Creating your unique business, reaching your niche, supporting the life you want, takes some fortitude and a little grit. Not the grind it out, overwork yourself grit but the courage to do things that are hard but necessary kind. As I always remind you: craft your business to uniquely fit you, to support your ideal life and your desires. In so doing, you truly honor your personal life and build a business that opens you up to greater abundance.

By greater abundance, I’m talking about stepping into greater belief. That greater belief that opens up your mind to what is possible in your life and your business. And, from there, how that paves the way for you to help your clients into greater belief, ultimately changing their lives.

“Saying no with abundance means you’re clear on your abundant life and you honor your priorities and the gifts you have to give in this world. Your abundant you shows that someone else will be available and perfect for that thing you said no to. And that you’ll have the abundance to say yes to the things that are right for you and the ways you contribute.” – Molly Claire

What You’ll Learn

The hard things you do to have the life you want…

  • #1: Establish proper value
    • Detrimental self-sacrifice
    • Balance
  • #2: The power of No
    • Prioritizing
    • Abundant yeses
  • #3: Letting go
  • Narrow your focus to expand your capacity
  • The illusion of security

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Relationship Coaches (especially), follow Aimée C. Gianni, M.S.:

Aimée in her own words…

I’m a Therapeutic Marriage Coach. That’s what happens when you combine a Marriage & Family Therapist with a Master Certified Coach.

I use evidence based practices from Developmental Psychology, Positive Psychology and Marriage & Family Therapy, and apply them in a practical, solution-focused way. In other words, I use the Art & Science of Love & Intimacy to help you create a strong, loving, joyful relationship and a meaningful life that you love. One that is full of authenticity, connection, passion, physical well-being and fulfillment.

It’s my favorite thing to do.

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