create that?

I want to experience this week being fully present. I want to focus on relationships first. I want to look for the best in everyone. I want to minimize my stress and maximize efficiency.

What about you? How can you create what you want?

-Molly Claire
Life Redesign Coach, Mompreneur

Goodbye control, hello results.

life coach

Sarah wants so badly for her husband to make different choices.  He consistently does things that she sees as destructive, he’s unhappy, and it’s affecting their marriage.  Her desire to control his actions isn’t helping the marriage either.

Christine wants her kids to help out more around the house, but it’s usually easier to just do it herself.  She wants things done well and, let’s be honest… there is always a significant “learning curve” when it comes to kids and jobs.

Molly wants to grow her business, but in order to do that she needs to let go of doing everything herself.  She takes her business personally and she wants everything to reflect the standard she has set.  She’s afraid to let go.

While these scenarios are all extremely different, they each require a willingness to let go of control to get a better result.

Being controlling has such a negative connotation.  None of us want to think of ourselves as controlling.  But… most of the time our desire control comes from a place of SUCH good intention.

It’s not our intention that’s in question, it’s how effective we are at meeting our goals when we can’t let go of control.

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves, do I want to keep a false sense of control, or do I want my desired result?  What is more important?  That’s the question.

So, what about you?  Where are you resisting letting go?  Where do you feel a need to stay in control, fearful of what might happen if you don’t?  And the big question… is staying in that place helping your situation or not?

For me, it’s not.  After much resistance and denial, I’m ready to take that step forward.  I’m excited to grow my business and I’m so thankful that you are along for the ride.  I’m looking forward to touching more lives and connecting with more amazing souls.

If you want a “let go of control” mini session to tackle the area where you are stuck, click HERE to get on the books.

Have a great day, one thought at a time!

-Molly Claire

Mom, Entrepreneur, Life Change Agent


Broken Bones and Emotional Pain

My son has been in a walking boot for about a month recovering from an injury.  This week he was struggling to transition to an ankle brace.
Walking was painful and awkward.
I wondered if he wasn’t ready.
I didn’t want him to cause further damage to his foot.

Yesterday the physical therapist went through exactly what he needs to do in order to have full function of his ankle and foot.
He told us, it’s normal for it to hurt.
He made it clear that we shouldn’t mistake pain for danger. 

His foot would not be damaged from the pain he was experiencing.  He needed to move through the pain in a productive way that would give him full working function again.

Sometimes we need to move through painful emotions in a productive way to live life to the fullest. 

We often avoid emotional pain because, well, it doesn’t feel good.

Sometimes we are afraid we just can’t handle the level of pain we will experience.  Fear keeps us from moving through discomfort.

Fear was designed to keep us safe, but in our everyday life, we rarely face real danger.  It feels like it when we are up against possible rejection, judgement, or fear of inadequacy.  But, we shouldn’t mistake these painful emotions for danger.    

It’s necessary to move through pain in a productive way.

Just like my son is stretching and strengthening his ankle, we will grow in strength and capacity as we move through and process the pain.

What emotional discomfort have you been hiding from?
Where have you been avoiding negative feelings?
What would be different if you weren’t so afraid to face them?

Have a great day, one thought at a time!